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Gradual Awakening – Part 2/2


Posted By Steve Beckow On August 21, 2013

(Continued from Part 1.)
Awakening 37Jesus reminds us that the Company of Heaven are watching our gradual awakening with joy:

“The spiritual realms – Heaven, Reality where all of creation is – is watching with joy as the cloud, the fog, the ephemeral mist in which those in the illusion have chosen to hide themselves from our Father and from Reality starts to dissolve.” (1)

The angels through Taryn Crimi watch as well, but remind us that more is to come:

“We are watching as many begin to stir from their self-induced slumber. You have regained the knowledge that you are in fact responsible for every experience in your lives; however you have not yet regained the knowledge of how to consciously direct all of your creative abilities. “ (2)

“As you continue to remember your true nature, your true divinity,” they tell us, “you will also regain your ability to manifest all that you truly desire to experience.”  (3)

As we lift up, the lower dimensions will hold less and less appeal for us, Sananda through Fran Zepeda predicts.

“As you lift and linger in those pockets of lighter energy and view everything from that perspective, you will find that the ‘pulls’ into the lower dimensions of needs and wants and ‘have-tos’ will begin to slip away more and more and become much less present and ‘charged’ for you.”  (4)
What we’ll notice most is our increasing lightness of being, which Sananda asks us to embrace.
“Look for the ‘Lightness’ in everything, for that is where your creation is fueled, where your transformation is fueled, dear ones. It is ‘written in the stars,’ so to speak, that you shall inherit the earth, a New Earth, and you have achieved much already to that end.

“Go at your own pace, but stay with your intent to absorb as much Light as you can, and to allow it to build to a crescendo within to allow an explosion of color and purity to envelop everything.

“For all intents and purposes, much is changed and much has shifted. Move aside the veil of your lingering illusion and see your world clearly for the first time. It is your norm now. It just remains for you to embrace it, dear ones.”  (5)

Hilarion predicts greater ease:

“As this continues, you will find yourselves feeling at greater ease and at some point that is individual for each one of you, the heavier and denser energies will one day be considerably lessened and this will be felt as a lightening of your spirit.”  (6)

As our experience of lightness grows, the master Hilarion encourages us to meet the way ahead in joy and open-heartedness.

“The way forward and upward in your consciousness has now become more aligned with the joy and beauty that abides within your soul and this gives rise to feelings of expansion and infinite possibilities. Open yourselves to the vista of new beginnings and allow yourselves to receive the bounty of the Universe as it brings to you the fruition of your deepest and long held dreams.

“The way before you is being cleared and all that is required is the opening of your heart to allow it in. Let your imagination soar with joyous anticipation of the arrival of a new day, one that is a blank slate upon which can be written the life of your choosing, all that is required is your active participation.

“Follow the guidance of your heartfelt desires and dare to dream big. See the possibility that you can receive all the good that life has to offer. Many of you are ready to move beyond the old paradigms as you watch their disintegration taking place before your eyes. You are the catalysts for the changes that are now taking place.” (7)

However, not all matters that awaken us lead us towards greater joy and certainty. Some can raise doubt and leave us in discomfort.

The Ascended masters and Pleiadians through Wes Annac explain that some things arise not to broaden us immediately but to release the doubts that stand as obstacles to our further growth.

“Everything you experience currently is a necessary and ordained part of your process….
“You’re growing toward the higher dimensions, rather than away from them. It’s simply that many of you are experiencing facets of your Earthly growing and leaning that are necessary to be experienced before your ultimate ascension into the higher dimensions.” (8)

It may take time for some of the changes that are occurring in our world to manifest physically, SanJAsKa tells us.

“The accelerating awakening taking place in the minds and hearts of every single Earth soul is initiating massive positive effects in your physical reality, and like all good things, it’ll take a bit more of your physical concept of time for the bulk of the changes you the awakening humanity have largely helped to manifest, to become apparent.” (9)

So far we are having subtle upgrades, according to the Divine Mother, whose plan we’re following. But at a future time there will be Ascension itself, in what she calls “the blink of an eye.”

“You are already having these subtle upgrades. And you have been for some time. And now of course you are used to them, even though you do not understand the fullness of those upgrades and you are the anxious child that says ‘What’s next? What’s next!’ 

“I do not chastise you for this question. But what I say is the subtle upgrades will continue and then there will be the ‘blink of an eye.’” (10)

But as each person around us awakens, the chain of influence grows until potentially every citizen of Earth has been touched.

“Go out and spread your Light. Each new one who awakens instantly becomes a carrier of the new frequencies. They, in turn, automatically influence each the others that they come in contact with – each of those moving on to perpetuate the energetic chain of influence.

“Think of the activation of another as being akin to flipping on a lightswitch, because in truth that is exactly what you are doing. So imagine this chain going on and on until every single soul on earth has been touched.

“This is the most simplistic explanation of how the awakening of the human collective shall occur. It is also the most understandable way we have by which to impress upon you the importance of why you must embrace your predestined role and become a part of it.” (11)

So we are now entering new phases of our agreement to assist in the awakening of Earth. We stand on the verge of the first of the abundance programs coming online.

We await another boost of energy in September. And we hear that Disclosure will be folded into these events, accelerating the process of our awakening by an order of magnitude.  Our part in all this is to open to receive, ground the energies, and then further transmit them.


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