Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bella Capozzi: “The Law Of Attraction”

Aaw...ain't Love grand!   DT the ET 

A Mini-Reading For July 27, 2013 By Bella Capozzi

 Cupcakes and Angels-

♥ Stop and smell the roses.  Embrace the present moment completely, and throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever is going on around you in the now-moment.  Forget about tomorrow, and exist entirely in the miracle that is today.  Appreciate life’s simple, but often overlooked and unappreciated pleasures;  the smile of a child, a brilliant blue sky, the majesty of the ocean waves, the first page of a new book or the seductive aroma of that first cup of coffee in the morning.  Immerse yourself deeply into each experience, and feel the peace and the joy flow through your being.  Allow it to reflect itself in your outward movements and in the expression on your face.  Smile!  This is when you are your most attractive and magnetic self.

♥ Today’s reading is all about attraction.  Not just the art of attracting a soulmate, but also about attracting the most harmonious situations and opportunities which are best for you.  The card I drew is from the Romance Angels deck, and it is appropriately titled, “Attraction.”  Like attracts like, say the Angels.  It is when you are feeling centered, joyful and appreciative that you will attract to you other people and situations who share a complimentary positive vibration.  The frequency you send out will be intuitively sensed, even if not consciously, by others. 

 Therefore it’s imperative that each morning you spend a few minutes grounding yourself and clearing your energy field of any negativity and attachments you might have picked up the day before.  Greet Mother Gaia with a cheery “Good morning” and connect your heart with hers.   By doing this, you venture forth each day as a clean slate;  a fresh, unwritten page in your own personal Akashik diary.

♥ Give thanks throughout the day, as you observe the world around you.  Find fascination in the mundane.  Banish fear, worry and negative behaviors, as these will only serve to attract to you more of the same.  Every time you start thinking things like, “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve this”, or “I can’t”…stop and tell the Ego mind that you find these thoughts unacceptable.  Affirm, over and over;

“I am worthy.”
“I am deserving.”
“I am beautiful.”
“I am brilliant.”
“I am unconditionally loved.”
“I am grateful.”

get-attachment.aspx♥ Stand in front of the mirror, if you have to, and repeat these statements until they become second nature.  Until you honestly believe them.  Then, when you encounter others in distress, pass these affirmations on to them.  Pay it forward, and then watch the Universal Bounty flow back and forth!  You will then attract into your life the very things which are for your highest and best good.  

Also remember that if the person or thing you think you want requires excessive stress and strain to manifest, that is usually a sign that what you’re seeking may not be what’s actually right for you.  When something or someone is Divinely aligned with our personal path and purpose, it will not take any manipulation at all to bring it into our reality. 

It will flow gently and naturally.  As we send waves of loving energy out into the world, the same loving energy will be reflected back towards us.  This is a really great way that you can make the Universal Law of Attraction work for you!

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