Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jesus: Life Is Now, So Forget The Waiting!

Channelled By John Smallman

 August 11, 2013

God’s plan is brilliant, beautiful, perfect.  Here in the spiritual realms we are in constant delighted amazement as it continues to unfold just as He intends.  For you on the Earth plane, engrossed in your illusory reality, it is and will remain totally beyond comprehension – in fact, the vast majority of you are unaware that God’s plan even exists. 

Do not ask “Which plan?” in a puzzled voice, because there is only One Plan: God’s Plan – which is the creative energy field in which all that He intends occurs.  And all that He intends always occurs precisely according to that plan. 

Humanity’s awakening is an aspect of that plan and will, therefore, happen exactly as divinely willed and intended.  Your guides, mentors, and channels in the spiritual realms have been keeping you up-to-date on the aspects that effect you directly. So pay attention, listen to their advice and guidance, take it to heart and act on it.

As humanity’s eons-long wait to awaken draws to a close, it can be very uplifting for you to reflect on the amazing progress your spiritual evolution has made in the last three or four decades.  If you compare the amount of spiritual information available to you now via many sources, compared to what was available in the 1960s, the growth is phenomenal.  And following on from that is the enormous rise in the numbers of people seeking to live more lovingly, more consciously, and more compassionately.

Humanity is impatient to awaken, very impatient – which is fine because the sooner you awaken the better – but when you consider the eons that the illusion has existed in comparison to a human life time, your impatience does seem a little out of place, remembering also that these eons have lasted, in Reality, but a moment.  So, instead of focusing on hopefully waiting for some future event, live in the now, then savor every moment of it, because that is when life happens.

You could look back over your lives and recall something to which, at the time, you were enthusiastically looking forward or, conversely, dreading, and maybe recall as well an occasion or opportunity that happened during the time that you were waiting, which you let slip by, largely unappreciated, and which later maybe caused you much regret.  Life is now, so forget the waiting, which can be a grave distraction, a disincentive that arrests you, stops you in your tracks, when you could be enjoying life!

Worry is an aspect of fear, and joy is an aspect of love, but only Love is Real!  Focus on Love, change yourselves, and thereby change the world.  Changing yourselves and thereby changing the world is in fact precisely what you are doing, but it never hurts to intensify your focus on Love by refocusing frequently, i.e. by bringing your attention back to Love whenever It comes to mind.  

As with any regular practice, the more you practise the easier it becomes and the more you want to do it as your skill and enjoyment increases.  When you allow Love to guide you, life flows far more smoothly, and any upsets or disappointments you experience are more easily dealt with.  They seem somehow much less important, as of course they are!  Remember you are confined within an illusion, where nothing that occurs is truly Real, and the bubble that is the illusion is about to burst.

Reality, your true Home, is about to be revealed after being hidden from your view, your awareness, your knowledge by your choice to lurk in the illusion among all that gloom and fear.  The clouds are lifting, the Light is brightening as you change the focus of your attention from the unreal to Love, the all-embracing field of divine energy in which you have your eternal existence.  As the Light intensifies it will be impossible for you to keep your eyes closed, let alone remain asleep. 

 Your natural state is fully awake, fully aware, fully conscious, and, therefore, knowing God.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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