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Part 155, The Hierarchy of Heaven Is Governed By Universal Law

Via Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/11/13

Here we are again, and it is the end of a beautiful day on Gaia. It is a beautiful day when it rains, for the plants and animals revel in the cleansing bath and drink deeply of the sustaining water which brings life to all. Birds celebrate in the puddles and sing to one another with the pleasure of being alive. We hope that you too are celebrating the joy of being alive, breathing the fresh air and reveling in the new season, wherever you are.

The change of seasons is a wonderful bonus for all of you on Gaia. It is the result of the tilt of her axis, which provides the constant wonder of evolving and shifting colors, sights and smells. Now it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and a glorious time it is. You may have noticed the fresh feeling in the air. It is a combination of several things which have benefitted Gaia enormously in the past year.

First, the efforts of environmentalists and new technologies resulting from the awareness they have brought forth which have begun to take effect. Cleaning up the emissions from cars, factories and coal burning facilities has had a very beneficial effect. It may seem a small step to many of you, but it has slowed the devastation enough to make it possible for Gaia to find renewed resources in her ability to restore the balance of clean air and water, as she has done throughout your history.

In addition, the contribution of your Star Brothers and Sisters cannot be overestimated. They have used their combined strengths to help with the cleanup process - especially with the cleansing and purifying of the toxins which were released in the oil spills of the last few years, as well as the removal and neutralization of nuclear radiation. They will continue to work diligently to restore Gaia to her former pristine self, and will be very happy to work with their Earth counterparts in teaching you the application of their technologies when the time comes.

You have been told in messages from Sananda and Ashtar and others just how eager and excited they are to greet you and to embrace you. They love you with all their hearts, and sometimes are overcome with the excitement of the coming decloaking and landings, to the extent that they are also vulnerable to making predictions which may be premature. Ashtar has apologized for his miscalculation - which seemed so right at the time - and for the disappointment it caused many of his dear Sisters and Brothers. (His message through his beloved Twin Flame, Athena, appeared on the website.)

We also regret that we cannot predict with absolute certainty when an event is going to occur. This is a game of probabilities, as you may have noticed. We all feel the coming changes, even more acutely than you do, but as we have said, the variables reach magnitudes we cannot even begin to describe to you, and the final decision always falls to Prime Creator, so we await the “decision” as you do.

Let us try to explain a bit about our feelings concerning the position of being within the hierarchy of Heaven, where each level of ascension brings with it greater pleasures and greater responsibilities. It is difficult for you to imagine a hierarchy without any feeling of being controlled or manipulated or directed against your will. Your experience of having a “boss” is generally an unpleasant one. You have operated under the pressure and oppression of an authoritarian, judgmental system where the one at the top inevitably takes advantage of his/her position by abusing the power of their office in order to use and take advantage of those beneath them.

The hierarchy of Heaven is a completely different system from the one you know on Gaia. We honor and respect our Prime Creator with the most profound sense of gratitude and Love. Without the overseeing beneficent Eye of our Creator and teacher and mentor, we would not exist nor would we be able to learn to be Creators ourselves.

Yes, there are times when we are tested and stretched to the limit of our imagination, when we have had to reach deeply into our Beingness to learn the necessary lesson in order to thrive, and continue to carry forward the work in the highest spirit of Love, honoring the Greater Good for all.
You see, the entire Multiverse operates according to the Universal Laws, within the energy of abiding Unconditional Love. There have been those from time to time who defy those Laws, who wish to prove themselves more powerful than their teachers, more imaginative than their Creators.

You have learned a bit of the story of the Fallen Ones, which we will elaborate on in coming messages. Defiance of the Laws which order and maintain the balance of the Universe is not a new phenomenon - there are many among you who feel these inclinations whenever there is a disappointment, or an event which seems to you to indicate a broken promise.

We can assure you that in the dealings of the hierarchy of Heaven, there are no broken promises. There is the flow of change which brings unexpected events, or the confluence of forces which create multi-dimensional shifts which may effect those in the lower dimensions in a way that is unexpected to them; such is the way. But never are there circumstances which would bring deleterious effects to the children of the Universe from the higher perspective of their original contracts and their ongoing soul development.

You witness the suffering and painful emotions on the surface of the planet. We see the courageous and imaginative actions of the volunteers who have gone forth knowingly, to take part in the most difficult and challenging experiment in soul development ever devised. Why is it that every time we remind you of your commitment and your part in the design of this endeavor, so many of you become angry with us and criticize our “decisions” and the way we are conducting the project, and the speed at which it is unfolding?

Are you imagining that we are like your so-called democratic government where you are supposedly represented by your elected officials, but where your opinions are largely disregarded as soon as those representatives are elected and go off to their centers of power? Are you imagining that we make arbitrary laws to tax you and use your resources and organize your lives without your knowledge or input? No, we would never do such a thing.

We take our responsibility to you as an eternal pledge, to do what will be in your Highest Good, for each and every one of you. You see, from our perspective, that is not an impossible situation, as it may seem to you from your limited 3rd or 4th dimensional perspective. For us, every outcome must be a win-win situation; this is the reason for delays, readjustments and recalibrations as we proceed.

In this evolution of humankind, the direction is always forward; the common theme is always change, and any boundaries which are respected are those of your own making or those which you have previously understood and agreed to as the most beneficial path toward your own ascension to higher levels.

No one in this project has ever been asked to enter into an agreement against their own will. No member of the team has been permitted to take part in a life experience without their full knowledge and enthusiastic agreement to all the circumstances and conditions which can be reasonably predicted, to the best ability of all concerned. Establishing a planet on which every individual experiences free will during their entire sojourn is a tricky business. Of course, it increases the variables exponentially, which is part of the challenge and part of the fascination with this magnificent challenge.

Many of you who become depressed or hopelessly discouraged about your life circumstances are in the throes of imagining that you have been forced to come to this life against your will and that you have been assigned a position or difficult trial according to some arbitrarily imposed decision from on High. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are limited slots for embodiment on Gaia, these opportunities are in great demand, and you have been granted this lifetime at your fervent request.

Unfortunately, the teachings of your religions have created a mythology about our punitive and judgmental ways that encourages feelings of despair and rebellion against Us. This is not an accident, of course. Much of what passes for “religion” was actually initiated by the Dark Ones in an effort to create a separation and estrangement from Us.

It is this rift that we are making every effort to repair at this time. We send our loving energy in waves to wash over you, to caress and comfort you in your difficult self-imposed challenges. We encourage and oversee the training of your Guides and Masters who overlight your path every day of your lives, and we embrace you with Unconditional Love and Light all the hours of your days.

We wish you well, Dear Ones, and we offer you our promise to continue to carry out the plan as we have designed it together; all shifts and changes are the waves you ride with the full knowledge and guidance of your Higher Self in constant communication with your Guides and with Us, in the hierarchy of Heaven. We will triumph, together.

We love you without limit, beyond what words can tell,
Mother/Father God, in the company of the Legions of Light.
Via Kathryn May, May 11, 2013, 10 pm.

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