Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Believe In Magic!" - A Mini-Reading for This New Moon

Well, I kinda knew that it would be impossible to avoid the 'Unicorn Discussion' on my new-agey blog so here it is.  What I know about them has much to do with their extremely rarefied vibratory fields and the relationship of their horns to the awakened Third Eye/Pineal gland. And, yes, they are real in our multi-dimensional universe and they do Not like to be petted...DT the ET

Channelled By Bella Capozzi On August 6, 2013

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✥ Unicorns seem to be popping up everywhere.  I’m seeing them all the time;  when I open a magazine, turn on the computer, while I’m out shopping and now here, in this reading.  When there’s this much synchronicity over a long period of time, it always points to something bigger. I take the repetitive appearance of the Unicorns as a very obvious reminder that we have a need to bring more fantasy and magic into our lives.  With so much change and restructuring happening, both globally and within ourselves, it’s oh-so-easy to become entangled in all the drama and seriousness.  It’s incredibly easy to forget that the world is a stage and this is not our true reality.

✥ When you are presented with Unicorns, you should take it to mean that it’s time to lighten up and have a little fun. Stop taking yourself so seriously.  I’m not saying that we should ignore the events which are happening or that we should shirk our personal responsibility. But it is necessary to balance the intensity with a dash of playfulness and joy.  Step back, relax, recharge, take a break.  Unicorns are sweet and innocent, and they are also representative of the innate innocence and goodness within each of us.  Our God-given  innocence will always remain untarnished and intact, despite anything you’ve ever done or said or experienced throughout your lifetimes.  This innocence is at the core of who you are, and it’s what you’re genuinely made of.  Just think about it for a moment and it will all make perfect sense;  Creator is purity and innocence personified.  He/She is perfect and clean and cannot be corrupted.  So therefore, as an extension of Creator (the part that’s chosen to do the experiencing), does it not stand to reason that you are all of those things, too?
Unknown-1✥ Today’s card comes from the Angel Dreams deck and is, of course, the “Unicorn.”  This card not only addresses our innocence and flawlessness, but it focuses on honesty and trust as well.  It asks us to thoroughly examine our relationships and the situations within which we find ourselves.  We need to look deep within and review our intentions, our actions and the words we speak.  Are we being honest and truthful in our dealings not only with others, but with ourselves?  Are the choices we make in the best interest of all concerned, or are we just convincing ourselves that they are?  The Unicorn reminds us of the importance of conducting ourselves, always, with integrity and grace.  And we must also trust and be a source of trust.  Have faith in your intuition and have confidence that you have the natural ability to help yourself and the world around you.  Nurture your sweet, but often neglected inner child, and then watch the magic happen.  Just believe!

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