Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dragon-Droppings: Staying In Your body

Channelled by Brian The Dragon On July 16, 2013

This is the dragon,
We are aware that the multitude of messages are addressed towards those looking to raise vibration and ascend, so here's one for those of you who are having difficulty staying in body. Or better put: the message is for You when You reach the point you have trouble staying in body, if not there already.

There is a reason that your body is not yet caught up to where you are on a mental level. It is because your body is designed to function in the reality as it is now. Otherwise, you could not remain in the reality you have chosen, you would ascend and vanish from the lives of those around you. That may seem like the goal but this experience is not about personal ascension. You have been there, done that, typically. You are here for greater things. Therefore, your body is doing a service for you, even if it seems to be holding you back.

That can cause some challenges for you. You are presently going through them, so we need not get into them. Things may not work quite right since you are constantly losing grounding then getting pulled back. We're not talking about even just trying to manifest certain outcomes in life. We're talking more about some of the most basic things that are by design supposed to be how humans function. Strange artifacts of reality. You'll see them more and more as you keep bouncing around until some really seemingly fantastic and crazy things start to happen, more of a humorous and interesting nature than something to fear.

But we understand all this can be frustrating. For one thing, it requires a lot of mental focus for seeming mundane tasks that your body is designed to do but your mind has moved past. All we can advise is just go with the flow and let it be. Enjoy it, for it is an interesting type of experience.

Your body is intelligent, because it is part of Gaia, and it does know when the collective of Gaia is moving up in vibration enough that it can transform without causing you to vanish from the world.

And the body will evolve at that pace, slightly ahead or behind the masses but generally bound nonetheless. And that has already started happening, but gradually. So in this in-between stage, that's what you are going through right now and for many of you, it's just the beginning.

With love,
The dragon

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