Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Honing Your Thoughts

God said:
There are habits in the world. There are habits of thinking, customary thoughts you carry around and adhere to. Of course, now you are on your way to thinking new thoughts rather than old.

I suppose you can carry around with you two opposing thoughts at the same time. Perhaps. Well, not at the exact same moment could opposing thoughts be thought of. What for? When you have one thought that is better for you to think than another thought, why carry the other thought around with you at all? You become like a man who has chosen a second wife, yet spends so much time with the old one that the new wife is out-shadowed. There must be a better metaphor. In any case, better for you to have your thinking straight, clear, going in one direction rather than in two or more that might cancel out the direction you really and truly want to go in.

An old thought is the thought, the awareness, the proclivity to think that you are in need. Sense of need is a disavowal of your connection to Me. Thought of need conjures up despair and a millennium of scenes you don’t want. Sense of need, fear, worry etc. almost insure that you will have needs. “Oh, God, I am in such need. I need, need, need.”

Don’t misunderstand Me. When you do not presently have food to eat, you do not presently have food to eat. We come again to human reality as opposed to Truth. Here’s the conundrum, here are the opposing factors: Hunger as opposed to God provides.

You could be up in arms. You might say: “Yeah, well, God, where is that Prince Charming You didn’t provide? Where is the job for me that You didn’t provide? Where is that love you didn’t provide?”

I do not give hand-outs. That’s not My job. I am not a genie in a lamp that you rub and where I must appear and satisfy your worldly wishes. I can substantiate the means for you to achieve your desires on the worldly plane. I am telling you right now.

You achieve by turning off certain modes of thinking and switching on others. Your thoughts matter. Your thoughts have a direct impact on your life. Your thoughts. I am not speaking of your asking Me. I am speaking of your culturing your thoughts. I am not speaking of wishing. I am speaking of a better way.

Grasp that what you think has an influence. Complaint breeds complaints. Neediness breeds neediness. Awareness breeds awareness. Fulfillment breeds fulfillment.

Immediately? Probably not.

Consider that what I tell you is how to build a house. You build it one brick at a time. Enough bricks, and you have a house.

What you don’t know, you don’t know. That’s why I’m telling you. Affix blame not to yourself. Affix blame not to Me. Affix blame not to any other, no matter how realistic that may seem. All that is beside the point.

If you are in an old mode, you want to get out of it. It’s that simple. I am telling you how to get out of out-moded thinking. You don’t wear out-moded clothing any longer. Why keep old-fashioned thoughts?

If you have clothes in your closet or attic or basement that no longer fit you, toss them out. Do the same with thoughts that no longer fit you.

Trust in Me. Provide for yourself. No longer think of yourself as needing. Think of yourself as having. Think for yourself, beloveds, as well. Think of goodness, and goodness will come to your door.

Now, get this. You do not have to know the means whereby goodness comes to you.

This does not mean that you do nothing on the surface. It does mean that you hone your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful.

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