Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Archangel Michael: Breathe Light in. Breathe Love and Gratitude Out

Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head, August 4, 2013

imageYour ability to discern truth is once again being awakened within you. This is not a new thing, but something which has been intentionally kept muted and unused. Even when it began to return you were distracted at every turn.

Yet you have managed to piece together an increasingly accurate picture of the true state of your world. To this point, however, even though great amounts of information have been uncovered, most of it has reached very limited audiences.

Although your communication networks, what you call your internet, have access to much, you are yet not putting together anything like a complete picture. You are still hampered by divisions among you. You still allow the tools of ridicule and misinformation to blind you to some of the truth. And you still are unable to consider that much of the most unnerving things could possibly be true.

This is very convenient for those who are hiding behind the screen that it affords. You are continuing to grow and your awareness is punching holes in that screen now until it truly is most tattered. We hear many of you say, “Bring it on.” Each of you now, please refrain from saying that, and quietly ask yourselves, “What is it that I may be refusing to see?” We say this only to prepare you for what you will surely see shortly. And again, we assure you that, as great a shock as some of it will be to you, the freedom that will follow upon its heels will be even greater.

Look within now and find the peace which will allow you to stand steady and in loving strength as your world continues to change around you. Breathe light in. Breathe love and gratitude out. You are our brother and sister angels, our family, at work. You are deeply loved.

Good day.

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