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Suzanne Lie: Galactic/Earth Alliance – The Landing Party Remembers, Part 4

Channeled By Suzanne Lie May 6, 2013

Morning on Earth
Contact Person Speaks:

UnityAcrossSpaceI have not been feeling like myself lately. Not that I am complaining, as I am really enjoying feeling this way. However, there is a weird inner confusion in which I know I am me, but I also feel like I am more than me. I think my dreams are starting to change my perception of myself. In fact, myself is beginning to encompass a SELF that is beyond what I ever thought of as me.

I have not dreamed of being on the Ship for a while, but I have been having these other very weird dreams in which I am some kind of Priestess. I live out in Nature in a big area, which is much like a high desert here. By “here” I mean that I do not think that this place is on Earth. Well, if I can go to a Spaceship at night, why not go to a different planet? On this other planet – my dream planet – I have a different body. I am very tall and thin. I have very white skin and long blond hair.

I can’t see my own eyes, but I feel like I am the person I dreamed about the other night. I appear to look like her, only now I am not looking at her. In this dream I AM her. At least, I was her in the dream. I must say, I wish I was her all the time. Except, that she/I still have that bit of sadness, as if something is missing. Also, she/I also have a feeling of urgency, as if something is about to happen, and there is something I am supposed to do.

In my dream I appeared to be very clear what that “something” was, but I was unable to bring that part of the dream forward. It seems that when I dream I can remember the emotional images, but the details of what is happening around me become lost when I wake up. I wonder if I could be hypnotized so that I could remember? However, it would have to be a very open minded person who helped me, or I think I would freak them out. Worse yet, the person may think I am crazy.

No, I need to keep this to myself, my own personal Self. I don’t think I can even talk about this on my Blog. It won’t do me any good to hear that I am crazy because that is my suspicion/fear. However, I am so tired of allowing fear to rule my life. Where did it get me anyway? Those people that I was afraid would judge me actually didn’t even care enough to notice me, much less judge me.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to talk to this dream person that I have seen and experienced being? However, I do know how I could possible do that. At least, right now I believe that I can’t talk to her. Maybe if I let myself believe that I could talk with her, I could find a way to communicate. But, how do I make myself believe something that I do not believe?

That Night on Earth

Mytria Speaks:

I can see that that my contact person is very close to being able to communicate with me. However, I am not sure how to bridge this gap. I think I will return to the Ship for a bit so that I can consult with the Arcturian. Oh, yes, then I can see Mytre too. I miss him so much. When we are apart in this way I feel like I am only half of myself. I thought that when we bi-located I would have more contact with my reality on the Ship.

However, that world seems further away every day, in fact, every minute. I have not allowed that thought to enter my mind because it carries a resonance of fear. What if I were one of those who became trapped in the physical body? I know that I have gone much deeper into the consciousness of my Contact Person than I was supposed to, but I could not get her attention otherwise.

I have her attention now in that she is dreaming of my/our life and expressing a desire to communicate with me. On the other hand, I feel like I may have gone too deep. Right now, while she is sleeping, I can remember my true SELF, but more and more often I am getting lost in her mundane life. When I look deeply into this scenario I realize that I usually get lost when she is involved in daily 3D activities.

The density of that world is quite addictive. There is so much fear in Earth life. I have developed a greater respect of the plight of humans in the 2013 Earth Timeline. For one thing, many of the most evolved humans were expecting a new beginning. What they are experiencing instead is a very long ending of a reality that was filled with fear and disappointments.

I am very proud of how so many humans have found a way to adapt to their disappointment and carry on without becoming too distracted. I guess they are very accustomed to NOT getting what they want. In fact, they are too accustomed to that disappointment. I wish I could find a way to tell them their New Earth has begun. However, moving out of the old Earth is much more difficult than any of us had guessed.

There are still so many humans who are deeply asleep and unaware of the higher Light or their higher SELF. Now I understand why humans have had to learn such patience. We Pleiadians have been able to instantly manifest for years beyond Earth-bound counting. I realize now why Mytre and I had to experience the Ascension of our Homeworld before we took on this assignment. We had to remember how it felt to be bound by time, limitation and fear.

However, I do not recall that we have experienced the full Pleiadian Ascension. My mind is becoming increasingly blurring as I spend more time in this Earth form. Yes, “time,” I thought I had left that behind as well. I must say, I have gained a great deal of humility from this assignment. But, wait, Almon, I just realized how my consciousness has abandoned him at the NOW of him falling from the peak of the Violet Temple and into the Violet Fire.

My human friend is still sleeping, so I think I can expand my consciousness enough to return to that moment of raising the Violet Temple. Dare I bi-locate into the Pleiadian Ascension, while maintaining my residence in this form, while wearing this Earth body and keeping a stream of consciousness actively connecting us all?

I know that the Arcturians and the most evolved Pleiadians are able to experience myriad realities at once. Yes, I just need to remember being a swirling Light, as I was with Mytre and the Arcturian. With that thought I expand my consciousness to embrace not only my form on the Ship, my consciousness within the human and my Nowness of SELF while I, also, expand my attention into the needs of my dear Almon on our Pleiadian planet.

Too late, I realize that I forgot to call upon my sixth dimensional SELF to create a stable matrix on which my consciousness can travel. Worse yet, I did not adequately ground myself in any of these realities. I can feel myself disengaging from the human, but I am not engaged with my form on the Ship or my reality at the point of the Pleiadian Ascension.

On the Ship

Mytre Speaks:

I tried to contain my fear and replace it with Unconditional Love as I called out to the Arcturian. Of course, It was there before my call was completed.

“Mytria’s life signs are very low now,” I desperately told the Arcturian. “With her great compassion she has decided to bi-locate back to the Violet Temple. I am concerned this is too much for her,”
“You are correct,” responded the Arcturian. “Mytria has extended herself too far. You will need to assist her.”

“No,” I cry, doubting my own power, “There is too much to risk. You should assist her.”

“There is no one who could help her more than you,” the Arcturian actually used It’s voice to calm me. “We shall assist both of you within the NOW.”

“But which expression of her SELF should I go to? She has spread herself too thin. I know that she has done so because of her great love for all life, but that knowledge does not assist her or me.”
However, the Arcturian had left my consciousness. If I was to assist Mytria I would have to calm down and move into my sixth dimensional consciousness, as well as take on an Earth vessel. Since Mytria had forgotten to create a sixth dimensional matrix upon which to travel, and since she did not adequately ground herself in the Earth vessel she was wearing, I would have to take those precautions for her.

Mytria’s long stay in an Earth vessel has diminishedher state of consciousness. Therefore, she forgot to expand her conscious awareness from her lowest resonance form into the sixth dimensional matrix of her Light Being. My presence in both of these frequencies of her reality will assist her to remember what she has forgotten. Besides, this is the only way in which I can connect with all of her expressions at once.

However I, too, will bi-locate to multiple realities. I will go into my meditation cubicle on the Ship to maintain a connection between all these realities, move into my sixth dimensional matrix, bi-locate to our Pleiadian timeline of raising the Violet Temple and bi-locate into the physical Earth vessel of the male human with whom I have been communicating.

Next Morning on Earth

Contact Person Speaks:

WOW, that was a dream of all dreams. I was in so many different places at once that I could not make sure who I was. The dream was kind of cool, but now that I have been awake for a while, I have a horrible sense of impending doom. Oh NO! I thought I was over that. How could I fall back to that old behavior of being self-absorbed with my own petty issues.

However, these did not seem like my own petty issues. The woman that I was in that desert place was also on the Ship. However, I do not ever remember seeing her. Also, she was going to rescue someone in the desert, but she was also on Earth. She had an Earth form, but I do not know who it was.

Then there was this man, oh yes, it was the tall blond with the blue eyes. He was back in my dreams after a long time of being gone. Only, he did not care about me. I think he was concerned about the Priestess from the desert place. In fact, he was really concerned, so concerned that I feel frightened.

Actually, I don’t just feel frightened. I feel empty, very, very empty. It seems as if I have lost something or someone. I am not sure what I have lost, but I do know that I want to get it back.
However, how do I get back something when I don’t even know what it is?

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