Saturday, August 10, 2013

Heavenletter #4641 - In the Pursuit of Love


God said,

I would like to talk about you today, My holy children, who have such proclivities for surveying danger. Even in the pursuit of love, you scout danger -- danger being disappointment, either yours or another’s. You want a sure bet, beloveds. Of course you do.

Nothing wrong with that except life doesn’t work that way. Frankly, life in the world is not enough. Even if you have everything in life you might desire, life would not be enough, for nothing in the world is quite enough. You keep wanting more.

Sure bets aren’t really what you want anyway.

Life is an unexpected thing. Humdrum is often not to your liking anyway.

There have been those who say to live today as if it were your last day. There is merit in this. With this idea in mind, you, My children, focus on the preciousness of life, every minute of life, even on this day of life. There is definitely merit in appreciating the gift of life.

If this were the last time you were going to walk on the beach, you certainly would relish every sight and sound of the ocean. You would pay attention to every squish of your feet on the sand. You would appreciate all the seashells just as they are, strewn on the shore. The ocean would not be background. You would look intensely and relish every nuance. You would internalize the ocean, and you would take it with you. It would be deep in your heart. It always was, only it would have a specialness that it didn’t have when it was always available to you.

Beloveds, when you think of it, what is not precious to you? Every moment is precious to you.

On the other hand, may I suggest that you live life as if it were forever. There is something great with this view as well. And the Truth is that you are eternal. There is no end to you. There is merit in the ocean’s always being right there for you. It will never leave you, and you will never leave it. There will be no leaving of what is precious to you. It is within you. All is good. All is beloved.

Have a great life in the world, why not? And, yet, there is more to life than life in the world. Of course, the outer world reflects your inner world, and your perception of inner and outer both reflect the other. The world is meant to serve you. Indeed, the world offers you possibilities that only life on Earth can. When all is said and done, Earth is your oyster. And, We can say, that Heaven is your pearl. Or vice versa.

Of course, it does matter what We say. It matters very much, for words and thoughts lay the groundwork for what comes.

  You plant the seeds of your life with your words and thoughts. And so you grow a beautiful crop. You make a beautiful crop. You foretell it. And, yet, every life is a matter of the Divine.

A house is built on a foundation. Heaven is pictured as above, and there is good reason for that. Heaven is Higher Place. It is even beyond the sky and the stars. And, yet, Heaven is the foundation of life on Earth. It is Heaven that initiates and sustains. Earth life is the surface. It is a story told.

Heaven is no story. Heaven is IT. Heaven is where you are born, and Earth is where you visit. How you wish that life were indeed Heaven on Earth.

And why not? Why not, indeed. Why, yes, is what I say. Immersed in Earth Life, at the same time your heart longs for Heaven, and your heart longs for Me Who longs for you.

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