Saturday, July 27, 2013

Archangel Indriel: Nothing Is As It Seems

Ah, Beloveds, take heart and be unwavering in your faith and devotion. For nothing is as it seems on the surface. From the perspective of a soul incarnate in the human form, living and working and struggling to survive amidst the chaos of a transforming world, all might appear bleak indeed. But with all my heart, I speak this day to offer you assurance that this is hardly so.

To be standing in the place where you are now, I too might be of a mind to feel discouragement and no small amount of impatience. Alas, even many of the most well-connected of you still cannot yet see the forest for the trees – and know that this is by design and it is fine. In order to be effective, you must still remain enmeshed within the human experience, and all which that entails.

You are the Leaders and the Awakeners. God’s children are learning and seeking, and must perceive you as relatable and synchronistic with their own emotions and needs. They must be able to say, “Yes, this person understands.” They must see clearly that it is possible to live the Human lifestyle in an awakened and enlightened manner, and that in so doing one can be in but not of the world. They shall come to you then, for guidance and with many questions.

This shall come from watching as you go about the same daily tasks as they do, but in such a manner which bespeaks honor and compassion for the Earth and her inhabitants. They watch with rapt attention, in complete bepuzzlement and fascination, as you function patiently, gracefully and act always from the heart. This is your job. This is the very key to Humanity’s rise to freedom.

Endeavor to keep your thoughts removed from the negative. Catch yourself each time your mind stray towards uncharitable thoughts and deeds. Stop and breath. Breath deeply and with intention – filling full of your soul’s golden light upon the inbreath, and casting loose upon the outbreath whatever parasitic attachments you locate within your field of energy. Inbreath, outbreath. Do this several times, whenever you feel the onset of anxiety and misalignment. Feel the peace. Feel the return of sanity and sound discernment.

Allow the geographic and societal changes to take place all around you, and make every effort to envision a positive outcome – no matter what situation you may find yourself embroiled in.

Even as an observer, as you bear witness to the upheavals taking place across the planet, understand this next point, and understand it well; you cannot build a mansion atop a foundation of desecration and decay. I have spoken of this many times. and so I speak of it again.

Before a New Earth can be constructed, the land must be cleared. It must be purified of ages upon ages of darkness and toxicity, and now is the time of that purification. It is why you feel happy one day, then sad the next. Your Human vessel is still subject to these ups and downs of emotion, regardless of how far along you are on your ascension journey. It matters not a whit, for as long as you continue to occupy a Human body, you shall not be immune to affects of Gaia’s cleansing. It is in the way you choose to handle such emotion which clearly distinguishes the leader from the follower.

When beset by feelings of hopelessness and dismay, a good trick to instantly dispel them is to offer blessings. Do this the moment the first twinge of negativity creeps in. Bless the flowers and the trees, the people and the animals, the rocks, the waters, and even cast your blessings unto all of man’s creations. It is perfectly easy and effortless, as you are a child of God and this is simply your natural way. Dispensing blessings promptly shifts your vibration from the downward spiral to the upward spiral, negative to positive. Suddenly it shall be as if a large weight has been lifted from your weary shoulders, and in it’s place an Angel’s loving hands gently rest.

Never for a moment question our presence. You are unconditionally adored. I bless you.

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