Monday, August 19, 2013

AA Michael: Your Time Of Joy Is At Hand

Channelled By Ron Head On August 18, 2013

Archangel Michael:
Today we will speak of lighter things. We will speak of the great amount of light which you are absorbing every minute of every hour of your days. We will congratulate you on having brought your world to the very brink of massive but peaceful change.

The Divine has had a huge influence upon this, certainly. But it is you who, as you like to put it, have your boots on the ground that have been making the greatest inroads into the change in the very energy field which creates your reality. Never could this have been done without your intent, your dedication, and your steadfast determination

You have learned that the most important and far reaching changes are those you make within, and you have never avoided the work that requires. The results of what you have done, and what you continue to do, reach far beyond what you can yet imagine. You have attracted the attention and accolades of everyone in this universe and even beyond.

This has all been told to you before, but on this day, hear it all in one place. Hold this dear to your hearts, dear friends. Use it to reassure yourselves often.

You are now on the very steepest part of your journey. As you well know by now, this is not an easy path to walk. It never has been. But the signs of your impending victory are beginning to appear now.
They will be ignored at first. They will be disguised at times. They will be derided, certainly. But you will see them, and they will be true. Your time of joy is at hand. If you could hear the applause you are receiving even now, it would be deafening.

Go in peace now, and go in joy. We remain in your hearts and in your service. Good day.

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