Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Arcturians: Our Way Back Home, An Invitation


Channelled Through Suzanne Lie – July 26, 2013 

GoingHomeGreetings, we are the Arcturians:
We are inviting you to have the opportunity to directly communicate with a group of committed Beings who are ready to step forth and follow the energetic pathway to New Earth. It is important to remember that fifth-dimensional Earth is actually a state of consciousness.

Therefore, New Earth is not a place but a frequency of Light. Your ability to perceive any given reality is based on the frequency of your consciousness. In other words, you can perceive only realities that resonate to the same frequency as your consciousness. Hence, whenever you expand your resonance into the higher frequency of consciousness, your expanded perceptions, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc., become a component of your daily life.

With your expanded perceptions you are then able to perceive a higher frequency of Earth that will appear to be a New Earth. This frequency has always been there, but you could not perceive it.

Hence, you thought of this higher place as a higher world, the Land of Fairy, Heaven, etc. However, with your fifth dimensional consciousness you can see that the “higher world” of New Earth is not above you but around you.

What if you already ascended and didn’t know?

You are not becoming better or improving yourself. You are activating the natural abilities of your Multidimensional Self that you’ve always had but had forgotten. When we say “you” we include your beloved planetary Mother, Gaia.

Together, person and planet, you are stepping into the unknown without a map or a guidebook. Only your inner guidance and that of those with whom you share your journey can lead your way. One thing you do know is that your third dimensional thinking is incapable of completing this challenge.

Hence, you must attend to your Multidimensional Self and bravely surrender into each moment of discovery of your expanding Self. In this manner, you can flow into the next moment of the NOW into which you will lovingly surrender. Therefore, each meeting will build on the last.

Dear members of Gaia’s great planet, you are bravely doing what has never been done before. In the past of your third dimensional reality, people have ascended into the fifth dimension but their bodies have “died”. Planets have burst forth into suns at the cost of being destroyed.

In your wondrous NOW, you are endeavoring to transmute your personal and planetary bodies into their fifth dimensional expressions without destruction. Therefore, Gaia and Her humans are uniting and becoming ONE being surrendering into the eternal moment of NOW.

People and planet are discovering their way back home to their true, multidimensional personal/planetary Self who is awaiting their return to New Earth. This “New Earth” has always existed just beyond the perceptions of our physical Self.

Please join us as we discover and become the energetic pathway back HOME.

As gently as a blossom coming into flower
As softly as a whisper in the midnight hour

Like a feather slowly rising in the currents of the air
We surrender to Ascension without a worry or a care

We find the moments we create are drifting into days
As slowly we become aware that we’ve moved into a haze

This haze is what is in-between, where we are and where we’re going
It’s the space between the past and NOW, that’s wavering and glowing

We release that which is over to find that which we cherish
And let go the life that is complete so it can slowly perish

It is through the ashes of what is done
That we find the glow of our true Sun

The Sun, the Stars, the Sky, the Sea
All tell us who we’re soon to BE

Because we’re ONE with all the Earth
Together we shall Know re-birth

The “who” we are becoming, and the ONE we’ve always been,
Remembers we are free of fear and forever clear of sin

WE are the ONE we’ve always known
WE are the Light that we’ve been shown

We step into our future to live within the NOW
To be our SELF with every breath, for we remember how.

And as we recall, the ONE we are
With Gaia, we become a STAR

A Star so bright and filled with Love
From deep inside and high above

That we light the path for all to see
And the way in which we can be free

Free at last and free forever
With a bond of Love no one can sever

Within our SELF inside our heart
We’ve found the place from which we start

We start anew, for we are through
With being a separate “me” and “you”

We NOW can BE all that we SEE
And know that Love is always FREE!

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