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Jeshua and the Ascended Masters: Spiritual Liberation Will Help You Create Heaven on Earth

Channelled by Wes Annac On August 26, 2013

With the brimming Love of the entirety of our collective of Masters, I am Jeshua.

At this time, we wish to communicate the importance of treating every facet of consciousness around you with the ordained respect you wish to be shown. In the time ahead, humanity will come to understand the importance of connecting with the plant and animal kingdoms and allowing them the same rights humans expect to be able to enjoy.

This may seem to be an outrageous idea to some who don’t understand the brimming consciousness of the animals and plants, but animals and plants are conscious beings who experience many of the same Earthly feelings and emotions as you dear humans do.

Plants and animals experience fear; joy; happiness; Love; these are all qualities that are experienced not only by humans, but by every facet of consciousness around you.

It’s very important for humanity to recognize the sentient consciousness of animals and plants, and when you can find an uninhibited understanding of and respect for these souls, the unity so many wish to see established will be aided marvelously.

Your expanding perceptions are leading you toward the realms of full consciousness you’ve come to the Earth from, and your return to full consciousness has always been an inevitable feat.

Plentiful Collectives Stationed Near your Earth

wes_sunskyDespite the extreme nature to which you’ve incarnated under the lower-dimensional spell of illusion and convinced yourselves you were limited or finite beings, you’ve found your ways back to a supreme understanding of your God-essence and of the pure realms of consciousness that Create and sustain your realities and keep your existence in place in the specific frame of consciousness you exist in.

There are plentiful collectives stationed in the higher dimensions very near to your physical realms and monitoring events taking place on your Earth in every moment, and while events on your Earth could seem to be of a dire or distressful nature, we reiterate that you are and have always been kept safe and protected.

The souls who would keep humanity back forever if allotted have attempted large and small-scale disasters and tragedies many times in the past and while they’ve been successful a few of those times, for the most part their plans have been thwarted nearly from the get-go.

If you could see just how many plans the cabals have made and had thwarted by the Company of Heaven because they fell grossly outside of your collective freewill wishes and desires, than you’d understand when we say that the majority of such plans have failed.

Your cabals previously thought themselves able to solely run your world because of the extent to which your planet was quarantined, but your collective freewill hasn’t stopped the Company of Heaven from intervening in smaller ways and seeing to it that the playing field is fair as you go about your collective ascension.

It’s important for your populace to reach the point of collective ascension, because of the importance of your ascension to that of the Universe. The Universe is ascending along with the Earth, and the various planets that’ll be uplifted because of the Earth’s ascension will themselves inspire and uplift other planets and civilizations to find evolution and aid in the Universal ascension.

Informing Humanity about the Universal Ascension

The Universal ascension is a much bigger event than has yet been hinted at by the majority of channels, and for quite a while, the protocol was to first have you focus upon your Earthly ascension and bring it about before we introduced the most intricate discussions regarding the Universal ascension.

Though this is still largely our plan in many respects as humanity still has a ways to go in regards to building a Galactic society and matching your planetary vibrations with those of the fifth dimension, one many notice in the time ahead that discussion of the ascension of your Universe will have picked up, because you’re being led to greater understandings about the events taking place.

Your personal evolution is more important to focus on in this moment, and when one can find a full and uninhibited connection with one’s inner-realms, any worries or fears concerning one’s perceived separation from the spiritual realms will simply fade.

Each of you has the full ability and opportunity to maintain the strongest and purest connections to the higher dimensions in every moment, and if this message sounds repetitive, we ask you to ready yourselves for many more repeats.

We say this in this manner because our aim is indeed to continually express the importance of actively searching within to find one’s validations of one’s personal ascension and the realms of spirit, and our desire is bred from our knowledge that upon fashioning real and pure connections yourselves, you’ll enjoy your experiences more than we could express with Earthly words.

A Staggering Amount of Service to Humanity

We know that upon getting to know one’s inner realms, the amount of service to the Light and to humanity one will be able to perform is staggering. We understand that the level of joy and bliss you’ll be able to attain will be nothing like anything you’ve experienced in your Earthly Lives, and we know that you’ll be forever grateful you’d made the initial efforts to fashion an inner-connection.

We don’t exaggerate when we say that glorious realms and frames of consciousness await your perception of them.

The most blissful of feelings and energies await your rediscovery of them, and when encompassing oneself fully in the constant bliss prevalent all around (in the higher dimensions), one will realize that everything truly is Love; that the greatest feelings man has ever felt are magnified in the higher dimensions; and that there truly is never anything to worry or be in concern about.

Above anything else, this is the ultimate message we’ve always wished to impart unto you. If you could leave our communications with the understanding that you’re Divine Godsparks of full consciousness and that there’s never anything for you to be worried or in concern of, than we’ve done our jobs well.

This is because we want you to feel what we feel and know what we know. We want you to gain the deepened perception of the reality around you that we’ve been able to gain, and we want you to feel the blissful energies and perceptions accompanying a higher-dimensional experience.

Many of you are perceiving of the higher dimensions in unprecedented ways from your current Earthly perspective, and in doing so, you’re Creating a tidal wave of energetic change and transmutation for your entire collective to benefit from.

You’re uplifting the Earthly populace in every moment with the Lighted energies you choose to bring through, and while the energetic “controllers” have thought themselves able to keep a grip on the pure energies being given by the awakening Lightworker public, we’re happy to report that the number of Lightworkers giving their pure energy completely unhindered is growing in every moment.

This has been the Divine plan all along, as every soul is meant to perform the most brimming and pure of Lightwork for the Earth and for your populace.

Healing Energetic Wounds

The Lightworker public has been instrumental in transmuting the bulk of dense energy prevalent and fed in your collective consciousness, and many of you have taken personal sacrifices in allowing the dense energy of others to come through your temples and be transmuted.

Some of you have accumulated energetic or emotional “scars” that are completely temporary and able to be (healed), and we mention this to offer a visualization for those of you who feel that the continual transmutations have been “getting to you” or affecting you in unintended ways.

We ask for you to imagine yourselves in a very small space; a small room or closet of sorts. We ask for you to enjoy the small nature of the space around you, and use your ordained visualization abilities to shine your beautiful Light throughout every facet of this small room (illuminate it).

As you shine your Light out from within, make an affirmation that Source is with you in all ways and in every moment. Visual and feel your aura, and for those of you who’ve accumulated particularly heavy scars as a result of your selfless efforts in transmuting the collective dense energy, imagine those scars as black spots in your auric fields.

Affirm that the purest energy of Source be added to the personal Light you’re already giving out, and affirm that the energy you’re bringing through heals the pains you’ve accumulated.

Watch and feel as the pure energy coming through your temples transmutes and heals your energetic and emotional wounds, and feel a grand entrance of ever-purer Light into your temples as you thank Source for assisting you in cleansing and healing your accumulated scars.

Reaching Expanded Perceptions

You can perform this visualization or others similar to it in any moment you feel your work is weighing on you heavily or becoming too much, and we’ll forever be with you to help you in such times.

Continuing to practice modesty and equilibrium in any and every moment will help you assimilate ever-purer energies in the clearest possible manner. Balance will remain an important factor as you embrace purer states of consciousness, and in the fifth dimension, you’ll learn to balance out your respective third and fourth-dimensional experiences.

The purpose of entering a purer dimension is for you to reach expanded perceptions of the Creation around you.

When animals grow from second to third-dimensional consciousness and practice inhabiting human bodies in the astral realms before making incarnations as humans, they undergo a difficult process of balancing out the newer perceptions they’ve ascended into and the “older” ones they’ve been used to for so long.

Likewise, as you embrace the fourth dimension as individuals and as a collective, so will you come to reach elevated states of consciousness and intellectual understanding that will see you feel and know much more about your reality and specifically, about the energetic and spiritual nature of your reality, than you’d expect.

We should mention that complex mathematical and scientific formulas are involved in Creating and sustaining your reality, but for the most part, (Love) energy is the driving force behind the conscious experiences you undergo in every moment.

Love is poured into your reality in every moment, as Love is the energy formulating your reality.
Love is the energy that vibrates at a certain dense frequency and slow pace, keeping you within its temporary perceptual and physical confines. Love is the conscious energy existing in various different bodies as humans, animals and plants (and much more). Simply put; Love is everything.

This is a very basic ideal that likely every soul absorbing this communication already knows, but at the same time, it’s a complex and intricate ideal that you’ll come to understand in all of its complexity as your personal perceptions grow.

Your perceptions will continue to grow until you reach states of consciousness that see you fully understand the great mysteries of your existence.

Releasing Suppressed Truth

Your reason for being on the Earth and for existing at will become very clear to you, and people who’ve wondered about the existence of extraterrestrials will be able to take solace in the fact that they not only exist, but are benevolent and spiritual and have been assisting your Earth from behind the scenes for a very long time.

Souls who’ve wondered about humanity’s past will come to understand the truths of your various advanced civilizations, and truths regarding the suppression of your history will come forth as they justly should.

Indeed, so much has been hidden from humanity’s understanding, but your unknowing of the truth of your existence has always been meant to be temporary.

There are many Earthly souls who are and will perhaps remain comfortable in the Earthly vibration; who enjoy your society as it stands right now despite the nature to which humanity has experienced a severe and continual violation of your rights.

The general populace has been used for mass experimentation and slavery on the part of your cabals, and their actions in fashioning a society of “worker bees” bent on serving them in every way will be unraveled before their eyes in front of all of humanity.

Every person will come to understand what the cabals have done on your world and to your populace, and it’s for this reason that we remind you each of the importance of collective forgiveness of the cabals when the most disturbing revelations concerning their actions begin to surface.

Disclosure will Expand the Minds of the Populace

The actions of the cabals that you’ll learn about will open humanity’s general perception exponentially, and will see humanity more easily able to take in many of the wondrous but paradigm-expanding metaphysical truths you’ll come to understand.

You’ll be able to understand the spiritual truths that’ll be had for you, having been expanded and opened up by learning about the actions of the cabals.

In learning of the cabals’ actions, a crafted and instated paradigm of unknowing and unconsciousness will be broken in your Earthly populace and many of you reading this may task yourselves with helping calm those around you who could take to vengeful or angry mindsets when learning of the cabals’ activities.

Many of you will be tasked with helping to calm the Earthly populace upon learning the worst of what’s been done to your collective, and your influence on the collective consciousness will strongly help souls who could’ve otherwise taken to violence or anger to be calm in the time of humanity’s initial awakening.

The fact that abundance will be a widespread established factor by the time humanity begins to learn many of the truths that have been hidden from you should assist your collective in “taking” such revelations, but ultimately, it’ll be up to humanity and to the awakening Lightworker public not to fall into the same vengeful or hateful states of consciousness that have fed your cabals and those in the lower astral realms for so long.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we express that even the cabals could come to find the Light and assist your planet in ascending after their actions in attempting to hold your populace back are justly exposed and forgiven on a massive level.

To forgive individuals who’ve hurt your collective as exponentially as the cabals have will be to break the old paradigm indeed, and we trust in the ability of your collective to break the mold and find and feel the purest of forgiveness as you greet the purer states of consciousness of heaven.

Heaven can be seen, felt and picked up on by every one of you in this moment, and while plenty of religious souls would see heaven as a nearly-physical place to be attained by following a strict set of rules and guidelines, we say that your personal and spiritual liberation will help you Create heaven upon the Earth.

Thank you to Jeshua and the Ascended Masters.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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