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Gradual Awakening – Part 1/2

Posted By Steve Beckow On August 20, 2013

Awakening 34Most lightworkers and lightholders are probably by now recognizing within themselves the signs of a gradual awakening.  But for those who may not be, let’s review what our sources have to say about the process of our gradual awakening.

Jesus through John Smallman reminds us that “at the center of your being you have always known that this was to be the lifetime in which your awakening would come to pass.” (1)

Most of us are starseeds, here to assist Gaia and her inhabitants with their Ascension. Our Ascension has already occurred, perhaps many times over.  For the most part we’re 7th-12th dimensional beings from star systems like Arcturus, the Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda.

But part of our agreement has been to wear the blindfold and go through the awakening process along with everyone else. And so what the nature of our awakening is becomes of interest to us.

The master Hilarion explains that “awakening most often occurs when there is something revealed that was not known before which rocks the foundation that people based their lives upon.”  (2)

“This shakes the template that has been in place around the Earth and around each inhabitant and opens up the contemplation of other possibilities that were not considered before.” (3)

What is awakening us is that the Source, through the Company of Heaven, is sending us light and love, as Archangel Gabriel speaking through Shelley Young describes for us.

“You have been exposed to an influx of light that has been unprecedented on your planet thus far.  …
“You have just shifted into a brand new AGE. Imagine how much that multiplies the effects when you are in the ending of an age that has lasted thousands and thousands of years and is transitioning into a brand new age that will also last as long!

“On top of that, you are learning with your bodies how to assimilate the light that is flooding your planet and how to work in the higher dimensional energies. So it has been a lot and we understand and honour you for that.” (4)

The Arcturian Group describes how this light works its miracle.

“With your intent and permission, energy change first flows into your energy field and begins to dissolve that which is old and untrue – the shadow energy that you carry with you in the form of any false beliefs regarding yourselves and others. The shadows are dissolved in the presence of the Light – higher frequency energies.

“Gradually, the individual then begins to experience change within his thinking patterns as well as within all facets of his life and this is often where the ‘problems’ start. He finds that he no longer resonates with people, places, or things as he used to and the evolving student may find himself with some difficult personal choices to make.

“These subtle changes usually unfold gradually and lead the initiate into the new as they are ready or able to handle the higher frequencies. This may appear to the student as though nothing is happening.

“Understand that as you allow and gradually begin to hold more Light, you are changing the energy of the whole planet.” (5)

Our shadow selves subside under the impact of our dawning awareness of truth, they tell us.

“All there is to shadow energy is an unawareness of Self – some carry more, some carry less. As each new awareness of truth deepens within you, its Light becomes a part of your energy field.” (6)

The planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, gave us his description of how the light energy shifts us.
“There have been significant energetic shifts upon your planet in the last couple of weeks. And even within the last few days.

“Now when we say ‘energetic shifts,’ what do we mean? Because, as you know, part of this process — of shift, of awakening, of Ascension — has been the continuation and the penetration of your sacred beings, each and every one of you, directly from the heart of One, of Mother/Father/All Source, from we who serve you and who are in partnership with you.

“And that is particularly true as [Archangel] Gabriel and I penetrate each of you and the planet, sweet Gaia, with gold and pink light, and the energy of beauty, of peace, and what we would call enlightenment — and I do not use that phrase casually or lightly.”  (7)

The process of penetration is not something that stops and starts, he explains.

“So each of these frequencies does not stop and start and stop and start. The way in which this transition, from my perspective as planetary logos, is being handled is there is an escalation.

“Now, this escalation in some situations has been gradual, over decades, as you know. And then there has been a turning-up of the gas jets in certain situations, which is exactly what has happened in the past couple of weeks and in the last two to three days.” (8)

As we’re able to handle more, the energy is amped up.

“The energies and the frequencies are turned up, made stronger, more palatable quite literally, because you are able to handle more and more energy. And the purpose of this energy increase and frequency increase, vibrational increase — however you conceive of it — is not for you to be out of body, but to be able to manage, to hold and to integrate this into your body, so that your level of heart consciousness, of full awareness, is growing.” (9)

At some times, the experience may seem overwhelming, he tells us.

“Now you may feel as if you have your finger in a light socket. In some cases, many of you are actually feeling a little irritable, as if you have too much energy in your body, as if you can run 20 miles and then some.

“Allow it to, gently, simply, anchor within you — and yes, run if you must, or if you choose. But do not try and slow down or halt, in any way, shape or form, the increase in vibration that is coming into not only your field but being effected into your physicality.

“This is part of your ability to be fully anchored in the higher dimensions, or what you tend to term the higher dimensions.” (10)

Thus our gradual awakening is being brought about by higher beings flooding the planet with light and love. It’s gradual but increasing and, as our abilities to handle the light increase, so the amounts sent to us increase.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the incredible lightness of being we are more and more experiencing as we assimilate this light and shift into higher and higher dimensions.

(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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