Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On Becoming a Humane World Again

Posted by Steve Beckow 

The Bodhisattva Way

Master Djwal Kul
As soon as I relax, I feel an inner tug. And when I explore it I find a need to somehow raise my level of commitment and assume more responsibility for my life – to graduate from being a passenger in this vehicle to being a driver, so to speak.

It may be part of the work of the immaculate energies from last week (1) or the impact of the so-called chaotic node. (2) I don’t know.

But I found myself last night looking at what I serve, what vision inspires me every day, and what I’m willing to be responsible for.

It isn’t that anything new was created. It’s that something already there was recognized.

I recognized that the vision I serve is the rise of a wise, loving and noble civilization.

The two words I thought required explanation were not “wise” and “loving.”  I’m sure everyone appreciates the meaning of those words.  They were rather “noble” and “civilization.”

By “noble” I mean what the Buddha meant by “noble,” in calling his the Noble Eightfold Path and the Four Noble Truths.  The path and truth bring out the best in us, taking us to a place where all society benefits from us having been here.

I’m tempted to call it the Bodhisattva Way, but I could as easily have called it the Lightworker Way or the Way of the Servant.

By “noble” I mean not only service to self, a certain amount of which is needed. But I mean service to others far more.

A noble society is one in which the weakest survive and flourish, not simply the fittest.

A “noble” society is one in which all members of society are seen to and not simply those with privilege, wealth and power.  I serve the creation, rise and acknowledgment of such a noble society.

By “civilization,” I mean a society in which all the divine qualities are remembered and realized and live again within us, a society in which we walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

To put the two together, by a “noble civilization,” I mean one in which we’ve evolved past merely being human to being humane.  The dictionary defines “humane” as being characterized by kindness, mercy or compassion. That fits the way I see it.

We are our vision, are we not? That is who we are and what we have to contribute. However well we achieve or realize it, it remains our vision. It remains what we get out of bed each morning to serve and bring about.

And all we can do in the end, on a global scale anyways, is simply communicate it, recommend it, add our bone to the broth that is the Stone Soup of the collective consciousness.

A wise, loving and noble civilization, a humane society is in fact a world that works for everyone.

Piece by piece we’re putting our poor Humpty of a world back together again.  The Phoenix is rising from the ashes. What was once is returning to the Earth.

Freedom, prosperity, spiritual yearning, compassion – one step at a time, we return to Eden. And we do so from our own efforts, aided by all who serve these goals from behind the curtain.


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