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Flow As An Idea Whose Time Has Come

By Steve Beckow On May 10, 2013

Flow 456Some time ago, Lao Tzu told Suzi Maresca on Heavenly Blessings: “We have not spoken of this before because it was not yet time.”  (1)

New topics come up for discussion as the rising energies or other factors make them timely to discuss. Oftentimes our sources don’t discuss them until their time of relevance arrives.

I’m aware that I’m being nudged to discuss flow as what I believe to be the process of life in the Fourth Dimension and higher realities. Is it possible that flow is an idea whose time has come?

If so we should be able to find evidence of it in other messages. And in fact we can find not only mentions of the topic itself but of its timeliness and relevance to us.

Here’s Archangel Michael speaking through Ron Head on the subject: “The topic of flow has been given to you, our channel, both in session and in your own life, repeatedly over the last week and more.” (2)  It’s interesting that AAM would say that the topic has been given many times over the last week.

“As you have so recently experienced, a seemingly miraculous thing occurs when you place your foot upon the path which most closely aligns with your chosen life contract. You move into the flow. …

“The flow we are speaking about is the flow of life. You are in it with your canoe and paddle. When you take that first step, you will notice your canoe’s reaction to the flow. If you are moving with your flow, your canoe will shoot forward and the apparent obstacles will fly past. If, however, you move in less than the optimal direction, it will seem as if you are trying to paddle upstream and your paddle has become a teaspoon. If you choose to sit in the stream and not do something… well, we think the picture is now clear enough, is it not?” (3)

So here we have Archangel Michael actually speaking of the importance of aligning with the flow of life, which I think will become our chosen modality in the months ahead.

The Arcturians tell us plainly that the Third Dimension is based on hard boundaries and resistance while the higher realities are based on flow.

“Time is based on resistance. Hence, time does not exist in the same manner in realities that are NOT based on the hard boundaries and resistance of the third dimension. Instead, time in higher realities is based on the timeless Flow of the ONE. When there is nothing to resist, such as going to work, wishing to leave work, escaping traffic, fighting with your boss or mate, getting well and/or reaching your location, time will flow much as light flows.” (4)

When SaLuSa looks for a way to describe higher-dimensional life, he uses the image of flow and says that life will flow more easily when we release our timebound 3D concepts.

“Time for you has dominated your lives, but as you immerse yourselves more into the higher vibrations so it will have less importance. You will begin to understand the concept of all being in the Now, and you will simply go with the flow. We know you are used to working to plans of how to use your time, but when you can allow things to happen naturally without having any rigid thoughts on the matter, life will flow much more easily for you. It is difficult for you to contemplate life without time as you understand it now, but you will feel absolutely free and enjoy a life that is peaceful and fulfilling. As your perception of time changes, so will your experiences.” (5)

Similarly Archangel Michael speaking through James McConnell uses the same metaphor of going with the flow to suggest to us how we should relate to the changes happening around us.

“And we say to you, patience, go with the flow, be in the energy of the now, the energy of the moment. It is coming, you are on the verge, the edge now of all that you are meant to be.”  (6)

In another message from him through Ronna Herman, he calls the allowance of the essence of life to flow through us the true teaching of Ascension.

“In order to become a living tributary for the River of Life, you must prepare yourselves to allow the Essence of Life to flow into and through you. You must use what you need and then allow the remainder to flow forth, ready and available to be molded into wondrous new creations. In this way, you will become bearers and servers of the Light.

“This is the ultimate message of all the teachings we have given you over these past years. This is the goal of Self-mastery. This is the way of Ascension.” (7)

Saul also considers the only lesson in life to be that of allowing the love of God to flow through us and out to others.

“Everyone on Earth is here to learn lessons personally selected or chosen, and to help everyone else to see the illusion for what it is. There is really only one lesson, despite the innumerable forms in which it can be and is presented, and that is to accept the Love that your Father offers you constantly, and to be a channel, a conduit through which that Love passes to all with whom you interact so that a spontaneous and constant flow of Love envelops and embraces you all.” (8)

For Saul the flow of love is all there is.

“[Love] is all that exists; It is the flow of God amongst his beloved children, seeking only to embrace them and see them peaceful, content, and happy, always.”   (9)

Archangel Gabriel also advises us how to be with the new. She too suggests we surrender and flow.

“We will simply remind you to stay in a state of surrender and flow, of acceptance and of focused creation. Listen to your bodies. Be the nurturers of yourselves. Honour yourselves and give yourselves what you need to keep your balance, to bloom, to shine and to navigate with grace and ease.” (10)

It’s quite common to counsel us to flow with the changes. Here the Orion High Council through Karen Doonan suggests that we “be guided at all times by how you Feel and allow the transformation of all parts of your human life experience to flow.” (11)

So to this point we’ve heard intimations that the process of life in the Third Dimension is based on resistance and the process in the higher dimensions on flow. And we’ve heard our sources say that they best approach to the transformative changes we’re in is to go with the flow. So flow is a recommended manner of meeting life at this time of transformation.

Now we hear our sources say that our higher selves are characterized by flow. Archangel Michael says that the spirit flows.  He tells us that, when we flow, we experience the minimum of pain and discomfort.

“When you are in the flow of Spirit, you will exist very lightly in your body, often with no pain or discomfort. You may experience some diminished bodily sensations, except within the Solar Power Center and especially within the deep Sacred Heart area, where you will gradually begin to feel loving bliss and joy as they blaze forth from our Mother/Father God. More and more frequently you will experience a great sense of well-being, harmony and peace.”  (12)

Mother Earth speaking through Pamela Kribbe also tells us that “you are, here and now, a human being, and the art of living on Earth is to allow your soul’s energy to flow completely into your human nature; to receive completely your soul on Earth.” (13)  If the soul is our higher faculty and it flows, then flow becomes an important process as we move into higher realities.

“I encourage you to experience the flowing nature of your soul. Many of you desire to connect with your soul, and you long to be able to live with joy and passion on Earth. It is the case for many of you that you first awaken to the flow of your soul through your head. You are searching for more meaning in what you see and experience around you, and it is through your head that you become acquainted with new ideas.

“Then follows a breakthrough to your heart and your feelings, where you become acquainted on a deeper level with the Light of your soul. It often happens then that big changes take place in your life. Your soul asks of you to examine everything that seemed so self-evident, and perhaps the result is that things become turned around and upside-down. See if you can experience, in your heart, an opening toward that flow from the soul that wants to come near you; not only to stimulate your head, but also to open your heart. It is through the body that you experience the soul’s flow.” (14)

Another way of indicating the promise of flow is to associate it with the gender in whose hands the future is often said to be. Mother Earth, in a different message through Pamela Kribbe, suggests that men try to control and manipulate but women flow, the implication being that flow is the better way of life and the way of life destined to survive.

“If you are aggressive, and you focus on control, power, and manipulation through mental processes, the feminine soon becomes your enemy, because the feminine is by nature more flowing, more flexible, and more connected to qualities of feeling and emotion. The feminine is the source of all inspiration. She creates the bridge to your soul. Your soul flows through your feminine energy. The masculine energy is meant to support that inspiration, and to make it possible for this inspiration to become established in the material world.” (15)

She suggests that the man of the future will allow his emotions to flow much more freely than the man of the present. That also implies that flowing is the way of the future.

“When you see how a man looks historically, at the pain he has suffered, then you see a man whose emotions are not allowed to flow sufficiently. Men have identified with thinking, doing, and acting, but the connection with their heart is broken or difficult to find. If you look at the figure of a man, you can see that he lives partly within a shell or an armor. This armor gives him the feeling of security on the one hand, but at the same time it restricts him, because his heart is stifled. You can see his tide of passion and love, but that current may not flow very freely through his armor; there is congestion and blockage within him. Men cannot express their feelings very well, because they have to contend with an old armor that no longer actually fits them, and you can perceive there are already cracks in the armor of this representative male.” (16)

So let’s summarize.  The Third Dimension is based on hard boundaries and resistance while the higher realities are based on flow. Men also are rooted in hard boundaries and resistance while women flow.  The allowance of the essence of life, of the love of God, which is all there is, to flow through us and out to others is the path to Ascension and the only lesson to be learned in life.  The soul or spirit, which is our higher Self, operates by the principle of flow. Life flows and we remain in the flow of life when we observe our soul contract.

So all indications are that flow is an important principle and one that we’re moving towards building into our lives in the higher realities. I expect us to see more and more discussions of it as time goes on. I also have an intuitive sense that our lives will assume more and more of the character of flow as we move into higher dimensions.


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