Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dreamers of the New Earth have Awoken by Karen Doonan

The new energies are now anchoring more fully into and within planet earth. There is much information available about these new energies and much talk about the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND.

This is an age that will last the next 25,000 years but even typing this will now make little sense for linear time is now fully dissolving. We have been asked by ALL realms/races to blog today on the dreamers of the new age and to explain in detail how the dreaming will affect the planet earth and her peoples. For the dreamers of the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND are now fully aligned with the new earth energies and are now fully in place to create the new earth.

Many of you may not comprehend at a human conscious level your role in this for the dreamers of the new earth are within the human race, seeded by ALL races/realms in order that the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is birthed onto and within planet earth. Many of you may state clearly that you do not remember your dreams, in certain frequencies you will not remember at human conscious waking mind level all that you have dreamt but at galactic level you KNOW. The frequencies of the new earth have now heightened to allow the bridge between your GALACTIC SELF and your human logical conscious mind to expand and to deepen. Many of you are now able to remember your dream time landscapes and a sense of "knowing" may have now taken place within you at human conscious waking mind level.

The transition into the new earth energies is immense, the difference between the energy that flowed in yesterdays linear time completely different to todays. Human words may become more challenging as we move fully into the New GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND for human language is by its very nature containing. However many of you will be able to resonate with my words and be able to FEEL the changes to the earth. These changes will now deepen and intensify, the ability that you in your human form now have to anchor your dreams into your waking reality will now expand.

 For ALL have a dream within the heart space, uncovering and understanding the dream at conscious waking mind level is the challenge for so much of what was experienced under the old 3D earth paradigms worked to convince you to ignore the dreams within your heart space. Under the old 3D earth paradigms dreamers were written off and shunned. Yet dreaming is the manifestation of that which is within the heart space, to manifest first you must dream and FEEL the creation in the higher dimensions in order to then experience in your waking human life experience.

Under the old 3D earth paradigms you were distracted from the heart space and your dreams and taught to dream the dream of those who sought to contain and suppress the human race. The dreamers have now begun dreaming to new levels, the dream councils are now fully in session and the dreams of ALL can now be manifest in the waking human life experience. It is to be remembered that each human being is having a unique life experience here on planet earth and although your human logical mind may try to filter out the concept that ALL can dream and manifest and experience ALL at the same time, your HEART KNOWS TRUTH.

It was for this reason your heart was seeded with the dream and not your human logical brain for the human logical brain only has access to that which it experiences here on earth. The HEART is the key to your SOUL and your SOUL has the knowledge from ALL lifetimes, timelines and dimensions in which you exist in ALL forms that you exist in. This may be your human life experience but you will have experienced life in this universe in forms other than human. This knowledge may be what is now being anchored within the human logical brain and may be what is challenging you at this time.

It is vital to BELIEVE that you dreams can manifest, the universe will send you signs and symbols that your human logical brain then may try to filter out. When you are manifesting and following the unfolding of a dream then the synchronicities will begin to increase. For many in human form this is written off as co-incidence and we guide strongly that there is no such thing as co-incidence for ALL is perfect and ALL JUST IS.

The people in your life are not in your life out of co-incidence, all play a part and all play a role, as you now walk out of the old 3D paradigms of the karmic dimensional timelines you are now free to create and manifest from the heart. This will show in your waking human life experience as people leaving your life and people entering your life. There is NO LOGIC to this process and that is what the human logical brain filters out, for the human race were taught logic as a way of containment. If you look at your human life experience only from the point of view of logic then you will filter out the miracles that the universe is trying to deliver to you.

Once more we guide around the LOVE that IS, LOVE is not logical and yet it has been taught to the human race as a concept that exists within logic. LOVE will find a way no matter what, for LOVE IS THE ANSWER, NO MATTER THE QUESTION. At this moment upon planet earth many are falling to the teachings of distortion around LOVE at all levels. Many are falling to the smoke and mirrors of the old 3D earth paradigms that are trying to teach that you have done something terrible by standing in your LIGHT and TRUTH and teaching you to filter out those who are moving towards you by getting you to only focus on what is leaving your life. That which is NOT TRUTH will dissolve and that which IS TRUTH will remain. How many of you are looking at what remains and focusing on that as opposed to looking at what is dissolving? you are not losing you are FINDING and that is the perception that the human logical brain may now try to filter out of your human life experience.

There is much talk about the new earth but the new earth is born out of the NEW, it is not born out of the old and cannot be born out of the old for the frequency difference is too high. In order to walk in the new earth you must allow SELF to dream. You must BELIEVE that your life is now taking shape and altering in order to GIVE you the dream that resides within your heart space. We would guide you strongly to allow the dream to unfold in its natural divine timing and shape. For the human race has been taught that dreams must be controlled and manipulated, the universe is now delivering miracles each moment of each moment and yet many are filtering them out focusing only on what they expect to happen. Many times the dreams will be delivered in ways that your human logical mind could not comprehend.

As more and more allow the dreams that are within the heart space to unfold then the human consciousness frequency will naturally begin to rise and to expand for the dreams of the new earth are TRUTH, they are created from the LOVE that IS that is the highest vibration that exists within this universe. At any one moment on planet earth at least two thirds of the human population are asleep, that is a huge dreaming potential and a huge amount of energy. As more and more dreamers now awaken to their reason for incarnation then access to the higher dimensional timelines is granted and taken, this means that when they sleep they are dreaming for the WORLD as well as for themselves for ALL ARE ONE. This will begin to manifest in waking human life as rapid changes to how those on planet earth interact and treat each other for the dreamers are aligned fully with the new earth.

We would guide you strongly at this time to hold the intention to connect with SOUL family before going to sleep and ask to remember that which you need to help you in your human form at this time. Communication is ALWAYS a two way process and many neglect to ask the questions they need answers to. ALL answers are found within your SOUL, the connection to your SOUL through your heart space.

We ask that you now allow the dreaming to begin in earnest, that which you have seeded within your heart space will reveal itself to you as you move through the harmonisation and ascension process. Within the dream will be your SOUL family dream and your person dream that aligns with the SOUL family dream. ALL have incarnated here upon planet earth for a reason, this reason is WITHIN your heart space. SOUL family share dreams for that is the reason for their incarnation, each member of the SOUL family bringing their own gift to enable the dream to be born upon and within planet earth.

We are aware of many SOUL family members who share the same vision, this is not co-incidence for ALL is perfect and ALL JUST IS. The time to find one another and work together in our human form is NOW, the dreaming will begin this process and all will now begin to shift and change RAPIDLY across and within planet earth.

The old 3D earth frequencies were heavy and slow, this affected manifestation for the manifestation was tempered by the lower frequencies, these have now been transmuted and are replaced with far HIGHER frequencies, these frequencies may be felt at times very intensely and may take some getting used to. Grounding into mother earth and coming back into balance may need to be done often as you begin to experience these heightened energies but your human vehicle will adapt to them. Become more consciously aware of all that you interact with at this time for there may still be the residue of the old 3D earth paradigms within your energy signature. Allow the new earth energies to illuminate them for you and pour the LOVE that IS through ALL at this time.

Then allow yourself to DREAM for you came here to BE, in order to BE you must BELIEVE that you are who you are in TRUTH. YOU are LIGHT and you are LOVE, these reflections will appear in your waking human life experience when you begin to dream in TRUTH. To dream in TRUTH we guide you to LET GO and allow ALL TO FLOW for being in FLOW is to allow the energies to unfold around you, through you and within you. You were taught under the old 3D earth paradigms to hold on tightly to all that you experienced and you were taught that to believe in your dreams was not accepted. Now you are asked to let go and allow the dreams to unfold in TRUTH.


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