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Ascended Masters Interview: Masters in Atlantis, Taking Form as Orbs and Closing Karmic Contracts

Channelled By Wes Annac On August 6, 2013

The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Ascended Masters, a collective I’ve felt very close with for a long time.
Wes Annac: My desire on this night is to connect with the dear Ascended Masters and have a discussion. I’ve felt your presence with me nearly all evening, and am excited to hear what you have to say before we get into our “interview” of sorts. 

The Ascended Masters: With so very much brimming Love and joy, I am Jeshua representing our collective of Masters.

The higher dimensions continue their descent unto your third and fourth-dimensional realities, and as the higher realms descend so do you ascend into greater understandings of them and greater metaphysical perceptions. You’re growing to learn and understand so very much about yourselves that’s of a metaphysical and higher-dimensional nature, and your abilities as well as your perceptions of such abilities will only continue to grow.

Wes: Thanks so much for the intro, dear friends. I have to say, I’ve been nervous about holding a discussion with you. For the most part, it’s because I don’t know very much about you! 
AMs: You’re growing to understand so very much about us and every other facet of the Light Forces assisting in humanity’s ascension, and it’s OK to seek answers in the avenues of existence one doesn’t yet have a complete grasp of.

Seeking Knowledge Within
We’re here for you, to answer any questions of us you may have. It’s up to you to seek knowledge of us or of any aspect of the Light within, as you possess all the answers and can pick up on the truths you feel yourself to be missing.

This goes for each one of you, and while there’s indeed so much you can read and absorb concerning the higher dimensions, the purest of answers come from searching within and making an active effort to seek answers regarding anything you may be unsure about.

With that, dearest Wesley, we encourage you to ask any question of us that you wish.

Wes: Well thank you, dear friends. I guess one question I have would be: how big and far-reaching is your collective of Masters? 

Has every Master who’s a part of your collective incarnated on the Earth, or is there far more of you that we don’t yet know about or perceive? 

AMs: Dearest souls, there are so many of us that it will perhaps make your heads spin when discovering our true number.

A great many of us have chosen to take incarnations on your world, but our collective is indeed much wider-reaching than humanity has yet perceived. This goes back to the fact that you’re growing to learn so much more about us, as your personal barriers in perception are beginning shatter in favor of a greater, expanded clarity regarding knowledge about the higher dimensions.

If we could only communicate in greater ways how much you’re growing and learning in this moment, than you’d understand why we say that greater revelations and insights will begin to be made available to humanity through channels.

Expanding Channels
The channels we’ve been blessed to give discussions through for so long are expanding in their personal enlightenment and understanding, and as such, we’re able to come through in greater ways and offer greater and more detailed insights into the ascension of your world and into our origins.

You’re feeling and absorbing the energies of each and every Master comprising our collective, and again, the vast majority of us you wouldn’t yet recognize, as we haven’t incarnated on your Earth and been openly known as much as dearest Jeshua or a few others have.

Existing outside of time, we’ve been able to assist you throughout the various different time periods your Earth has taken since the fall of the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Wes: While we’re on that subject, is there any insight into Atlantis that you can offer from your perspective? I’ve heard that the Galactics played a big role in Atlantis. Did you exist in Atlantis, or were you aware of it? 

AMs: We were certainly aware of Atlantis, dearest Wesley!

While we didn’t play the large roles your Galactic brethren did in helping to awaken your collective during the Atlantean and Lemurian times, we watched very closely and with interest as the colonies flourished and came to find advanced technologies and understandings in a widespread manner.

Light Beings and Orbs
We were prevalent in our own ways in Atlantis and Lemuria, and just as we will in the time ahead on your world, we chose to express ourselves less as humans in form and more as beings of Light.

We choose many times to express ourselves as orbs if we wish to make an appearance on the surface of the Earth, and while our vibrations don’t match the surface-Earth enough for us to be able to be on your world directly, we can make very quick and feint appearances in the forms of orbs and other light phenomena.

There are so many ways we’re able to be with you, and we encourage you to connect with our energies or those of any soul in the higher dimensions you’ve been meant to reconnect with.
Many of you have been guided since the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, by us Masters and by so many other facets of the Light Forces who are and have been actively fixated on your dear planet.

Atlantis and Lemuria were so very near to achieving their collective ascension, and while you came so very close to ascending collectively in those times and took a different route instead, your collective is being offered the chance now to spread the Light energies and see beyond the division and separation that’s ruled your Earth for far too long.

Wes: From your perspective, what can the Lightworkers do to anchor the Light and transmute the separation and hatred prevalent in the collective? 

AMs: The greatest thing you can do is to express Love and unity consciousness in every moment of your Earthly Lives. Being the change you wish to see is more important than could be expressed, and we ask you to allow others to exist on their own vibration, even if it doesn’t resonate with what you feel or believe to be reality.

We’re not the first souls to discuss this, as we in the higher dimensions have wanted many facets of the awakening public to know that the vibrations of those around them that they perceive to be lower than theirs or in need of uplifting or saving, is comfortable for the souls who exist on them.

Helping Others to Ascend
The souls around you who are awakening in their own ways, are doing just that. They’re still quite comfortable on their vibration and with the Earthly things around them and will, in their own time, grow to no longer resonate with many aspects of the Earth as it stands currently.

We remind you that ascending and helping your collective to ascend is not about forcing others to fit into your own viewpoints or ideals. Each of you is individual and unique, and your uniqueness and difference in belief structures should be accepted and Loved, rather than fighting against each other because of them with the might of warriors protecting their homeland.

We ask you to use the energies you may otherwise spend feeding division or hatred, and use them for the betterment of yourselves and your dear planet.

Differences in belief regarding the higher dimensions and your physical and spiritual evolution have caused division and resulting hatred-driven wars for so very long on your planet, and we’ve watched with Love as your collective fought each other over differences in what were ultimately distorted beliefs regarding the higher dimensions.

The Original, Genuine Purpose of Religion
As our scribe is asking us to give our perspective on the tainted religions that have been established on your world, we’ll say that many of them were started with pure intents and purposes.

When I (Jeshua) was incarnate on your world in My most famous Life, I helped to build and spread a belief system that was meant at the time to help liberate the people and help them to find the greater connection to the Creator that I was able to find.

I was able to find equilibrium and resulting enlightenment, and the inner-voice I possessed was used to help spread the word of the Creator and of the higher dimensions.

The purpose of My religion and every belief system I and so many other (Masters) have been behind in various different incarnations, some of which aren’t as famous as others; their purposes were originally to help liberate and enlighten the people.

However, the dark souls as they’ve been termed have gained the upper-hand various times, and have taken many of our Lighted movements and distorted them into belief systems bent on control and suppression.

Much of your society as it stands in this moment is bent on suppression and control of the people, and religion as it’s established on your world has been used to enforce divisive consciousness and resulting hatred of one another.

However, there are souls stepping to the forefront of the collective consciousness via religion, politics and other influences, and helping to spread the real and genuine truths of the Creator.

More souls will step up on your world to offer the brimming truth and Light they can feel within, and every soul will begin to respond to your ascension energies and find the personal expansion that’ll see them work to enlighten those around them.

Progress of the Collective Energy Transmutation
Wes: How is the collective responding to the growing Light energies, from your perspective? Have you been working on transmuting the bulk of distorted energy prevalent in the collective consciousness? 

AMs: While we perform many different tasks on a moment-to-moment basis, we have indeed been paying our dues in working to transmute the bulk of negativity prevalent in your collective. This process has been discussed by channels endlessly of late, and for good reason.

Our efforts, as well as those of each of you in transmuting such negatively-inclined energy, are being largely increased with your recent initiation as a collective into a much purer state of consciousness, which has been brought about by various different important alignments and celestial happenings.

So very much is happening in the realms beyond your conscious understanding, and even in your own cosmic back yard much is happening that’s helping bring your sovereign Galactic future forth. 

The collective is responding more than favorably to these happenings, as your collective consciousness is being routinely washed and cleansed with the purest Light energies that can be given in every moment.

The Light energies are increasing in purity in every moment, and as such, each transmutation and cleansing is increasingly powerful and is very instrumental in transmuting what has been very stubborn and widely fed lower energy.

If you could see how many collectives and individuals in the higher dimensions and on your Earth are working diligently around the clock on consistently transmuting the bulk of negative energy being put out, it would perhaps surprise you.

We and others have previously spoken of the illusory hologram much of the collective’s lower energy is now being fed into, and this illusory reality is established for the purpose of transmutation of such energy in a manner that still allows for karma to be expressed for the individual who manifested it.

Rapid Karmic Reactions
As humanity’s collective and individual karmic contacts are coming to a close, the karmic reactions you experience in your Lives will reach you in increasingly rapid ways.

This is a large result of the cleansing of the bulk of negative energy built up in your collective consciousness, and our efforts to transmute such energy are only to increase as the Light energies descend down unto your surface more and more.

Wes: Many thanks for your discussion and for this chat, dear friends. It’s truly great to know that I can ask you any question at any time and receive such flowing responses. 

I’m going to let you speak uninterrupted for a while before wrapping this up, with Love and appreciation. 

AMs: We express Love and appreciation back to you, dearest Wesley, for allowing us and so many others to continue speaking through you.

Indeed, the most flowing and brimming of higher-dimensional impressions will continue to come through the minds and hearts of the awakening humanity, as there’s so very much for you to feel and learn still regarding the higher dimensions and your own individual and collective evolution.

Ease and grace expressed in your Lives will see you able to navigate the increasingly pure energies you’re being given, but allowing oneself to fall out of balance can see one struggling immensely. 

You’re learning and growing away from the lower emotions that have been fed for so very long and as you do, you come to find an unprecedented wholeness and happiness with your experience.
This is boosted by a deepened perception of the higher dimensions, and the ease in many souls in bringing our impressions through will be experienced by the entire collective as we’re picked up on by all.

You have so very much to learn regarding the various facets of the Light Forces assisting your planet, and the biggest revelations for humanity to absorb will be those regarding the massive cover-ups that have taken place on your world with various different aspects of your existence.

You’ll help the World
Humanity has been kept acting on a very small percentage of your intelligence and metaphysical perception and ability, and we’re here to help you each learn and refine your higher-dimensional abilities as you come to find the aforementioned wholeness and bliss with your personal experience.

So much Light awaits your absorbing of it, and so very much collective negativity is still in need of transmutation; much of it still being fed in every moment.

You Lightworkers and way-showers will help the rest of the world to open up to and understand your ascension in the deep ways so many of you have grown to, and many of you will be looked toward exponentially by a collective that’s known nothing beyond the physical surface-Life they’ve fed into.

So many aspects of your current culture have been established in an effort to keep you feeding into distorted and unaware states of consciousness, and much of your entertainment industry will be used in the time ahead to bring forth truth and peace for every soul on your world to benefit from.

This will come about because the will of the people will have been largely enacted, and your collective will have taken back your Earth and spread such peace and unity amongst all.

Deepen your Inner-Exploration
As we make our final impressions for this communication, we encourage you each to deepen your inner-exploration and to attempt yourselves to maintain connections with us if you feel close to our energies.

You have the full ability to access the higher dimensions and the impressions of every soul in these wonderful realms, and we trust in your ability to feel and radiate our impressions in every moment you feel you can.  We encourage perseverance for those of you who feel yourselves to be struggling immensely along your path, as brighter metaphysical landscapes await your perception of them and greater, uplifted emotions await your feeling of them.

Ultimately, you’re growing and learning along an experience that tests your faith and resolve to extreme heights. As you continue on and find an unprecedented strength despite the adversity you exist under, you Create the miracles you’ve been waiting to see.

Wes: Thank you to Jeshua and the Ascended Masters.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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