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Angelic Guides: The Basic Principles Of How To Romove A Belief

Channelled by Taryn Crimi On May 8, 2013

Today we would like to focus on the topic of removing limiting beliefs. This question comes up quite often and it is our intention to share our perspective on how one may go about releasing a limiting belief that they no longer wish to hold. We touched upon this topic in our previous message
“All conscious and subconscious beliefs of the parents are transferred to their children upon incarnation." However today we would like to delve a bit deeper into this process. We are going to begin with a basic explanation in this message and we will elaborate in subsequent messages. Now with that said, let us begin.

As we touched upon in our previous message, as a newborn all of your beliefs are held within your subconscious mind, there are no conscious beliefs yet. The beliefs held by any newly incarnated soul in your reality are carefully chosen prior to the incarnation. Now we discussed a bit about how all of the subconscious and conscious beliefs of the parents are transferred to the child upon incarnation, however that does not mean that the parent’s beliefs are the only beliefs that the child has. It just means that all of the parent’s beliefs are transferred to the child. Subconscious beliefs of any soul come from various “past” lives, as well as ancestral beliefs held within the genetic line of the child.

Once a child begins to grow a little older they are then able to start forming their own conscious beliefs. Remember that your thoughts and beliefs will always determine how you perceive your reality. What you believe you will perceive.

It is our intention to explain the basic principles of how one can remove a belief; we will go into more detail at a later time once those of you who are drawn to this message have had a chance to assimilate this information if they so choose.

In order to remove any belief you must first become aware or conscious of the belief. As we often say, you cannot change what you do not know. Once you are conscious of a belief you can examine the belief and determine if it is something you would like to continue to believe or if you would like to release or remove the belief.

You may want to evaluate the belief by determining what experiences this belief will create. Is it something that you would like to continue to experience? Or does the belief create fear, sadness, anger, separation, or anxiety? Making a list of your beliefs of any particular topic can be quite helpful in this process. We suggest that you write down your current beliefs about a particular topic which you are interested in reviewing your current beliefs such as abundance, health, love, relationships just to name a few.

Now the conscious beliefs are not difficult to detect because they are of course conscious. In other words you are well aware of the beliefs you hold that are conscious. At any time you can review your conscious beliefs and determine if they are in fact what you would like to continue believing and in turn experiencing.

However the subconscious beliefs are a bit more difficult to review, being that they are not in your conscious awareness. They do however still actively create your reality, so although you may not be aware of all of your beliefs, you will continue to see them in physical form as they will always create the reality you experience. As many of you are accessing new levels of consciousness you are being met with many new concepts that are shattering your previous belief systems about the reality you exist within.

So now let us now touch upon the topic of how one can become conscious of a subconscious belief. Remember that all beliefs regardless of whether they are conscious beliefs or subconscious beliefs create your reality. You can look at your experiences in this now moment; all of your creations that surround you at this moment are a direct reflection of all of your beliefs. This is how your subconscious beliefs are revealed to you.

Your thoughts and beliefs can never be kept a secret. They will manifest in physical form for all to see. How you perceive your reality, how you feel in certain situations, how you choose to react to an experience is directly related to your beliefs. Two opposing belief systems will perceive a situation very differently even though they are experiencing a similar situation. The veil between your subconscious mind and conscious thoughts is thinning. There will come a time when you will no longer experience a “division” between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.

As you find yourself in a given situation, it is an opportunity to take a look at what you have attracted and created for yourself. Is this something you would like to continue to experience or would you like to change your experience to meet your desired outcome? You will continue to manifest similar and often times more dramatic experiences until you become aware of what belief is responsible for creating that experience. Once you uncover yet another subconscious belief you are then free to evaluate the belief to determine if it is a belief you would like to keep or release.

Once you have pin pointed a belief that you would like to remove, you must first determine what belief you would like to replace the old belief with. There cannot be “no” belief at all. If you have used our suggestion of writing out your conscious beliefs pertaining to a particular topic, you can now write out the new belief you would like to replace the old belief with. In order to release a belief not only must you be ready and willing to do so, but you must truly believe the belief you are replacing it with. This is so very important. It is not going to do you any good to say to yourself that you simply do not believe “this” anymore.

You may wonder how you will be able to remove a deep-seated belief with one that is in resonance with your desires. Our suggestion is to intend to see evidence in your daily life that will validate your new intended belief. What you focus on will expand. Humans often need proof; they need something tangible in order to change their beliefs. However, all of you have changed your beliefs about something in your lifetime before.

Expecting to find situations that will validate your new belief which you would like to replace your limiting belief with will be most helpful. It is our suggestion that you work with replacing just one belief at a time. Your intentions and expectations direct your reality. Intend to remove a particular limiting belief and expect to see the change that you desire. You must change what you expect to experience if you want to experience something different.

As we said before humans often need “proof” in order to change an ingrained belief. Proof however is relative. What one considers to be proof may not be substantial enough for another. All that matters is what you find to be validating of the new belief you would like to incorporate. We would like to use a very simple example so that we can demonstrate our explanation. Let’s say that you have the belief that all dogs are vicious. You may have this belief from a traumatic experience as a child or it may be one that you have been taught. The origin of the belief does not matter. The belief that all dogs are vicious will undoubtedly draw to you encounters with vicious dogs because that is what you expect. Even if a dog is not being aggressive your perception of their behavior will be directed by your belief.

Your beliefs are always validated by the reality which you attract. The reason being, it is your “truth” which is supported by your belief system. Now let’s say that you consciously are aware of this belief about dogs; yet you would very much like to release this belief and replace it with the belief that dogs are inherently friendly. This is a very different belief than your previous belief system supported.

 So how do you go about replacing it? With your intention to change your belief. What you focus on will always be drawn to you. As you shift your focus from “all dogs being vicious” to “all dogs are inherently friendly” you will focus your attention on looking for dogs that are friendly. Your demeanor and energy will shift when you are around dogs. This shift will of course draw to you experiences of friendly dogs. Once you are met with many dogs that are indeed friendly towards you, you will have the validation and proof that you require to allow you to change your “belief”.

Now there may very well be a middle ground that is more believable to you that says “not all dogs are vicious” before you are able to fully remove the fear that has been ingrained in you. As you shifted your expectations of what dogs were like, you were met with very different experiences. This serves to further solidify your new belief system. As your focus shifts, so to will your expectations. What you expect is what you will manifest.

Please take note that we are explaining this process in very simple terms, however the beliefs that many of you carry are not as cut and dry as the example that we have just given. There are many “sub-beliefs” that are intricately connected to the main belief that would also need to be removed. As you have time to integrate this process, we can then expand upon the process in subsequent messages.

Although we would say that it is possible to release a limiting belief instantaneously, you must have the belief that will support this instantaneous transformation. Most do not have this belief at this time, and therefore it is more likely that you will experience time before your belief is changed. However we will say that the releasing of a belief will be as fast or as slow as you allow. Certainly you can ask for our assistance and we will gladly help in any way that we can, however know that no one can remove a limiting belief for you; this can only be done by you.

As one learns how to remove the belief, you leave the exact “recipe” for all others to access the directions from the Akashic records. Those of you learning first how to remove limiting beliefs are paving the way for all others. It is most difficult for those of you who have willingly offered to light the way for all the rest. The majority of humans can only access the Akashic Records subconsciously as of now; however this information is beneficial to you none the less. As you continue to grow and evolve you will unquestionably learn to access this information consciously.

Now that you are once again aware that you create your reality with your beliefs and expectations you become much more capable of consciously directing the experiences of your reality. It is a learning process. You are each learning at your own pace. You are flexing “muscles” that have not been used in this lifetime. This is why so very many souls were so anxious to incarnate at this very time, a time of dramatic and explosive changes!

Because you are at a very delicate time in your awakening in that you are now conscious of your role as a creator being, however very many still remain unaware of the inner knowing’s of the subconscious. How very interesting we find your evolution to be. It astounds us as we watch you regain your memory, gifts and abilities that many have taken for granted in the higher dimensions.

We remain faithfully by your side in gratitude for your service in this very unique opportunity to teach the universe how one can submerge themselves in very dense vibrations and rise up into the higher dimensions from which you came.

We hope that this message has in some way served you.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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