Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The BEings From Sirius A: On The Grand Sextile Stargate Opening

Channelled By Karen Doonan On August 20, 2013

Greetings dear ones we are the BEings from Sirius A and we come to guide and to support at a time of heightening and expanding acceleration of the human life experience here upon planet earth. These expansions and accelerations are now unfolding on ALL levels of the human life experience.

Many of you may now be connecting with those around you at deepening levels and this is part of what you in your human form refer to as the ascension process. Human language has been used to contain and suppress and in the UNIVERSE OF 3 in TRUTH the need for human language becomes a choice.

Let us clarify this for you at this time beloved ones. The choice of whether or not to speak or voice words with another human or simply FEEL that other human is entirely at your discretion. Many of you may at first find this highly confusing or at times highly emotional as you align with those around you. Becoming more consciously aware of this process will see you begin to FEEL your way into balance and to fully align with TRUTH.

Energies are now increasing to facilitate what is referred to at human level as the GRAND SEXTILE STARGATE. This is the opening of the portals FULLY to New Earth and this gives full access to ALL higher dimensional timelines and spaces between spaces for you in your human form upon planet earth. Those of you on an accelerated path and who have chosen to birth into the human race in order to facilitate the opening of this stargate physically upon the planet in relevant locations will now be moved fully into place.

ALL is not as it appears to the "naked human eye", to use a very human phrase from our channel. Those who are here to birth into the NEW EARTH and to walk amongst the human race as BRIDGES will also now move fully into place in order to facilitate personal disclosure. This is a necessary part of the unfolding of this particular "mission" for those who share the universe with the human race in TRUTH will connect with and work THROUGH these bridges in their human form. This facilitates the blending of the human race with ALL and is part of the divine blueprint for human ascension.

Those who are now activating the source codes for the ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT of the human race will be contacted directly by the races/realms involved in this re-activation and we guide for ALL to become more consciously aware of the signs and symbols that are placed in the human life experience and are often filtered out. There are many 3d overlays in operation, that is to say that there are many scenarios that have been created around our emissaries in order they appear to be moving through the human life experience, It is only the energetic frequency of said 3d overlay that explains its existence.

The old 3d earth continues to dissolve and many who are what is termed "asleep" will now fall into various states of chaos. This is a direct result of the dissolving of the lower dimensional energetic patterns and this is what many have chosen to incarnate into human form to address. By living TRUTH and standing in your LIGHT beloved ones you seek to show those "asleep" how to walk out of the darkness and fully into the LIGHT.

World events will now begin to unfold that seek to dissolve the 3d earth paradigms also and this will also be met with chaos by those who are unable to connect from the heart space and FEEL TRUTH. This is part of their SOUL journey and we guide for ALL to have LOVE and compassion for ALL at this time. Note that human language has no expansion beyond this moment and many of you may be at a loss for words in all areas of your human life experience.

Connections with ALL and through ALL will now deepen and expand in order to confirm our guidance and provide further energetic support to your human form at this time. We are the BEings for Sirius A and we send out the energies of our race to ALL at this time. Many channels will now find their information deepens and expands at accelerated rates, this is also to provide support for ALL at this time. The moment to stand in the LIGHT of TRUTH and shine brightly is NOW beloved ones. ALL ARE ONE and expansion will now commence in the UNIVERSE Of 3 in TRUTH for ALL at this time.

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