Friday, May 3, 2013

Archangel Michael via Ron Head: The Result Is Becoming Unmistakable

Channelled By Ron Head -May 2, 2013

imageOur message today begins with our congratulations to the channel on his safe and successful move to his new home. We know that he is aware of all the help we were able to provide in that endeavor, and we are gratified that he accepted that help with open heart and mind. Much will be accomplished now.

Our main topic for this message will be, in fact, the help that we can provide now when one discovers and moves onto the path toward fulfilling his or her life contracts. We wish that a new word could be used for that, as it implies things in your current usage that do not apply, however the word will do for now.

These contracts do not have penalty clauses. There is only the promise of fulfillment when they are completed. And let us state now that they are subject to being changed or “upgraded” as your lives progress and your external and internal situations change. The councils, as they have been called, in which these contracts are agreed upon are always, always in session, and you visit them regularly, if you but knew it.

Very soon, as measured in our consciousness, you will become much more aware of these things, and your feelings of having things thrust upon you by fate will dissipate accordingly. Nothing, of course, is, or has ever been, thrust upon you. You are and have always been a free and divine entity.

Your circumstances have, at all times been in agreement with your choices, but your choices and the memories of your reasoning have been hidden from yourselves, by yourselves, in order to learn lessons that you felt you needed. You will be ecstatic when you discover what you have accomplished by this, and you have not much longer to wait before the ‘awakening’, as you call it, reaches further and further into earthly consciousness.

You are all lifting each other day by day now, and the result is becoming unmistakable. Continue.

Continue. Continue. We shall also continue our loving support in all ways possible.

We end now, for the moment. Good day, dear friends.

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