Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why You See Galaxies

Galactic Nerd-Alert! How we see the Universe from inside the Old 3RD Matrix; heady stuff my fellow Pilgrims...DT the ET

Channelled By Brian, the Dragon On August 21, 2013

This is the dragon. All of you have questions about the universe. It seems a lot more complex than what you can see with your eyes. Perhaps some of you have pondered why there are specific orders to things you see in your 3d world, such as solar systems, and galaxies, and then there seems to be orders of things larger than galaxies such as galaxy clusters, and galaxy superclusters, but that they don't have any defined and compact form like galaxies and solar systems seem to have.

There is an energy reason for this, and it can highlight some aspects of what it means to be you. There seems to you to be a vast empty space between galaxies. As if there's almost "no thing" between galaxies. What if we told you there is a lot there you cannot see? What if we tell you scientists are seeing formless aspects of consciousness and scratching their heads because they are indoctrinated in 3d? What if we told you that which you do not see is not unimportant, and is in fact the most profound? What if we told you it has huge implications for you, and even to your current life? This is all very profound, and even touches slightly on how what you call spirits, or angels, or ETs interact with your world.

Now, we're going to have to simplify things a little bit, because up to now we haven't said that there's a lot "between" galaxies, a lot more than that which scientists consider the "mass" of the entire universe, because it'd be inaccurate in a sense. We're going to explain why that is, then we're going to explain how you can approximate it as being between galaxies to keep the conversation going.

Your science has already detected virtual particles, dark energy and dark matter. They have then told you that matter like your bodies are made of, and that you can see with your eyes, are just a small fraction of the universe. They don't know much more about dark matter other than that other than dark matter interacts with itself and not with things you can see, and that dark matter seems to be the "glue" that holds everything together through gravity. This is profound from a physical perspective, but not as profound as dark energy. Your science knows even less about dark energy. They seemed to link it to the expansion of the physical universe, which is somewhat accurate, but indirectly, since that isn't a fundamental function of dark energy. They have also linked it to virtual particles, which is more telling.

Now, to explain how this applies to the space between galaxies, let's first say that scientists consider dark energy as a large amount of the universe, upwards of 60-70%. What if we said they are barely seeing the tip of the iceberg? That is because they are only seeing the cumulative effects of virtual particles across all of space. And quite obviously, since it's more or less homogenous, there's a lot more matter between galaxies. So there's a lot more "stuff" between galaxies than in them.

What are these virtual particles? Why are they usually invisible? Where do they come from? This is where a spiritual energy understanding comes into play. To science, virtual particles are particles that momentarily pop into existence, and then in less than milliseconds usually they self-annihilate. If a fluke happens and this happens in an unbalanced way, you suddenly have a lot more regular matter, maybe eventually a galaxy forms.

However, this doesn't happen randomly, it is a choice. So again, what are these mysterious virtual particles? Now, why we are saying before that this is slightly inaccurate is because aside from these virtual particles of dark energy which are momentarily in your physical environment between galaxies, the source of these fluctuations are not physical at all, they have no form. They therefore have no location, only a mapping to the physical. It is that mapping to the physical that allows you to say that this "formless" energy is between galaxies because even formless energy and consciousness has a very loose order to it, up to a point, just of a type which doesn't easily make sense to you. This is very profound. We're going to get into that.

First, we have some questions for you. What if we told you that some of you are able to see virtual particles and dark energy with your 3rd eye, right in front of you? Does that start to spark your memory of what they are? What if we told you that sometimes it can take forms and you sometimes call it spirits, some of you call it angels, some of you call it ETs? What if we told you the energy that decides the configuration of dark energy and virtual particles is consciousness, and that it is more vast than any understanding of the universe? Now is the profundity starting to make sense?

So as some of you may intuitively know, formless consciousness pervades all-that-is, including your universe. As you may have guessed, you can't locate it. However, this formless consciousness sometimes "thinks" of physical things. When it does in a very dense way, you get things like galaxies and star systems, and even dark matter is a dense form of consciousness, just less dense than what your bodies are made of. When it does in a very light way, you get dark energy and virtual particles.

For those who are clairvoyant, which will eventually be 99% of humans on the planet (there is always free choice so we won't say 100%), you see this beautiful mechanism unfolding in front of your eyes, your 3rd eye you call it, which is really just an evolution of your physical senses. Some of you can see the field of dark energy from the formless consciousness like a soup of waves in front of your eyes, like an ocean of energy. You can sometimes hear its rhythm. You are seeing virtual particles and dark energy right in front of your eyes! Your science has not figured out what it is, cannot detect it with billion dollar equipment yet - though it will. Yet you can see it!

If you look at this soup long enough, sometimes you see a form momentarily appear. Sometimes, if there is a connection between your consciousness and a formless consciousness, then a form may manifest for longer than momentarily and you see this thing you call an angel or spirit or ET. Out of curiosity and love, part of the formless consciousness, that which had a connection with you, which had a familiarity to you in some way, just reached out and touched you. It even went so far as to temporarily manifest a body to do so. To say hi. It knew you could see it. And it loves you. This is god. And this is why this dark energy is a less dense form of consciousness, because this form of consciousness either never forms a body, or it only does so momentarily.

So, you can see why there seems to be all this space between solar systems, and between galaxies, and even on a micro scale between your elementary particles. The universe is huge! Yet most of it seems empty to you. It's because you can't see it, not because it's not there. You are tuned to see form.

Does it show you why "empty space" seems so vast? It's a clue. Perhaps you're just not seeing what's there. Most of your universe and all-that-is, is formless, but the amount of consciousness out there is staggering. So there's a mapping of the things you see as galaxies, and things you see as solar systems. They are bubbles of dense energy. And the solar system is a bubble inside the very center of the galaxy. You see everything as outside, but it is really inside. 

What is amazing, is within this illusion, you still have evolved to the point that you can see the formless that pervades all of this, and your science is starting to peer through the illusion. For, that wasn't always the case. It takes a certain level of consciousness to be aware of it, even if your scientists don't understand what it is seeing yet.

Galaxy clusters and filaments - something your scientists are just discovering - seem to be more irregular. It's because at this scale, the formless attributes of consciousness dominate. Each singularity, represents a connection to the next level of consciousness, but it's still all inside, not outside as you see it. All the way until the edge of what you call the universe, which is not the end of consciousness, just the end of consciousness that has a pattern you can make any kind of sense of. We intuitively know that your science will somehow overcome even this barrier of patterned consciousness to reach an understanding of god, but we have yet to see how you will do it and that will be up to you.

Rogue stars and intergalactice planets - those traveling between galaxies - will suddenly make more sense. Can you figure out what they are to the higher vibrational beings including your soul? See from a higher perspective, it may make more sense. Perhaps it was no accident that a star or planet seems to have wandered out of a galaxy? They see the energy, and you see the energy and where you are seeing a rogue star, they are seeing... What? We'll leave it as an exercise to you to figure out.

So anyway, when your scientists first are able to directly measure dark energy, they will not realize its formless consciousness. They will prod and poke this dark energy, which is fine since they can't really hurt it, and will come to the conclusion after a lot of head scratching that it has a peculiar property of showing signs of being conscious. It won't arrive at this easily, and it will cause a shake-up because it just breaks the very paradigm of what they expect. However, you cannot be both evolving and project a sense of non-consciousness on the most conscious part of the universe. Then the free will of conscious form starts to come to play, and because you are evolving, you can't form a bubble to ignore the very consciousness of it all. So science will have to arrive at this fact and actually observe and measure spirit for the first time.

This will be the flashpoint, the singularity of unity between science, philosophy and spirituality. They will still follow different approaches, but their foundation will rest upon the same underlying knowledge. You will be able to build psychic and spiritual devices. And the new renaissance will be upon you.

That is why this is so profound. And it's not too far off. On that day, is the day of your graduation as a race of beings and like any graduate you'll have much ahead of you, but you'll have closed a book on a chapter of it. A full cycle of learning completed. And we'll be shouting congratulations! You won't help but be able to hear the joy of all those watching you.

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