Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jesus: A Marvelous Clarity Is Developing In Your Minds

 Channelled By John Smallman, On July 10, 2013

This is an absolutely amazing moment in humanity’s evolving collective consciousness as it moves ever more into alignment with that of our Father. It has been Divinely planned and intended since the point at which you apparently went into the illusion to separate yourselves from God and attempt to live without His loving guidance and support.

That was not possible, but you were able to pretend that you had separated yourselves from Him, and then build an environment from which Love was excluded. In truth It could only be hidden – It could not be excluded because there is nothing else – and only for as long as the vast majority of you wanted It to remain hidden.

Now the collective has changed its mind and is choosing to remove the imaginary veil which has kept Love hidden from you. As the veil is rolled back, letting in the Light, a marvelous clarity is developing in your minds as you recognize the insanity of so many of your long-accepted and basically traditional common attitudes and behaviors which encouraged mistrust, division, and conflict, and that you now realize were utterly unnecessary and extremely damaging for you all.

Love always envelops you because It is the Divine field of creation in which all that is has its eternal existence. Humanity chose to ignore the loving field of energy in which it is enfolded, to imagine itself unloved, abandoned, and even unlovable, and then spent its time seeking Love from others who were also experiencing themselves as unloved, abandoned, and unlovable.

Naturally that did not work. Love is what you are. You do not need to go looking for It elsewhere. You do, however, need to release all those negative self-judgments which clutter your minds and sit like dirty dust-sheets covering your essential nature: Love. Love has always been your nature, and It is unchanging and unchangeable; you only have to acknowledge and accept It.

The limitations and restrictions you introduced into the illusion have convinced almost all of you that you are unworthy and wicked creatures, in unimaginable contrast to the infinite magnificence of God, your eternally loving Father. Your self-hate or self-disgust – insane and ill-informed self-assessments made without knowledge or comprehension of your true nature – has persuaded you to hide from Love.

 Truly, as in the well-known fairy tale, you are all frogs who need only to allow the princess to kiss you! The princess is Love, and she waits patiently to restore you to your full glory. Deep within each one of you the Divine flame of God’s Love burns eternally – so remove the dust sheets! You do that by accepting yourselves just as you are, and by looking clearly and lovingly at the self that you have just embraced.

You will see that maybe you have indeed behaved insensitively, without thinking, and in egotistical and self-centered ways on many occasions, but you will also see that you were acting out of fear. Fear corrupts, disguises, and hides the infinite goodness within each one of you, convincing you of your unworthiness “in the sight of God.” This feeling is as unreal as the illusion. And it is only your belief in it that maintains it!

Your fear is utterly illogical – because you were created in Love … as magnificent Beings eternally delighting your Father. Children growing up make mistakes, do silly things, but that does not and never can change their true nature, and their nature, like yours, is Divine, like your Father, because all that He creates is eternally in a state of perfect, flawless, magnificence. No other state is possible with God, and you are all permanently with God, because all of creation is contained within His infinite and endless field of Love.

Spending lifetimes within the illusion, as the vast majority of you have, the horrors, the shaming, and the suffering that you have experienced there have severely distorted your view of yourselves. You have identified with the unloving activities that happen all around you, and in which you are often involved, almost completely unable to remember that they are and always have been illusory.

And because what you experience within that environment seems so real – you do experience suffering and pain – it is very difficult for you to go within, to your place of eternal peace and Love, and just rest for a moment, because you are forever running to escape. But the running is just intense engagement with what are truly the unutterable horrors and mindless distractions of that illusion.You intend to go within to meditate, to find that place of peace, but still the distractions follow you.

And you respond out of habit by engaging with them, which prevents you from entering the peaceful and loving space that is waiting within and always calling to you. It is often hard for you to spend more than a moment there before you are “interrupted.”

Occasionally, you do manage to quieten your minds for a few delightful moments, but then a new distraction rears its ugly head. The thought occurs: “I am unworthy of this peace, this Love.” And instantly your peace is gone as you crash back into your world of anxieties and worries.

Now, since the arrival of the New Golden Age, the Divine field of Love has greatly strengthened and intensified because humanity has collectively become aware and decided that the only way forward is through Love. That collective and, I assure you, irreversible decision is providing you with boundless and inexhaustible assistance from your own hearts, and from all the neighboring realms that are lovingly watching over you, so you continue to make progress, powerfully and resolutely, along the highway to awakening – and to the intense joy that your arrival Home will deliver.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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