Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Come Alive - Stand Up and Cheer for You!

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman On August 6, 2013 

Dear Ones,
This is a time of manifesting. Perhaps you are tired of reading that you are to manifest – you have had your hopes dashed so many times. You have hoped for the stars only to settle for a little dust. All the while hoping you were a slow learner and others were manifesting easily so that you could do the same some hazy time in the future.

You feel as if you have been cheated and lied to. You are exhausted hoping for something that never comes. Yet, despite all, you have not given up on the possibility, the hope of a new earth that relates to you.

Your time has come. We will not relay what you will manifest for you have a unique path with unique needs. But you shifted in the past few days, as have all on earth. You declared your freedom to be in whatever form from buying a dress to telling others how you feel.

But of course, you do not need to tell others of your feelings if you do not wish for this is an internal transition. All you need to do is claim those pieces of yourself in your current life that you have given away.

Perhaps you are afraid that if you tell your daughter you do not have the energy or interest in caring for your grandchild, she will no longer love you. Yet, you had the courage to say – or think, “I can’t. I’m exhausted. You need to find someone else.” Or perhaps you are uncomfortable in your home because it was not designed to fit your needs. You accepted that because it was right for someone else whether a design guru or your roommate. Finally, you acknowledged to yourself that you need some home changes for you.

Your thoughts and actions in the past few days have been about self-worth and self-love. For eons, you have been inundated with thoughts, actions and beliefs that make you small. So many areas of your life scream at you, “Look at me. Is this the life of a God/Goddess?”

Did that last statement make you cringe? Perhaps you have not yet placed the discomforts thwarting your growth in words or thoughts. Perhaps you believe that such discomforts are part of your New Age lessons, “I created and deserve this and someday I will discover the reason.” You are practicing ongoing apathy and acceptance – embracing a life of small discomforts that distract you from your internal growth. You cannot focus on love and joy if your relationships are painful or your lifestyle limited.

Maybe you fear we are again building up your hopes and if you do not manifest what you dream of you will be pulled into a deep despair. That we are setting you up for failure. Does that thought not help you understand how you are limiting your life? You expect to fail. And you do so by accepting small and large discomforts – and label those discomforts New Age lessons.

The lessons are over. They are no more. And to continue to use those thoughts is to remain in 3D.

Perhaps you believe we are chiding you for something that is not your fault. That you are not responsible for the actions of others, the economy or the number of paying clients you have. But are you not balancing those thoughts with the phrase “You create your reality”?

Indeed you do create your reality. Every nuance, every thought, every deed. You are powerful creators. You have just not yet accepted that role in totality.

You wish for us to tell you that you will create ten million dollars next week. Maybe you will. But then, listen to the words and sensations in your body when you even think of ten million dollars. Most likely, it feels as if it is impossible or a joke. Neither of which is true. That is why in the past few days, your inner-being directed you to better understand the pieces of your being that create your feelings of worthlessness.

Many of you believe that rearranging your kitchen drawers is not a life changing event. We beg to differ. If you love to cook and your kitchen is arranged for others, you are thwarting your joy. And so it is for every piece of your being that cried out to be heard these past few days. Large or small – those cries are the beginning of claiming your self-worth.

You have gloried in the thought that you are an advance Lightworker. That title holds a future magnificence. It was not about now, but some future date. Even if you are channeling or providing others with new earth information/skills, you are doing so for the glorious future. That someday all will live in love and joy. That you are part of a grand movement that will materialize someday soon.

What you have now is all that will materialize if you do not accept your self-worth – at whatever level and in whatever fashion. But then, most of you addressed such issues in the past few days.

Now it is time to manifest. You are not selfish. You are not mean. You are a magnificent god/goddess NOW.

Start manifesting at whatever level is comfortable. Stop waiting for future glories, others to catch up or to continue a care taker/victim role.

Come alive. Be yourself. Stand up and cheer for YOU. And then do it again and again and again. You will create the future you have dreamed of. But if you wait to live that future until the future arrives, it will never happen.

Start manifesting knowing that you can – and that it is your role to do so NOW. Not tomorrow or next year, but now. How? Value yourself as much as you do others.

Create big. Create anything and everything from allowing yourself to walk in the woods to finding a new community to expecting reimbursements for your efforts.

You are not a cog in the wheel. You are the wheel. Accept that and you create your new earth. Accept whatever keeps you small and the New Age/new earth will never arrive for you. So be it. Amen.

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