Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 347

 Channeled By Aisha North On August 25, 2013 

As you are well aware of by now, nothing has been left to chance in this operation, and as such, the pressure you feel is nothing to be worried about. As we told you beforehand, be aware of any sort of outbursts now that the assimilation of heightened energy will be perceived as difficult for so many.
And as they seem to be unable to take it all in as they say, the pressure valves will burst and the steam will find its way out in one way or the other, hence the sudden eruptions spewing forth from so many now.

And what spews forth is not the light, rather, it is what the light in itself is pushing out of them. For when the light comes in, nothing can stand in its way, and as such, a whole lot of cleaning is indeed going on on all levels. Both on the internal and personal one, and indeed collectively and throughout the different dimensions that composes this whole energetic matrix that you are all an intrinsic part of.

So know that you are merely seeing and sensing the overload that some are experiencing due to the large amount of light that is literally pouring into their system and causing an evacuation of everything that cannot occupy the same space as this light. For it is indeed this light that sets the tone as it were, for there is nothing that is not of the same vibration that can be in the vicinity of this new and extremely powerful lightforce that is pouring into you all.

So expect some outbursts to occur, both smaller ones, but also some major ones that will literally blow the lid of so much that has seemed to be under lock and key forever. So do not stand in the way of these eruptions, lest they take you with them and shake you up too much as they exit out. For remember, whatever comes out from hiding now can never go back in, and as such, you can all wave it goodbye. For this time, and exit is simply that, a one way ticket OUT and with no option for revoking it. In other words, what is leaving now, is doing so for good and will never be able to return to taint these pristine waters ever again.

So stay centered, and know that all is well, but also stay alert for any signals of eruptions coming your way. Better to duck and take cover than to face any blasts face on, for they have nothing to do with you and your journey, but everything to do with what has been but can no longer linger. But you are here to stay dear ones, and you are here to prosper and grow as so much of this old goo is being jettisoned out into the ethers to be reused for much better purposes.

As we have told you before, all of this negative energy will not simply be taken out and locked away somewhere. No, it will be used as an active ingredient, and a very positive one indeed, for the evolution of your species. For anything that is old and seemingly dead because of its low and too dense vibration can and will be recycled as a building material for the light. It may sound odd, but in Creation, nothing is considered as waste, and everything lasts forever – albeit in an altered state.

So once again we say breathe, and know that even if there might be some foul breaths wafting your way, they cannot harm you. In fact, they will only serve to help and aid you in all sort of ways you will have a hard time understanding at the moment. So behold as the light makes even the densest of materials light enough to become a part of this brand new world we are all building up together.

But also remember, the denser materials in their current state is of no help to anyone, least of all to those that still cling to it like a liferaft on these high seas. They will find themselves sinking quickly as their buoy turns to a dead weight and pulls them under, as the light will make any form of trickery and illusion impossible to uphold.

So stay in your center, and know that you have what it takes to keep floating forever in that tranquil sea of light you have already made possible just by your very presence. For that, we cannot thank you enough, but for now, we will just say fare thee well for now, and know that you are being born aloft by a power so strong, nothing will be able to drag you under ever again.

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