Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Attunement of the Sun and How It Affects Human Behaviour

By Calista Summerfield-Berlinghof

August 4, 2013

(This information was given to us recently and I wanted to share some of the material with you)
The Collective is experiencing a crisis of imagination. Our crisis is to stay inspired in order to be creative. We are inventing ourselves as we go, in order to handle the “out of the box” experiences we are going through. The use of imagination and subsequent creative activity allows more freedom in our lives. We are not used to inventing ourselves — this leads to a crisis of imagination in order to be inspired. This crisis affects our adrenals and the autonomic nervous system — beware of “scattering”.
What we do with the sensation that we are more than we think we are? It’s difficult for our nerves to figure it out. The Mind/Body connection is essential — the belied system in the Mind needs to catch up to what the Body is doing. Dealing with grief is a major component because we are shedding beliefs that have kept us ‘safe’ for many lifetimes, and the ego is uncomfortable with the letting go of these beliefs.
The Sun is in a struggle for attunement. Our Sun was originally a double star and it is activating the binary star system. Before the last cosmic war we were in a binary system, then during the war the Sun was taken off course and some of the Galaxy fell in on itself.
The Sun is now energetically merging with its binary twin again, creating a new portal.
This portal has been offline in the Galaxy for a long time. All planetary bodies in the local Galaxy are affected when the Sun is emitting X-class Gamma ray bursts. This is facilitating the whole shift of the Solar System. It is a natural phenomenon – the stars act as navigators to enable a shift at our end of the Universe. Now there is increased activity in the Solar System in general allowing other contingent plans to come on-line.
There is now a vibrational shift into new timelines. Think of a metronome — our Solar System is like the weight of the metronome that shifts the frequency of the whole Galaxy. We have passed through the eye of the needle. We have a future being activated. We now have increased opportunity to acquire more resources which are being made available to our end of the Solar System. The human experiment is very exotic and takes place in a secluded sector of the Universe. It is a “What If?” experiment. We are now getting resources. We are getting help.
The Sun is now being corrected back to being connected with its mate — their orbit is becoming in sync again. The lineup will facilitate energy flow — the flow of Light will be unobstructed as the second Sun is being more properly aligned. Their dancing together results in a greater flow of energy from and to the rest of the Universe. This facilitates great change to the Sun’s local area and all Solar System planets are experiencing great physical growth.
All this cosmic activity is affecting the way our bodies respond to changing electromagnetic and magnetic factors. According to some reports, remote viewers have seen activities which indicate that the activity on the Sun will affect humanity in a big way this year — especially in late September. There are thoughts that indicate many millions of humans will not be able to withstand these changes and will have to abandon their physical bodies. This is one timeline of possibility. We individually choose our respective timelines. We need to make sure we choose the timelines that are tuned into OUR PERSONAL level of consciousness. We are being called to be creative, inventing ourselves as we go, just as our Sun is creating its own reality.
Now is the time to take advantage of the energies facilitated not only by our own planet but by the whole Solar System. We are at a pivotal point in the development of the human race. Let’s be adventurous and courageous in our imaginings and see the actuality of our true Being developing.”
Love and light,

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