Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashtar: Your Progress and What to Expect

Steve Beckow: In reading this message from Ashtar, please note that the end of the nine-month grace period in late September is not the same as Ascension, which comes at a later date. Moreover the upliftment that Ashtar describes may or may not have a component that can be felt. The fact that we may not feel different should not be taken as proof that nothing has happened. The change may be deep within our being or it may have started and not risen to the surface consciousness.   
 (DT -thanks to thegoldenageofgaia for this post!)

 Channelled by Philipp, August 26, 2013.

AshtarWith your date of August 25, you have crossed another important milestone. You have successfully absorbed, integrated and transmitted the energies into yourselves and Gaia. Congratulations!

Many of you are not aware of the importance of the aforementioned date. It is the most important marker in your Nine Month Period of Grace, which we have talked about.

We tell you joyfully that you are in total compliance with the Divine timetable.

Please be patient before you go inside and try to notice the changes resulting from the energies of August 25. You will need some time until you are able to discover the transformation which took place inside of you. Please be patient and don’t be too strict with yourselves.

We see that the unfoldment of the Grace Period until the end of September 2013 is taking place as anticipated.

There will be no turning back. No changes in the Divine Plan will occur. With the Equinox in September, your old paradigm will be finished once and for all.

After this date, everything that is not based on Love and Light and which belongs to the old 3D illusion will not be capable of surviving.

You will all be uplifted in such a way that a progressive movement which is not based on Love and Light will simply not be possible anymore. Such situations which are based on the old illusionary virtues will be resolved. You will quickly find solutions to your situations that keep you busy on an individual and global basis.

And now you are less than a month away from this uplift.

At present, the last battles are fought by the ones who cannot accept the change at hand and that the old game is reaching is expiration date. This is the reason why so many acts of war are reaching a new culmination. Please rest assured that after the date of the Equinox in September 2013 all such situations will be resolved in Light and Love – and very quickly.

Gaia is supporting your transformation. The forest fires, flooding, storms and earthquakes shall support your transformation into the Golden Age of Gaia. (1) Please note that you are working hand in hand with Gaia and are supporting each other. And again we stress that you are playing your part in this game very successfully.

We were not sure how you would cope with the nine months Grace Period. Especially, we could not foresee if you would use this Grace Period for the purpose it was provided for you. Please let us remind you that you have asked God for this Grace Period in order to allow every human being on Gaia to ascend.

Now you are in preparation for Ascension. You have let go of all the old ballast and you are integrating the new energies which will raise you up.

Ascension will finally happen in the not-too-distant future. But already after the expiration of the Grace Period you will notice an ease in your daily lives and more joy.

You will be surprised about the solutions you will find for the individual and global problems which plague you right now. And this in itself will noticeably lift you up in a way in which you cannot consider possible right now.

And then – at a point in your immediate future – you will finally ascend.

Please do not doubt yourselves. All is well. You surprised us with your request for a prolongation, and we were unsure what you would do with the Grace Period. And now, you have all performed so miraculously for your own and Gaia’s benefit that we cannot adequately express our joy. You are truly Masters in action and we are all so very proud of you.

Many of you currently incarnated on this planet are Ascension Masters. You have successfully mastered Ascension in other lifetimes and on other planets. This is the reason why you are incarnated as “Ascension experts” right now. You are the “Divine Special Forces” so to speak. And you are performing superbly.

There is so much in store for you that will astound you in a positive way and bestow joy and happiness upon you.

If you look to the outside for tangible evidence for our messages – although we tirelessly stress that you should seek changes within yourselves in the first place – each and every one of you who follow our messages will see the first widespread, tangible proof by noticing the change in your financial affairs, especially with the revaluation of many currencies. (2)

We are certainly aware that many – if not all of you – have some doubts now and then whether all this is real. And we understand this because of the many changes in the Divine Plan experienced by you throughout your journey.

This is the reason why the revaluation of many currencies is of such importance. It will show you that everything is real and not a dream.

All is well. Please trust in yourselves and in the Divine Plan. We are standing at your side and accompany you in this process. Call upon us if you seek for help and we are there for you.

We love you so very much,
Your Brother,


(1) The Earth changes Ashtar describes usually release negativity and are usually now planned to occur in out-of-the-way places, unless the negativity to be released is itself in or associated with a populated area.
(2) A global currency reset is in process that will release significant wealth into the world. It will be accompanied by the release of prosperity packages and eventually be followed by the general introduction of a global abundance program.

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