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This Week's Energy Theme - Physical Healing

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Summary of Brenda’s May 5, 2013
Dear Ones,
A number of you used the past few respite days to hide within yourself – or in plain view. Perhaps your respite frightened you into thinking that others might pass you in terms of Lightworker knowledge. Such a fear is merely a brief relapse into Old Age ‘one-upmanship’. You are progressing more rapidly than either you or we thought possible before you entered earth.

Even though the theme this week is physical adjustment, the energies will impact you all a bit differently. Perhaps you remember that the most common transition is to explore your spiritual being, then your emotional and finally your physical segments.

You completed the cleansing of your emotional and spiritual beings – though there may be a few pieces in either area you wish to sparkle instead of just shine. The same is not true for your physical being. You created beliefs of what the perfect body looks like and functions. And by not directing your spiritual or emotional attentions to frightening issues, you allowed your physical body to display that fear.

Today we address an issue difficult for some to fully understand even though you have frequently heard the message – you create your reality.

Who would create cancer? Who would choose to transition or die? Who would have limbs or other body parts removed? Who indeed?

Those who have negated their truths in the emotional and spiritual realms.

On earth or other environments, you first receive your messages of fear via your inner voice. If you ignore your inner voice, that fear or pain will be displayed emotionally. If you continue to ignore the obvious, you create a physical ill which then redirects you to your inner voice.

Perhaps you believe you are the innocent party of ailments because others created them without your consent. Such is not possible.

Nothing in or on your being has been done to you – merely that what you brought to you for a reason.

Nothing that happens to your physical being is an accident even though many of you want to believe that much is caused by someone other than you.

Maybe you accept our concept, but can not discern the fear or anger you hide from yourself.
So it is that the energies flowing to you this week encourage you to complete the cleansing of your being by exploring how your physical being adapts to your fears.

Perhaps you are unhappy at work and will realize that your sleeplessness is a result. Perhaps you will discover that you wish to transition – or display more familial love – and cancer is a result. Or perhaps you will learn you lost a limb because of some incident eons ago that you brought to fruition. Just as there are billions of earth entities, there are billions of reasons for your ailments.

We are not berating you – merely pointing out that you no longer have to wait until your inner voice is so ignored that your being creates a physical ailment.

A physical ailment is not to be taken lightly, but then neither is it a punishment in terms of , “You are not a true Lightworker if you are ill.”

Your ailment has little to do with your Lightworker status. Let us give you an example for we do not wish to create a barrier between those with or without physical ailments. You do not berate an infant who falls as they are learning to walk. So it is with a physical ailment.

Until now, there has been little Universal assistance in discerning why you have a physical ailment. You might have remembered in the recesses of your being that such ailments have more to do with your inner voice than your physical being, but such thoughts had little impact once you discovered anything that shifted you into panic or fear.

There have always been earth healers to help you hear your inner voice, but you likely responded to their message with anger instead of joy.

Let us tell you the joyful message – even though it may make you angry – you create your reality. All of it. Every piece – fear, anger and joy. You are the star of your drama. Major ailments create wonderful drama kings or queens. You garner sympathy and attention. What a wonderful ailing star you are.

Such sympathy will go the way of the horse and buggy. Others will soon ask, “What parts of your being are you ignoring?” You will receive little applause for ignoring your inner voice. The accolades will be minimal and the questions numerous – actually painful.

Perhaps you believe there is little you can do about past life issues. We beg to differ. Your past life slate is wiped clean. You no longer need to harm others or yourself to clear past life issues.

Or maybe you believe you completed an act that cannot be cancelled. We beg to differ. Even though you have completed the illness cycle in whatever fashion, you have a choice of how you will react to that piece of your life.

Do you wish to garner sympathy or move into your strength? Do you wish to be a drama king or queen or a Lightworker comfortable physically, emotionally and spiritually? That is your decision. There is no wrong or right answer. Merely how you wish to live this life.

If you wish to understand why you created whatever ails you, this week will offer the energies to do so. If you wish to continue in the Old Age belief that someone did it to you – including your body – that is your choice. But such a choice will be more difficult as you attempt to move beyond the 4th dimension.

Earth death transitions you to the 4th dimension or beyond.

Beyond the 4th dimension, you cannot ignore your physical being including your creation of the body you inhabit. Perhaps you think you weigh too much. Why did you create that body? What beliefs are necessary to maintain or shift it?

The next few days will present you with the beliefs, fears and emotions you ignored to create whatever is an uncomfortable part of your physical being. It is your right to ignore those messages. But you will eventually address them if you wish to move beyond the 4th dimension.

You create your reality in all aspects of your being. You can change that reality if you wish. You merely need to listen to the words, songs and other messages floating through your being in the next few days – or when you are open to them.

You can shift whatever you created into joy. The joy of completing a piece you fretted about for eons or created in this lifetime.

Your physical ailments are designed by you to open your being to new worlds and thoughts.
Soon, you will not wait until such messages are relayed by your physical being for you will act upon them when they are relayed by your inner voice.

It is time to heal your physical being. Not in terms of berating you, but in the knowing that you no longer need to push those messages aside to blend with your society – only to have them explode in your physical being. You are healed and healing. Allow that to be.

And allow yourself to move at a pace correct for you. Some of you will initiate your physical healing and cleansing this week, others at a future date. You now have Universal support to move beyond your physical being in terms of pain and anger. So be it. Amen.

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