Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jesus: Failure is Neither an Option nor a Possibility


 Channelled By John Smallman On July 22, 2013


These final moments before your awakening are extremely trying and tiring for you because it seems that you have been waiting for eons – and in a way you have – even though it has been but a moment, and yet the waiting continues!

We, your guides and mentors in the spiritual realms, are with you to assist in assuaging your doubts and anxieties and to raise your spirits. And to remind you, as you truly do know, that the Divine plan – in which each of you has an essential part to play, an essential duty to perform that no one else can do instead of you – is perfectly on schedule for the unfoldment of humanity’s grand and illustrious awakening.

Keep carrying your Light enthusiastically on high for all to see, because doing so not only uplifts and encourages others, but it also strengthens your own faith, your own deep inner knowing that all is as
it should be – because that is God’s Will.

The Light that you all carry is far, far brighter than you can possibly imagine as you struggle under the limitations placed on your awareness by the illusion. However, the effect of that Light on all with whom you engage in any way at all is tremendously powerful and uplifting, which is your intent and God’s, and is why you elected to carry It.

All across the world the energy fields of each individual Light-holder are gently but rapidly spreading outwards and interpenetrating the energy fields of all on the planet, dissolving and eradicating anything that is not in harmony with the Divine field of Love and encouraging all to open their hearts in acceptance – hearts which, for eons, they had attempted to close off to the Love from which they had been created.

It has never been possible to fully close off a human heart from its eternal connection with God, but many have succeeded in refusing to acknowledge that connection to their Divine Source for many lifetimes. As they incarnated for each new human life, they held the intent to be open to our Father’s Love, but the dark energy that had become all pervasive throughout the illusion was very seductive, being the opposite of Love, something that seemed quite different, even entrancing, and they were frequently drawn into the fear, anger, and hostility that the illusion supports.

It is very hard for you to understand how you could possibly have chosen to attempt to close yourselves to the Divine field of Love from which you were created, when you know that before you incarnated you had made the very powerful and positive intent to be open to It. Well, that is the effect of choosing separation from God in the first instance. God created you as enormously powerful beings so that you could enjoy Reality, His Divine Kingdom to the fullest extent.

Instead you chose to use that power in an unsuitable fashion. We have talked about this before, using electricity as an example: you can use it to provide light, heat, communications, transport, and you can also use it to power the electric chair to execute people, to electrify fences to contain people, to power floodlights to watch over people and control them. Of itself it just is – an energy that has many uses. It is the use to which it is put that defines its appropriateness or inappropriateness.

When you built the illusion you brought your immense power with you into it and almost immediately began to experiment with it, play with it, and you discovered the ability to suppress and control others – Godlike power! It proved irresistible. And today, as you approach your illustrious moment of awakening, there are still a large number among you who would use that power for those same nefarious purposes.

Many of you came to believe the old adage: “You have to fight fire with fire.” And so you have been fighting among yourselves for eons, the “Good ones” versus the “Evil ones.” And, naturally enough, you all believed that you were good and that it was the “others” (a truly catch-all phrase with utterly damning connotations!) who were evil and absolutely had to be destroyed so that “the peace of God” could be established and prevail. Religion against religion in “just” wars – insanity!

Finally the Light, Love, which has always been with you and fully available, is being recognized as the only way out of your present cataclysmic dilemmas of perpetual wars – on terror, unjust political systems, evil corporations, the establishment, the anti-establishment, cancer, drugs, poverty . . . on and on interminably and therefore insolubly!

So, I repeat, “Hold your Light on high, constantly” as we offer you endless, abundant assistance in your intent to be courageous, to be seen, to be loving, to be accepting, and by so doing, to change, permanently, yourselves and the world. Failure is neither an option nor a possibility, because there is only LOVE. All else is illusory. You will awaken into the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day!

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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