Monday, August 5, 2013

Heavenletter #4635: "Life on Earth is made up of daily tasks of one kind or another. Imaginary time has to be filled with something "

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God said:
Sometimes you care too much, and other times you don’t care at all. Even in the same breath, sometimes the opposite occurs.

Perhaps you haven’t seen an old friend in twenty years, and then you get together, and you wonder why it mattered so to you. You are in one place, and the other person is in another. Nostalgia isn’t so wonderful, after all. Old times are not so wonderful after all.

Eagerness often is disappointed. Part of life seems to be disillusion, and you do not do well with
disillusion, and yet you live on illusion. You don’t want to push illusion away. It may be that some day your prince will come, even as you see that as unlikely. There have been a few times when you thought your prince had come, and he had not. Life did not uphold your illusion.

All you have, My beloveds, is the fulsome moment of right now, this moment, here and now. At this moment, We sit together. When We speak about what was and what is, We are current. There is something wonderful that runs between Us. It is a settling down at the same time as it is an enlivenment.

Let’s face it. It’s wonderful when We meet each other. Every time it is wonderful. Life may disappoint you, yet, when We sit knee to knee, there is no disillusionment. All We want is to sit together. At these times you are content. You are not asking for anything. You are not expecting a Golden Chariot to descend. It is enough that We look into each other’s eyes. It is all you could ever want. The baubles of the world disappoint. My Presence fills you.

Heart of My heart, soul of My soul, We sit in Oneness and sort of mull things over. We don’t have to speak a word. We are together. We are Being together. This is it, folks. United in Being, We love. It is not a Big To-Do. It is a quiet – what shall We call it? – a quiet warmth, a low-key recognition of love.

We embrace. Perhaps wordlessly, We embrace. Certainly Our blessed embrace is greater than the greatest hug in the world. At moments like this, you know it. All the physical embraces, as great as they may be, as much as they mean to you, do not reach where We are right now, this right now of Infinite Eternity.

You enter My heart right now, and you put your feet up. We are like two old folk who sit in rocking chairs on the front porch. Nothing flashy about Us. Just peace about Us. Just quiet love about Us.

Of course, it’s not really that We sit on a front porch. It is not even that We sit. We are. We are entirely intransitive. We ARE. It matters not where. There is no where. On a front porch or on the cusp of the moon, We don’t care. In the center of the sun or on a point of a star, We ARE. We ARE One. In Oneness We ARE.

There is nothing We ARE not. Everything is not a factor. Being is the factor. Of course, We factor in nothing. We ARE love, and love is everything. There is nothing but love.

Even when you get up, beloveds, and get back to Earth life, nothing has changed but your attention. We are still together. We are still One. We do not go separate ways, only your attention has gone to a daily task.

Life on Earth is made up of daily tasks of one kind or another. Imaginary time has to be filled with something.
God's new press secretary?
You cannot be thinking of Me every moment, yet you can remember Me every now and then and know where you really are and Whom you are really with and Who is really with you, never apart from you. Come visit Me anytime, and know that We are always together regardless of where you think you are and what your attention is on. We are one inseparable One. You and I hold hands, as it were, even as you think other thoughts and sometimes forget Whose hand holds yours.

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