Sunday, May 12, 2013

Part 154 - Breaking Taboos: Social Disclosure

Today we would like to talk about the ongoing Ascension process. We know you never get tired of updates, especially those which give you some news about the progress toward the uncloaking of ships. Your imaginations are vivid and accurate - you know it will have a very powerful effect on the psychological state of the population when it happens. We believe this is true, for the most part.

Of course, there are still many who trust in the system of values and beliefs you live by now - the religious and social mores which organize your lives. It is difficult, well, nearly impossible, for instance, for them to imagine a world without money or financial systems, without the need for work that absorbs half of everyone’s adult life. They cannot conceive of a life in which “leisure time” is considered living your life. The equation work=responsibility is so ingrained in the consciousness of the people that they cannot imagine a life in which a painter or a musician is valued the way corporate executives are now, and where there are no corporations, nor any need for them.

Now, how do we help the civilization of Planet Earth to rework their belief systems to make room for understandings which defy description in the language you have been raised with, and the concepts you take for granted? We have been working hard to provide you with new information which will stretch your brain connections to make space for the understanding of things which are largely derided or disparaged in your culture.

For instance, sensitivity is a given in higher dimensions. The ability to sense others’ feelings and thoughts is as natural as breathing among beings who communicate telepathically. It would be the equivalent to being deaf and blind for a being to be without the powerful gift of sensitivity - the full use of the senses. In your so-called modern cultures it is considered a weakness - the province of weaklings and sissies, which is also defined as synonymous with female.

How are we to even transmit the simple idea that women are equal to men? and that children deserve respect as much as adults do? There are still large areas of the world where a female child is considered a burden and a curse, while a male child is celebrated. These are not cultures in which the slightly larger physical stature of the male is valued because of his ability to lift heavy objects, for that is not the most important attribute of the male in any culture. There does still remain the sad truth that men do have greater physical strength than women, and can thereby threaten them with bodily harm. This is an extremely primitive level of development.

Imagine, for instance, the reaction of a Right-wing Fundamentalist religious group where hatred and contempt for freedom of choice in every area of life is the norm. What will be the effect of uncloaking and landings to a group of people who despise anyone who is not exactly like them in their beliefs and ways. They are abusive because most of the have been abused at one stage of their lives or another. Their lives are governed by fear, and by the arrogance that springs from fear. Will they gladly accept the suggestions for changing their culture toward gentler and kinder ways, as presented by, say, Athena, whose ship is called “Dove?”

Will any of the large institutions of Planet Earth be willing to voluntarily accept that the era of the feminine has begun, and that in the millennia to come women will be the leaders while men play a supporting role? Advanced technology will not only replace oil, gas and nuclear power. It will also level the physical differences between male and female. When children can drive and women can work at any endeavor a man can, how will males find their balance and their self-worth?

So you see, Dear Ones, there is much more to this decloaking business than simply showing the world that you are not alone, or that your Brothers and Sisters are not hostile. There is the profound experience of Culture Shock to be taken into account. We know from past experience that poor people who win the lottery often wind up a year later with less than they started with. We also know that disruptions in the social network are frequently accompanied by increases in violence and mental illness. We are concerned for the peace of mind of the weakest among you - the vulnerable children and the single mothers, and those in areas of poverty where mobilizing the police force to “keep peace” could create great danger for the inhabitants.

There are, as we have said, numerous variables to be considered as we move toward the greatest Shift to be accomplished in the history of the Universe. It is requiring an educational campaign worldwide to prepare the people for change in the very foundational assumptions which order your world. This series of messages is one of those campaigns. It has had a very positive effect across the U.S and Canada. It is now also picking up steam around the world. It is being read on every continent, in most of the countries of the world.

Now we ask you to help us by sending this message on to five of your friends or family members who have never seen them before. Yes, we are creating a “chain letter,” and it is truly for the Greater Good! Please help us to educate the entire world about The True Way, and to help them feel comfortable with making contact with the Star Brothers and Sisters who have come to help, to share, and to express their love and concern for your welfare. It is our hope to create an environment in which no one will be shocked or terrified; no one will be completely unaware of the growing presence of benevolent ships which are waiting to make friendly contact with you, their little sister planet.

Many governments around the world have very recently agreed to open their files to reveal the truth about past contacts with extraterrestrial life. So far, there has been a boycott on spreading the good news which is being uncovered. As we have told you, the mass media is for the most part useless now, since nearly all the news outlets on the planet are owned by three or four powerful entities which intend to maintain the status quo. The others are simply cowed into offering nothing but celebrity news and a few tidbits of local politics, mostly focusing on the personalities and sexual habits of individuals.

We have often said that everything is perfect just as it is, that events unfold as they need to, and that all will be uncovered when the time is right. This is true of the era you are living through now. Look how the seemingly trivial pursuit of lurid sexual details has had a liberalizing effect on attitudes about sexuality and reproduction. Movie stars who uncover and celebrate their growing bellies and their nursing habits have finally, with the endless repetition of these images, broken down the taboo against associating sex and reproduction! The new interest in celebrity children is opening up a new focus on children and their care, accompanied by a spirited debate about what is and is not good for them.

The iconic photographs of pregnant women have finally, by repeated exposure, extinguished the aversion to discussing, or even acknowledging issues surrounding bonding, marriage, sexuality and childrearing in a way that would have been impossible just 50 years ago. Publicly indulged voyeurism has brought to the light what really happens when two people begin a partnership with the intention of creating a family, and what helps or hinders that process. It is truly a New Era of Enlightenment, where bringing daylight to the hidden corners of life has finally begun to encourage sensitivity to the needs of pregnant mothers and the men who have been equally involved in the creation of new life, and to the profound responsibilities it entails.

Would you have thought, a few years ago, that the Kardashian habit of flaunting and exploiting the voluptuous female form would have led to a series of family life lessons in glorifying reproductivity in addition to showcasing the sexuality of a multiracial family? It has had a greater influence on reducing racial tensions and prudery than 50 years of civics and health class lessons could have accomplished. These themes have laid the groundwork for what is to come: the opening up of the last bastion of secrecy and “privacy” - the belief systems and practices of various religious groups. The precious quality of irreverence has begun to enter the bloodstream of the previously hidebound, self-righteous North American people. Freedom cannot be far behind.

You see, Beloved Children, as in the past, the fears about the dissolution of “family values” - really the fear of open questioning and intelligent discourse - have been proven groundless. Television and the internet have worked their magic. The world is constantly being exposed to an onslaught of images of cowering women in burkas, side by side with daily documentation of the growing bellies of bikini-clad tanned and healthy bodies of proud Western women. Can one planet sustain such absurd contrasts for long? We hope not.

We have given you just a glimpse of the progress toward Disclosure. You were not aware, were you, of what was really in need of disclosure, beyond the activities of the cabal and the Galactic Forces of Light? The opening of minds and hearts is an ongoing worldwide process, and the groundwork is being laid in living rooms and kitchens across the globe. Do your part, Dear Ones, to speed the process by now throwing open the doors to a new view of what Life really entails, beyond the boundaries of the 3dimensional worldview of the past.

We celebrate your growing Vision, your efforts at self-reflection and honesty, and your newfound camaraderie in the Lightworker community. We urge you to continue your push to open yourselves and others to new possibilities, the likes of which you have not even begun to envision yet.
We are Mother/Father God, in company with the gathering Legions of Light.

Via Kathryn May, May 10, 2013, 3 am.

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