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Just When We Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water: Weathering the Emotional Storm

Wait for it......Wait for it.....DT the ET   

By Steve Beckow On August 4, 2013

Final Battle 22
It may feel like the final battle
Forgive me coming back in a second time, but I’ve heard or seen such a lot of pain around me lately that I feel the need to comment, if you’d permit me.
If we consider the number of things that’ve been discussed as coming down the pike or in the process of being accomplished or complete, one can see why it may be a “chaotic node” at the moment.

The financial system is slowly – or quickly – being introduced, depending on your perspective. Rumor has it that Jack Lew is wrapping up final arrangements with the St. Germaine World Trust.

I’ve heard rumblings of the introduction of the prosperity packages. The global currency reset moves forward, against opposition and stalling tactics.
Ashtar says that the financial overhaul will make it easier for the galactics to disclose.

“We have told you that the uplift experienced as a result of these transformations would increasingly enhance your ability to absorb the news about your Star Family. We will use this uplift to introduce ourselves to you, our brothers and sisters incarnated on the surface of dear Gaia.” (1)

The arrival of the galactics will be a game-changer like nothing we’ve ever seen and we have to expect a certain amount of confusion, unrest, and discomfort.

Numerous sources are predicting a great step forward in consciousness around the Solstice, although not one perhaps that reveals itself as quite as tangible as we may wish (perhaps like 21/12/12 in that respect).

This is the time when any leftover diehards of the powers that were could or may make their final stand. That could surface as small-scale false-flag incidents (large-scale false flags are no longer possible), disinformation, attempts to hack websites, minute imposition of rules, theft, fraud, etc. One website dedicated to the reval was hit by a storm of disinforming emails that almost put it out of action at a crucial time in its mission.

This assault will not last and is something we may  need to endure for a while longer. Please don’t be fooled by it into thinking that the world is descending into chaos. It’s not. This is the cabal’s last stand. And all losses we suffer, I feel quite sure, will be made up.

Goddess Hathor
The Hathors tell us that:

“You are at the beginning of another major crescendo in chaotic events. While this particular Chaotic Node will accelerate climatic and geological changes, as well as social unrest, it is your personal psychological and emotional level that may well be the most affected.

“You can expect to see a pronounced increase in emotional instability and psychological imbalances among your fellow humans (perhaps including yourself). The collective social challenges of this will be profound. …

“The nature of this unique Chaotic Node … drives to the surface of your conscious awareness deep-seated emotional toxicity.” (2)

It may do well to remember some things as or when emotional toxicity rises within us.

(1) Some people will interpret the rise of negativity and toxicity at this late stage as being an indication of failure or a setback. It is not. It’s rather like seeing several large but manageable waves coming with a very large and unexpected wave behind them all. This could very well be that very large wave. But it too will pass.

It may be that all the clearing we’ve done up till now is just to position us for this last upheaval. So it isn’t a sign of failure but a portent of eventual success.

(2) Be aware that many lightworkers signed on to go through suffering on behalf of the collective, either to show the way out of a situation or to dissolve some of the nexus or matrix and allow for the rest to crumble faster. So what is happening may not “belong” to you.

(3) Be aware as well of the fact that what is coming up is what has probably always bothered us, the real crux of the matter for us and therefore may be more scalding or harder to bear than most other upsets we’ve been in.

For sure, whatever troubled us most, made us look worst, or rendered us powerless is what comes up in a phase like this so go easy on yourself and don’t judge yourself. This is not a nice phase of things. But this is apparently what’s supposed to happen and has to happen for us to emerge clear.

(4) Many people seem to feel irritable, believe themselves in danger of making mistakes, seem easily riled.  We may need to give each other latitude at this time and forgive mistakes that are made.

(5) Many people will feel as if they’ve regressed, become like a baby or an old fool again, etc. These are just the masks the constructed self wears. They have to be gone through. Our refusal to experience them through to completion is what’s caused them to persist.

If they’re up again, they’re up for one reason only: to be completed and released. So bear with the feelings of defeat and failure. No, experience them. Taste them, feel them, hear them, breathe them in.

(6) Eckhart Tolle called the constructed self the “pain body” and Wilhelm Reich called it “character armor.”  The toxicity, in my experience, lives only within the constructed self. It does not live in the unfettered space outside the constructed self.

The constructed self can be left behind. In my case I left mine behind by an act of intense and concentrated self-exertion, but I’m sure there are other ways of doing it.

(7) We may need a well-stocked toolbox to handle what comes up for us right now. Some tools in the toolbox could be seeking out someone who really can (and will) listen, ceasing to resist, experiencing something to completion, meditation, awareness, taking a stand, making a declaration, telling the truth, sharing a withhold, completing something that’s incomplete, asking for forgiveness, gentling yourself, envisioning what nourishes you, etc.

(8) Make rich use of metaphors when handling what comes up for you. If you feel yourself on a “slippery slope,” install “hand grips” on the walls that you can hang on to. If the water of relationship is cold, wrap yourself in the Mother’s warm blanket of universal love or a wet suit of St. Germaine’s violet.  Watch for metaphors in your speaking (“pain in the butt,” “pain in the neck,” “sick and tired of,” etc.) Use a healing metaphor to neutralize a sickening or destabilizing metaphor.

(9) If you’re assisting someone, hold your advice and just listen to them. Listening assists the other to release. Advice is usually not welcomed when a person is in the midst of an upset. They usually just want to be heard and to hear themselves.

During an upset, stress is high and therefore awareness is low. The other person may need to unwind by talking it out before they are in any position to hear from us. And usually they don’t need to hear from us at all. They just need a good listening.

We all have the answers within ourselves and only need the time to lay it all out on the table before we see what needs to be done. And our seeing is the brass ring; another person’s seeing is worth very little to the person who’s upset.

There’s probably much more to say. This may well prove to be the worst part of the ride, just as the birth of the child is the most painful part of pregnancy.  This is a time when we all need a friend and maybe even a team.

And this is also a time for all of us to pull together and not be fooled by appearances. It may appear as if we’re losing, failing, regressing, etc., but we’re not. We’re just in (what I hope is) the final push.


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