Sunday, July 21, 2013

AA Michael: You Are More Connected Than You Yet Understand

Channelled by Ron Head On July 21, 2013

Michael~ Today we bring you a message of hope and encouragement.  The changes you are waiting for are emerging on all fronts.  However, we hasten to point out, as we always do, that this is, merely the natural outcome of what is happening within yourselves.

Speaking to each of you who earnestly search, day after day, for any small tidbits of news that might encourage you and bring hope, we trust that you are finding many more of such now than ever before.  This is due to the advances made in your own understanding and awareness, to the steadily increasing numbers of you who are awakening, and to the deeper and deeper immersion of your world in the purest of unconditional love that is the field of energy most prevalent in the cosmic environment through which you are traveling now.  Picture it as a day at the spa and soak it up, my friends.  You have spent too long in lesser vibration and you deserve the renewal.

You are, in your northern hemisphere, in the very height of your season of growth, and in the southern, in the midst of your season of rest.  Not long need you await the burst of renewal and harvesting that approaches.  We know that you feel in your very core the excitement even though you cannot quite perceive what the causes are.  This is because you can feel and do know what has shifted in your collective consciousness.  You are more connected than you yet understand.  That however is also changing.

Prepare yourselves for a future of joy, of happiness, and of the abundance of which you have received repeated promises.  And do not ask if you are there yet.  Instead, if you truly wish to increase your abundance, try giving thanks for each blessing you can see or feel in your own lives.  You will find that such an attitude will act as showers on flowers.  May your gardens be bright and plentiful.

Continue to be strong, be at peace in your hearts, and be loving.  We will be with you in your every step.  Feel us in your hearts and we will speak with you again soon.  Good day.

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