Monday, August 5, 2013

Ashtar: Update on September 2013


Channeled by Philipp Schlienger On August 5, 2013

In September 2013, you will experience a big leap forward in your consciousness which will confirm all that we have told you. Since many are still in doubt and require more information about this jump we are happy to address this issue once more.

Your Ascension is a process – you are going through a growth period. You are learning much, clearing away old baggage and returning to your original state – as fully conscious Beings of Light.

You have imposed upon yourselves the current limitations in order to experience your 3D illusion. However, your soul is yearning for your return home and, therefore, the game on your world is very close to its expiry date.

There is still a way to go until you reach your goal of full Ascension but we hasten to add that this time is really short, even in your terms.

However, there are some ‘markers’ on your way home whereby you will experience a noticeably big leap forward. So let us explain.

You are constantly clearing away old karma which you have imposed upon yourselves throughout all your lives in the 3D illusion. Isn’t it quite a paradox that while you have created your 3D illusion in order to experience a separation from All That Is, you have at the same time been working on your way back home and releasing all these self-imposed limitations?

You have achieved so much, not only in creating the illusion but in overcoming it. Therefore, you will act as mentors for other Beings that have chosen to experience a similar limited reality. You will help them on their journey back home like we are doing in your case.

Whether you realize it or not, one of the markers which we have talked about was your time around December 21, 2012. We know that many of you are rolling your eyes now when you are reading these words, but if you doubt our words please review your progress since then.

If you are open and honest with yourselves, you will undoubtedly recognise the changes within you.
We ask you again to place your focus on your inner self rather than on the outer realms. Don’t look for outward signs to get a confirmation of where you stand in the Now Moment.

In September 2013, each one of you will make a big leap forward in your consciousness, which will be quite different to that of December 21, 2012. This time you will be really amazed when you do your pre- and post- comparisons – there will be no room for doubt and you cannot fool yourselves.

You had asked for a period of grace and it was granted to you. This period of grace will end in September 2013 and a further prolongation is not possible. Please remember that your Ascension affects many and, due to your request for this period of grace, some alterations in the Divine Plan had to be made. Since many are eagerly awaiting your Ascension, which is a necessary step for their own evolution, this period of grace cannot be extended any further.

You realise that this period of grace until September 2013 is fixed. The extent of the jump in your consciousness will be individual for each and every human being, but each of you will notice it, and your journey after this point will be easier.

There are those amongst you who have decided not to take part in this jump. They have chosen an alternative journey and a different timeline to follow. Honour their free will and their decision.
And last but not least for those of you who doubt our words we suggest the following:

If you are placing your focus on September 2013 expecting that nothing will happen, try to change your focus. Please remember that you invoke those events that you place your focus on. Remember that you are Masters who create their own reality. We suggest looking forward to the time immediately ahead of you in a positive manner.

And if you will allow us to give you some more hints – don’t underestimate yourselves and don’t let yourselves be distracted from your desired outcome by placing your focus on the reports in your media.

In this Now Moment, there is much news intended to create unrest and fear – don’t support such news by focusing on it. If you notice any such news just switch your focus onto that which you desire for yourselves.

We hope that we are giving you some valuable information about the communicated timeline until September 2013. Be joyous and place your focus on that which you wish to create and not on that which you don’t want to experience.

 I am Ashtar, your Light Brother who loves you so dearly that words are insufficient to express this Love.

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