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Suzanne Lie: Learning Patience

Posted By Suzanne Lie  July 6, 2013
Today, I found something that I wrote a while ago (October 2010):

I had a dream this week in which I was ascending. At about 3:00 am I woke up suddenly and heard in my head, “I just had a dream of Ascension.” However, I could not remember how it felt. Of course, I then had to go to the bathroom. When I came back to bed, I tried to remember the feeling again, but I was distracted because my body was so hot. I was not a hot night, and the heat came from inside, not outside, of me.

I lay in bed for a while feeling the intense heat inside of me. Eventually, I fell back asleep. In the morning, I remembered the experience, but I still could not remember how the dream felt.

Fortunately, I had an acupuncture appointment that day and determined to remember the feeling of my dream then.

When I was on the acupuncture table, it took a while to return to the dream, but gradually I began to see myself in what looked like a cloud. I was in an upright position with my hands pointing down, and I was slowly rising upwards. However, after just a short moment, I felt a tugging sensation on me feet, which stopped my upward motions.

I realized that there was something that I had to release. I didn’t know what that was, nor was that important. All that was important was that I had to release it so that I could continue my Ascension. Therefore, I took a long breath and told myself, “Let go!” Instantly, I returned to my slow, but steady Ascension upwards.

However, it was not long before I felt the tugging again. This time I knew what to do. I took a long breath and said, “Let go!” Again and again, I had to let go, never even knowing what I was letting go of. I only knew that Ascension was most important, and I had to continue.

Eventually, I began to rise faster, and the tugging greatly diminished. It was then that I saw something far above. Controlling my excitement, I patiently (and I don’t do patience well) continue to float in an upward fashion towards the unknown. Thoughts drifted through my mind, but I could easily ignore them, and I began to feel the euphoria of the higher dimensions. My form began to tingle, my heart opened and my Third Eye became focused on the blurry object above me.

Eventually, all thoughts were released, and my emotions were only a sense of expectation and wonder. The tugging had stopped completely and the letting go was constant. I was living in Surrender, and it felt natural. I felt a light emanating from me, and my body felt extremely hot.

Then I saw a light from above, which was like the dawn coming through a dusky morning. As I moved closer to the light, the object above me became increasingly clear. It was an orb with a face, which I could not recognize as the light was too bright. As the face came closer and closer, I still could not recognize it, but I knew who it was. I was I. It was the face of my Self.

As I went about my week, I remembered that ME, but I could only it when I could “let go” of the drama, confusion, traffic, unpaid bills, etc. etc. It was not difficult to let go, but it was very difficult to remember to let go. The dream made it very clear the there are myriad choices that we must make within every moment of our life as to where we decide to place our attention.

If we choose to place our attention on that which disturbs our peace in any fashion, we are lost to the Face of our Self and sink into the dramas and dissonance of 3D life. I wish I could say that I am totally changed and that I no longer place my attention on that which upsets me. But that would not be a true statement. To be honest, with myself and with you, I would have to say that I have taken the challenge to live that dream.

Therefore, I am more conscious now of “being tugged by something,” but often I become aware of that only after I have fallen into it. On the other hand, when I can instantly choose to let go and live in surrender, I am completely conscious of my ability to choose the life I am creating.

The energies leading up to today have been very intense, fast, confusing, disruptive and transformational. Our Soul has been calling us, while our ego has been tugging at our sleeve. Our process of Ascension has begun, and like all processes, the most difficult part is breaking free of the inertia.

Therefore, we have to do something different every day. My father used to always say, “Study long, study wrong.” He also said, “Do something, even if it is wrong.” What he meant by that is that we can get stuck in trying to always be right. If we make a mistake, if we focus on fear, again, it is OK. The important thing is that we catch our self – eventually!

It is our ego who wants to always be right because our Soul resonates beyond all polarity. Hence, there is no right or wrong. There is only action. It is through action that we learn, and we are learning as we go. WE are creating our Ascension! And, we are creating it NOW!

Happy 10-10-10
* * * * *
I had completely forgotten I had written this. In fact, I had forgotten I even had that experience. I write this now to remind us all that we must have patience with this process of Ascension. Impatience creates anger and anger creates fear. Then, fear lowers our consciousness and puts our Ascension process on hold until we can return to Love – Unconditional Love!

The path of Ascension is paved with patience. We are accustomed to thinking in human time, but we are actually leaving time. Therefore, thinking in any “time” binds us to the third dimensional paradigm from which we are trying break free. In fact, “trying” also creates anger, which lowers our consciousness.

Many people have asked the Arcturians, “What can I DO to facilitate my Ascension?” The Arcturians always give the same answer of, “Do what you love!” Love is an action of letting go because love is based on faith and surrender. If we cannot surrender into our love, it dries up for lack of our constant connection.

Those of you who are in a loving relationship with any being – husband, wife, children, friend, animal, garden, job, creative project – know that you must keep your heart connected to that love in order to maintain it. In the same manner, we must keep our heart connected to our Ascension process.

It is helpful to write down your Ascension experiences, as they can be forgotten in the struggles of daily life. Then one day when you are feeling like you have never had a “real sign” of your Ascension you can stumble on a dream or a meditation or a brief moment that you experienced years ago to affirm that your ARE ascending. Then you can learn patience.

Furthermore, just as you need to spend “time” with your loved one, you will remember that you need to spend time with your Self in a place or situation that you love. This is what I am about to do. I love being in the Redwood trees, so that is where I am going with my husband.

I do not know how much I will be able to post on the Blog, as Internet is usually poor. However, I will send you all my Unconditional Love and the FEEL of being in Nature.

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