Sunday, July 14, 2013

Jesus On The Utter Joy Of Being Your True Selves

ChannelledBy John Smallman On  July 14, 2013 

Humanity is racing towards the moment of awakening and your momentum is unstoppable. Many of you feel that nothing of note is going on as you watch or listen to the daily news from the mass media and hear more of the same kinds of stories that you have been hearing for years.

But beneath the level of your conscious awareness much is happening, and you are aware of it at a deep inner level. It is apparent in your daily lives, either as stuff coming up for attention and release or as a sense that something of significance, of considerable importance, but you know not what, is in the offing.

It is unsettling because you are looking for indications or signs from the media that would validate your inner sense of expectancy, but that cannot occur. What will happen is that changes, which will be shocking for many, will take place and be reported, and then you will have your “Aha” moment as the physical events that are reported align and resonate with your feelings of expectancy.

But, as you well know, time is part and parcel of the illusion, and all that you are waiting for has already happened: it happened at almost the same instant that you chose to attempt to separate yourselves from Reality. Finally, you have collectively made the decision to cease playing games in the illusion – games of a quite horrific nature – and wake up. And it is a sense of that collective decision that you are feeling as you wait expectantly for your victorious and long-sought return to Reality.

As you wait, temper your impatience, your doubts, your anxieties by reminding yourselves that you are the beloved children of God who are eternally in His Presence, embraced by His Love, and that your awakening is inevitable because, apart from the fact that it is impossible to sleep for all eternity, it is Divinely sanctioned and therefore assured.

The strength and determination of your intent to hold the Light, and thereby bring humanity to the point of awakening from the nightmare, is far more powerful than you are aware of, so keep renewing it throughout the day whenever you take a moment to enter your quiet space and focus on your life purpose which, as you well know, is to assist in bringing all of your sisters and brothers home to Reality by nudging them towards wakefulness.

It truly is just a case of encouraging and intensifying your awareness of your life purpose. Everyone now incarnate on Earth has chosen to be an essential and irreplaceable aspect of this most glorious purpose. And what purpose could possibly be more important than to assist humanity to awaken from this nightmare of mistrust, betrayal, deceit, corruption, and suffering, and to experience once more the utter joy of being your true selves and recognizing those glorious selves in the eternal and brilliant Presence of God, the Divine Source of all that is?

To be consciously aware of yourselves as eternally present in God is your Divine destiny, and nothing can prevent that awareness from bursting up within each one of you. It is your natural state, which you momentarily chose to hide from yourselves by ignoring it, and by pretending that you were separated from That from which nothing can be separated: the Source of all existence.

You know this … but while you engage with the illusion you are able to hide this knowing from yourselves, and without it you feel bereft, lost, abandoned; you may even wonder if you truly exist at all, apart from a short, inconclusive, and fear-filled human life, in which suffering and anxiety drive you to seek the impossible – i.e. permanent love, safety, and security – in a transitory dream state. It is this totally unsatisfactory state of affairs which is masterfully and inexorably nudging you towards your grand awakening.

Constantly holding the intent to awaken is your path forward, and you have limitless assistance from your spiritual guides and mentors as you make your way homeward by just holding that intent. Remember, everything that occurs during your human lives is an opportunity to further your spiritual evolution and move you closer to the moment of your awakening. Everyone with whom you interact – no matter how crucial or, conversely, how insignificant the interaction may appear to be – is offering you a lesson, a spiritual lesson that you have chosen to learn.

Your spiritual guides do also communicate with you through other humans, so never dismiss anything that occurs as meaningless. Life in the illusion, whatever else it may be, is never meaningless. And you can uncover the ongoing meaning, moment to moment, by accepting what comes up without judgment, and then responding with Love.

You all are Love, even though you have difficulty in recognizing this. Therefore, by responding lovingly in every situation, the lessons presented will be far more easily learned. You know you are learning and evolving spiritually when you can deal with the majority of events and situations presented to you with equanimity. Peaceful acceptance, instead of angry resentment of unfavorable or unpleasant events in which you are involved, demonstrates clearly to you that you are on your holy path to awakening.

When you are in peaceful acceptance of whatever comes your way, you have the power and the desire to offer only Love, and by doing so you further your spiritual evolution and also that of any others involved. That is what you incarnated to do, so be glad that the opportunities you require for growth keep happening, allowing you to evolve and therefore remember who you truly are. And that is something I do not need to spell out for you again, because you absolutely know it.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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