Monday, May 6, 2013

Gaia Portal: Gaia Movements and Cosmic Energetic Upgrades (A Double-Dip)

Channelled By Eire Port On May 5, 2013

Gaia movements, initiated by Gaia, have aligned portals required for Cosmic energetic upgrades.

These movements are beyond physical and will not be sensed as such.

Inner Gaia movements are purely energetic, and also occur in conjunction with the intended Cosmic energetic upgrades.Unfinished “karmic” emotional business will resolve as these energetic upgrades occur.


Channelled By Eire Port On May 6, 2013

The intensity of all energies, solar, galactic, cosmic, on all Higher D levels is increasing, and will soon maximize.

The purpose of this “maximization” is to first, burn off all lower dross that has infected Gaia for millenia, and second, to peak the energetics of each individual Hue-man upon Gaia at this time.

This is to be followed by a lessening (rather, a stabilization) of the intensities to allow for integration.No further intense energy increases are anticipated for the following week/next several days.

Many have felt strong emotional responses to these current energetic patterns, and are intuitively sensing that it is for the benefit of all, and that it is a phase through which all humanity, and Hue-manity, must pass.

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