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The Four Agreements And The Puppet Nation

The term 'puppet nation' initially turned me off to this post because of it's negative inference, until I started looking for a kinder substitute.  'Sleepwalkers'' and the Matrix-moniker 'Coppertops' were the best I could come up with so, I got over myself and here is a very germane posting from Peter.   DT the ET

By Peter Phalam On August 10, 2013

The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz offers ideas that help us in our journey toward mastery consciousness. To better understand the path to mastery, it’s helpful to look at why some have difficulty accessing master consciousness. One of the greatest challenges can be attributed to what I call the “puppet nation.”

The concept of free will has many secular differences on earth. Earth is a huge melting pot of both extra terrestrial star seeds and indigenous star seeds. Older souls have observed the presence of a hierarchy known as the ‘Christ Consciousness’ ideology. They understand that their consciousness is aided by Archangels such as Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, and chohans such as St Germaine, Serapis Bey and Hilarion. It is further aided by ascended masters such as Sananda who the patrons of history know as Jesus. There are masters such a the Buddha, Krishna, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Sunat Kumara, Kuthumi and Metatron. Those who follow this intergalactic hierarchy enjoy the highest percentage of free will.

However, this grouping of older souls makes up only about 10 percent of earth’s population. There are many other extra terrestrial souls who follow ancient hierarchies and make up another 5 percent of earth’s population. We are seeing the appearance of both Indigo Tribes and Crystal Tribes who also follow a specific hierarchy of subconscious influence but again they only make up another 5 percent of earth’s population. Almost 80 percent of souls on Earth are indigenous star seeds from star systems within the Milky Way galaxy. The vast majority of these soul groups work with a specific hierarchy that has a strong influence on the subconscious mind. In the home worlds of many soul groups, free will does not exist. In these soul groups, both physical and mental activity is closely guarded. In a free-will zone such as earth, most of these soul groups gravitate into fixed ideologies and patterns of lifestyle.

Any time an individual is controlled by doctrines and mandates defined by a given belief system they become part of the “puppet nation.” From the most liberal religions to the most radicalized, the full extent of mind control and the limitations imposed on free will is being exposed. The ferocious debate over abortion in our world stems from the puppet nation trying to expand its control over those who have chosen complete free will. The suppression of women’s rights in some sects is an excellent example of how many individual hierarchies impose puppet strings.

The discussion over gay rights has become a powerful flashpoint for the puppet nation, and one that holds the greatest potential to help release the imprisoned will of thousands of soul groups as freedom of sexual preference is more widely embraced. Even the new Pope has chosen not to judge sexual preference, opening the door to increased liberation within fixed belief systems.

We now shift to the four agreements and how we can best understand them in terms of the mass array of puppet soul groups. The stronger the subconscious control of a given hierarchy, the more opinionated the reasoning within their reality. Our objections to these stances and many of the ignorant backdrops in our society are bringing focus on this controlled subconscious mindset.

The first agreement is to be impeccable with your thoughts and words. In Biblical text, Jesus said to forgive his prosecutors for they know not what they do. What he was referring to was their inability to think outside of their puppet subconscious mind. We know that ignorance is not an excuse for the activity of a given soul but please look at it as though an individual is hypnotized by the constant
bombardment of mind control. Many controlling hierarchies have established incarnate members to reinforce a flow of mental control. In my area, Rush Limbaugh has a particular influence on millions of minions as well as a plethora of ministers and preachers within conservative groups.

We need to be especially aware during our most vulnerable times, when we are fatigued from our life experience and tend to be judgmental. The impeccable nature of our words becomes suspect during such times and we release pent-up emotion through irreverent statements. We tend to think we understand right from wrong on a more elevated basis and need to express those reasons. Master consciousness removes right and wrong from awareness and tries to examine only how the individual is being controlled.

The second agreement deals with a similar attitude in that we should never be offended by the words and actions of others within our reality. The ego of a puppet mind will always seek to validate its righteousness. They are therefore drawn to attack the most liberal minds and execute their will in a manner that will steal as much energy from you as possible.

We are very spiritual beings having a human experience and our human side is destined to vulnerable periods in our learning process. Perhaps the third agreement will help us eliminate our fragile periods. This agreement asks us to refrain from making assumptions about other souls. The last aspect that comes into our awareness as we approach master consciousness is the ability to understand the extent of control being imposed upon another soul. Consider how many strings are attached to a given perception and how their individual human experience has shaped them. There are over six billion souls on earth, over 100,000 soul groups, thousands of religions, and especially a wide variety of incarnate experiences. What we see in the puppet nation are highly-controlled incarnation cycles.

What we observe in older souls is a very diverse incarnation cycle that not only has many more lifetimes but also existing in a wide variety of cultures. Puppet groups by contrast may have seen two continents, a dozen countries and states and may have mainly existed within the same family groups for extended periods of time.

Not making assumptions towards this amazing diversity of soul groups is just a matter of logic. Even the more intelligent souls who have achieved great manifestation are in the puppet group. Within capitalism, they become slaves through a puppet emphasis. They have large houses and estates, nice cars, clothes and eclectic environments. Older souls with great wealth are purely philanthropic and address global problems. Many millionaires within the puppet groups are directed to keep the wealth in the family and serve the self. Keep in mind it is of no benefit to make assumptions about those in the puppet nation. It’s a waste of energy. Hold in awareness that the majority of what is going on is for the younger souls. Just be a passive observer in your life and remain aware that the play or movie you are watching is an illusion.

The final agreement is to always do your best. As long as you are living under the assumption that what you believe is absolute truth you have little chance of advancing. The advantage of older souls, besides a diversity of incarnation patterns and many more lifetimes, is that our belief systems are consistently in transit. We create new beliefs and understandings every year and adjust our attitudes constantly. This fluidity allows us to step past all that would enslave our consciousness. When we live free of fear and guilt, we are truly able to do our best. Namaste Peter

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