Sunday, May 26, 2013

Honduran Gangs’ Truce a Truly Hopeful Sign

Honduran GangsDuring my years as a refugee adjudicator, I came to see Honduras and Guatemala as two of the most troubled nations on Earth.

The extent of violence in the two societies was bone-chilling.  Shootings and beheadings were so common that I wondered how civil society could continue to exist there.

I recall one hearing in which the claimants lived inside a complex that housed a police station and it was still for them a fearful occurrence even to cross the street for fear of gang violence.

Now comes an announcement that Honduran gangs like the Maras may be following the example of El Salvador and entering into a truce. (1)

I can think of no more tangible example of the possibility of there being peace in our world than this, short of the civil war ending in Syria or the drug lords of Mexico and Colombia laying down arms.

It’s a hopeful sign and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Much of the violence in Central America, I believe, comes as a result and is a reflection of the support of the American cabal for regimes that would serve their dream, now ended, of world domination.

It was couched as a battle to extend “democracy,” “freedom,” and “free enterprise” in the world. It was really a war to extend Illuminati control over nation after nation.

It morphed into a “war on terror” when the war to defend “democracy” and the “war on drugs” could no longer be used to mask it.

It was enforced by organized assassins trained in the School of the Americas masquerading as freedom fighters and backed by the CIA. The CIA was itself behind much of the drug trade, which it used to fund its black projects such as the attacks on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

The term “banana republic” was coined to reflect “democracy” and “free enterprise” in Central America. We ourselves turned these nations into banana republics.

The efforts of the cabal saw the almost-complete destruction of civil society in Honduras and Guatemala.  It also saw the massacre of natives, theft of ancestral lands, and the murder of anyone among the population who opposed the toppling of governments which occurred with regularity there.

While the Catholic church may have had a miserable record in many other countries, in Central America its priests put forth a vigorous liberation theology on behalf of the oppressed. Many were assassinated for their efforts.

If the Honduran gangs really do enter into a truce and if that truce becomes peace, that for me is a very large indication that the world has turned a corner.

The cabal itself has already been overturned.  People like former President George Bush Sr. have not yet been revealed as having been involved in or led black operations going as far back as the assassination of President John Kennedy.

He in particular has not yet been unmasked as a leading figure, during his years as CIA Director, in the world drug trade. He and former President Clinton (also involved in the drug trade) (2) have not yet been shown to have absconded with countless millions from their “fund-raising” for hurricane and other “natural disaster” victims.  But all that will come.

In the meantime, I don’t think we can imagine the relief and joy experienced by most Hondurans if the rollback of violence represented by an ending of gang warfare in fact occurs and takes hold. Hopefully it’s a harbinger of peace to come in the world at large.


(1) Sage, “Honduran Gangs to Announce Truce to Cut Violence,” May 26, 2013, at
(2) As Governor of Arkansas, he oversaw the use of Mena Airport as a conduit for CIA drugs shipped in from Ilopango Airport. Google Mena Airport, Clinton, CIA drug trade, etc.

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