Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Heavenly Blessings Hosts Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians

When my Tibetan teachers referenced the phenomenal matrix they would refer to "the ten thousand things."  Well, here's 10,000 words from "Dos Suzy's" on that very subject...Enjoy!  DT the ET

Transcript Of The Heavenly Blessings Radio Show Featuring Suzanne Lie And The Arcturians On Our Multi-Dimensionality 

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Dr Lie
Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of “The Great Awakening,” and myself Suzanne Maresca, sitting in for Graham Dewyea.

Once again today we depart from our usual format in Linda’s absence, and we have as our special guest Dr. Suzanne Lie.

Suzanne has 24 years of experience in personal and relationship psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, meditation and consciousness expansion. Her multi-dimensional counseling practice is in Southern California and she has several different websites as well as a YouTube channel, all dedicated to the awakening of humanity and conscious creation of New Earth. Sue began her conversations with the Arcturians in the early 1990’s and today she has graciously agreed to bring them into a direct dialog with us on the air.

Good morning and welcome, Sue. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Sue Lie: Thank you so much for having me and I’m very happy to be here.

SM: So that our listeners know who we'll be speaking with, will you please give us an overview of who the Arcturians are?

Sue: The Arcturians are a very advanced civilization that has been helping Earth from practically the beginning. Arcturus is a star in the Bootes system and there are planets around that star, however the planets are almost like an R&R, take a break visit because primarily they are sky-bound; they evolved beyond being a planetary being millennia ago. And they are now resonating– at least the Arcturians I function with – to the 8th to the 10th dimensions and as we all move up they will return back into the source of the 11th and 12th, much as we will move up into the fifth. For this process of moving up to that next higher frequency is for the entire galaxy as well as the actual universe. So this is a very important time for all of us.

SM: I must say that in preparing for the show it was a challenge coming up with questions to ask for the simple reason that I’ve given up needing details about much of anything at this point. It’s been enough for me to know what I’m here for, and that I’m doing it.

At the same time though I feel it could be quite useful to have some details about what is possible for us, and what we’re growing into. Given even a little bit of information about the wonders that await humanity, the imagination can be a vast powerhouse of manifestation. So my questions are going to be in the interest of manifesting a fast-growing seed or two to spark ideas of what to do next.

Sue: Well, be prepared. They don’t think of next or last or yesterday, because they live in the eternal now. And so questions, of course humans are asking time-bound questions, but they talk a lot about ascension as actually a process of leaving time as much as anything; because time is something that is particular to the third dimension. And as you go into the fifth dimension and New Earth and you’re living more in that eternal now, it’s always an interesting bit of information. I’m just saying that because people can get really confused about that. They want to know “when will I do this, when will I do that” and the answer is “now” – when it’s YOUR now, it will happen.

SM: Do you think the Arcturians have some understanding of why, with all these things that we don’t have yet but are going to have, that we’re really interested in finding out “when”? Can they understand that?

Sue: What they say is, when it’s a third-dimensional question, as long as you are functioning in third-dimensional questions, your time isn’t now. So, they are urging us to think out of the box, to think multi-dimensionally, because as long as we are bound to the structure of time, we’re bound to the third-dimensional reality.

SM: I’ve formulated my questions, and I have many of them, so it’s not really asking about a when, but I was just curious to see if they could relate to our yearning and our longing for this change, which clearly takes place from inside of us. But there are so many exciting things to look forward to that it’s just hard not to be like a little kid.

Sue: Waiting for Santa Claus to come own the chimney and leaving presents under the tree. But it’s so time-bound. We need to change our thinking. And we’re all really impatient. I’m impatient for this particular part of the process to get through because I’ve been at it a long time; the energy fields this summer are so intense. They’re amazingly intense, and so it’s symptoms and transmutation and constantly feeling myself in transition. So fortunately I’m going away for two-and-a-half weeks to sit in the redwood trees. That’s what I need. In fact anyone, if you get to that stage, if you can take some time to be in nature and just sit in nature and let this energy go through you and into Gaia and then you get fully grounded. Because the most important thing we can do right now is ground ourselves.

SM: I agree. I spend a lot of time in meditation in the hammock surrounded by hundred foot trees. And our connection is constant. I have some amazing visions about working with these trees and feel like I’m in a cradle of protection with them. It’s wonderful.

Sue: Trees are people. Actually more evolved than people. In fact Gaia is more evolved than humans. Everyone else is ready. The trees, the plants, the animals, but humanity are the ones who went into that polarity and into separation and power-over instead of power within, and wars and difficult childhoods and so many challenges. So it’s hardest on the humans, but we are the flashpoint.

SM: The trees are here to help us, so who better to ground with than a being who has roots deep into the Earth. I have a beautiful White Ash and several Oaks and Maples, and I’m sure there are other kinds that I haven’t identified yet, but I love them all.

So can we jump in with some far-out questions?

Sue: Sure. I’m a pretty far-out kind of chick. Let me just say a little introduction.

The Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Galactics, the Angelics, the celestial beings, a lot of them have really put their sparks, their essence, their lifestreams into humans and that is how they’re trying to help us from the ground floor. And then also, when people channel, they’re actually channeling a frequency of their higher-dimensional self.

So, when I channel through the Arcturians, there is a part of me – if I could go up some invisible ladder but of course it isn’t up or down because that’s 3D thinking, so time and space are a really big thing we have to let go of  in order to continue with this process.  It’s all inside of us and our mind is what stops us.  So when we change our mind, there's going to be a big change.

And so, we all – every single one of you who are listening or not listening or ever will listen – every single one of you, you all have a higher frequency of self that is a very high-dimensional being and that high-dimensional being is knocking on your consciousness and trying to get your attention.

So, this was my particular mission.  It’s something that came to me a long time ago and I’ve been working with it for a couple of decades. It was actually there when I was born. But I think it was there because I had a near death experience when I was about six weeks old.

So I crossed over and when I did I said, “oh, whew, I did not want to be there” and then they said “no you have to go back.” And I protested. So then they said, “okay, we’ll show you a picture of what is possible if you will go back.” And so they showed me this picture and it was a hill in nature – I’ve always adored nature – and I was kind of standing on this kind of rolling hill and there was a big garden – I’ve always adored gardening – and there were children gardening and fairies were in there with the children and angels were over-watching it. And they said “if you stay, if you go back and you stay with it, you will experience that in this lifetime.” So, I (reluctantly) said “oh, all right, I’ll go back.”

SM: That’s a very good vision to have and hold onto. And in our lifetime? That sounds really awesome.

Sue: One thing I want to say is that one thing that is happening now is when I channel, I’m kind of merging with the Arcturians more and more, so sometimes I’ll pop up – the Sue part of me will pop up – and then I’ll go back and forth. When that first started happening I thought “I’m doing it wrong” but I realized that’s the opposite. I was merging so much I discovered I was finding me in the Arcturians.

Arcturians: Blessings and good morning, did you have many, many questions for us today?

SM: I actually do. And we can jump right into questions or you can start with a statement if you wish. Whatever you like.

A: Your questions are wonderful.

SM: I imagine you’ve been helping me with them for the past few days. This one is for Graham. He wanted to know if the photograph he took over the weekend does indeed have a ship in it, and if so is it one of yours?

A: Yes. We have a relationship with that particular being and we wanted to remind him that we are here, and we want to remind all of you that we are here. But actually, any picture of a ship, of our ship, that would show up on a photograph is what we would call a holographic projection. Because the third dimension is a holographic projection; so any pictures that would show up in a third-dimensional photograph would be a component of that holographic projection.

For our ships are very often beyond what humanity might be able to imagine at this particular state of consciousness as they (the ships) are alive beings and they are, of course, multi-dimensional. So they can enter into that third-dimensional paradigm by entering into that holographic projection and creating a visible version of themselves.

SM: This next question is a last-minute one from a friend in Istanbul Turkey.  May I read the message and see what we can do with it?

“Dear Suzanne and Arcturians, I am a listener from Istanbul Turkey and first of all I want to thank you for all your work. You may know that there is much upheaval in Turkey for the last five weeks. In a way I’m glad this is happening and I can see brilliant people who are peaceful, clever, loving and courageous and are engines of change. But on the other hand I am seeing many people - and my question concerns those who are the oppressors - are violent and do unspeakable things.

“What I noticed is that many of these oppressors, or actually tools of oppression, enjoy violence. I would never have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. They are like empty shells with a smile on their faces and they just attack and do things that I will not spell out for the sake of other listeners here.

“After all the love and light being sent to our planet how can this happen? I know that we have all been the good, the bad and the ugly, but this just doesn’t look right to me. Is there any explanation for this? I am talking about thousands of people who enjoy violence, not just one or two, and this is so close to the time we have ascension.”

A: It is very much like a kitchen that is ridden with cockroaches. And in the darkness you do not know that they are there, because you cannot see them. But when you turn on the light you see them scurrying around and heading for their dark corners. And so as the light is coming to Turkey, it is doing the same thing as when the light is coming to the United States, and when the light is coming into all of the individual beings.

As the light comes in, it flushes out the darkness. This is not new darkness, this is darkness that has been accumulating, especially during the two thousand years of the Kali Yuga. And this darkness has been hiding and there was not enough light in the world to reveal that darkness. And so people would think that “oh this is our kind leader” or “this is our friend” or “no, this could never happen, not to us.”

For all the things that happened, or are happening in secret, happened in covert manners. And the darkness that she is seeing, this is not new darkness. This is the old, old darkness from a very long time ago accumulated within this Kali Yuga. And because the beings of Earth are now ready to hold their light, their light is flushing out this darkness so what she is seeing now is something that has always been there, but it was hidden in the darkness of the times.

We remind her and we remind everyone that the very best way to deal with darkness is to send unconditional love. This unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse. And the unconditional love will release the entities that have been trapped in darkness so that they no longer need to behave in that manner.

SM: Part two of that question fits right in with that response. She continues on to say “I was able to send love and light nonstop to all involved but I realized after three weeks or so my love and light for the ‘bad guys’ had diminished, so I was sending fake love and light for the last weeks. Once I realized that, I stopped and was thinking this won’t help anyone. Now my love is only for the protestors.

Today I decided to ask my higher self to send higher love to the bad guys instead of ME. Now, there is no way I can escape what is right at my doorstep, but I can also see that my attention is at what is going to pull me back in my awakening and enlightenment. Do you have any advice on how we can move on as Turkish lightworkers and continue our work despite the mayhem and awful things that are happening?” I think you just answered that, actually. (SM)

A: They are very courageous beings that have decided to present this representation to the world and it is interesting to see how ancient societies are awakening before the eyes of the people and different societies are awakening in different ways. Greece awakened to a process of abject poverty and then having to go back to the land and back to their people and back to their old traditions. And they are setting a wonderful example for New Earth.

Turkey is having a more violent healing for there has been a great deal of violence [there]. The United States is having a very subversive awakening for they have had a great deal of subversive activity. They too have had great violence that has always been very subversive.

And so, all these different countries are starting to go through what the individuals are going through. And what the individuals are going through is that they are deciding that they do not want to live in darkness anymore and that they want to live in light. And they are gathering in unity consciousness, which is the absolute key for planetary and personal ascension.

And as they face the darkness within themselves, that is revealed by the ever-advancing light, they simultaneously face the darkness that is revealed within the area that they chose to incarnate in, or chose to end up in at this important time. And wherever you are, at this time, this is a part of the body of Gaia that you chose before birth to be in that area and to assist with that area.

And so therefore, know that there are no mistakes and there are no accidents and yes, you will send your light and love into your field as though you are completely empty and then you will need to replenish yourself. Much like angels.

The way that angels function is they go up to the fount of the source and they fill themselves with unconditional love from the source and they move down into the lower dimensions of reality and they give that love and they give that love and just like a battery runs out of charge, the angels run out of unconditional love. And they go back up to the source and they fill themselves with unconditional love again. So your friend was absolutely correct to take a break, to fill herself for although it may appear that she is making no progress at all, from where we see, Turkey is doing wonderful.

SM: Thank you so much. That’s very helpful. Before I continue with my questions I would really like to express my appreciation for all the work you and our galactic family do on behalf of humanity. It’s very much appreciated and even if all of humanity isn’t offering their thanks and appreciation, it’s just because they don’t really understand what’s being done. Not that I do, but I know it’s been a lot. So, thank you very much for that.

A: We appreciate thanksgiving, and we want to remind everyone who hears this that thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely. So if each of you can find one moment of peace, one moment of calm, one moment of illumination and lightness, bind it into your beingness by thanksgiving and say thank you thank you thank you and hold that in your being; for thanksgiving binds that moment of multi-dimensional expression of yourself into your ever-transmuting Earth vessel.

SM: As I get more comfortable perceiving myself as a powerful light being, and still in process of learning unmistakable communication with higher guidance, it occurs to me how immensely helpful it would be to have a mentor from the higher realms here in physical to help me understand and use my multi-dimensional power, or as you call it, my operating system. Would you explain the process that would be most effective in bringing that about, please?

S:: The process that is the most effective in bringing out a mentor is to ask. When you go into your meditations you – any of you who may hear this – surrender into the knowingness that you are a beautiful multi-dimensional being; and that a higher expression of yourself is actively awaiting your invitation, for you are still within a planet that is free will. And because this is a free will planet, we can assist; but we assist when we are asked for assistance. For first off, we do not want to break the nature of the planet, the nature of Gaia that is a free will planet.

Second off, we do not want to take the great glory and victory away from you. But all of you know that Gaia also has the opportunity to ask us. And she has been asking us for assistance regarding anything that damages her planetary body. And that gives us permission to do many of the things that we and the other Galactics and Celestials have been doing to protect the beautiful transmuting form of Gaia. Does that answer your question?

SM: Yes, indeed.

A: There is also the component that Suzille struggles with as well; that in order to manifest, you need to believe. And therefore, there is a component of psychological healing that is important for every movement forward, for if the psychological component of your multi-dimensional self does not believe that you deserve or that you can experience, or whatever that reason it is that you’re having difficulty with believing, then that is work that needs to be done within the third/fourth dimensional component of yourself and as that work is done is, then you are more able to believe and once you believe then it is quite instant.

SM: A lot of my questions speak to that, because it’s interesting to contemplate what we’re capable of and at the same time be able to overcome past perceptions of limitations. How can we open our perceptions to what’s possible if we don’t have evidence or memory available to us being able to do things like change molecular structure? This is where an in-person mentor would be greatly appreciated and useful.

A: The mentor is there. The personal mentor is each and every person’s personal higher expression of self. And this is why we talk so often about the fact that you are multi-dimensional beings. And as a multi-dimensional being, the anchor part – the lowest frequency of your great self that is anchored to the body of Gaia – is much like the child, for that is the you that became trapped in that third-dimensional version of the separation and limitation. And the most damaging part is that you are separated from yourself, and therefore, that is the initial work that must be done. And by the way, Suzille awakened to us when she was in her Ph.D. program, which involved years of deep psychotherapy.

SM: So we’re growing into accepting the fact that we are able already to transmute molecules and atoms into what’s healthy, so if I imagine food as I swallow it transmuting into light, what actually does that do? Is there a missing piece beyond being able to conceive of the idea and intending it to be so? What comes between imagining and doing?

A: Imagination is fifth-dimensional thought. So when you take in food and you imagine it transmuting into light to assist your body to transmute into light, you are indeed in that process of transmutation. In fact if you could see us, if you could see what we are seeing, if you could see the you that we see, you would realize that you have transmuted yourself much more than you imagine. However, you have made this contract to stay within the physical form and to still maintain a dominant state of consciousness within that physical form throughout the duration of this specific contract that you have with other humans. You know the human that we are speaking of.

SM: You've said that the reality we perceive is the reality we experience, so clearly anything we can manage to do to expand our perceptions, enabling us to manifest for the benefit of the collective, would be supported by our higher aspects. It would be appreciated to have some unmistakable evidence of our ability to create our own lives; knowing without a doubt that we can do a thing would be so helpful in stepping into doing more.

What comes to mind is a scene from one of the Harry Potter books where Harry was able to perform a very complex spell for the first time under very trying circumstances, but only because he had seen himself do it already.  That gave him the confidence he needed to do it successfully when he needed to. So I’m wondering if we could ask for a collective experience that would give us the benefit of that confidence and knowing. Because we are like children; and we need to be shown.

A: We feel the frustration of our awakening ones. And the frustration is a form of fear. Fear is that which needs to be purged from within yourselves.

Meditate, meditate, meditate.

It is through meditations that you are able to expand your consciousness beyond your human self. 

Beyond your human self.

You will begin to have physical, psychological, visionary, auditory experiences. However, we need you to know that your ego-self will still doubt that. Even though you have those experiences, that will not assist the ego-self. What you will have to do is to move your dominant state of consciousness out of your ego-self and into a higher expression of yourself. And then when the ego-self says “mommy mommy I need proof,” you are mommy. And you are responsible for your wounded ego-self and you say to your wounded ego-self “I love you, wounded ego”.

There is a component of the ascension process that is the most difficult component for most of humanity. And that is, as you expand your consciousness to perceive your primary self as a multi-dimensional being, every time you are on the cusp of moving forward into a higher frequency expression of yourself, that light will, as we have said before, flush out yet more of that hidden darkness.

Now, darkness is fear. So that does not mean that those that are ascending are infinitely evil or bad. It means that through myriad incarnations on a third-dimensional reality based on the polarity of fear and conditional love without any representation whatsoever of unconditional love, the highest of the opposition to fear was human love which is immensely conditional.

Therefore people went to their animals who could give unconditional love, went into nature where they could feel unconditional love, had an infant who can give them unconditional love – until they lost a connection to their multi-dimensional self.

For that feeling of unconditional love is something that does not arise from the physical plane at all. It is something that each and every one of our ascending ones must find within themselves; must have that dedication to move up that ladder.

Now we were not the first beings that Suzille came to as guides. She had many guides. And the guides were initially of a lower frequency of expression. As a child, her guides were the beings of fairy. And as she moved through this process and she raised her consciousness, she merged with each guide and then she could get a higher guide.

And so when those who are saying, “I have no guide, I am alone here,” they then go into the lower frequencies of expression. It is difficult to start off by asking for a very high frequency of yourself. Go into the beautiful violet temple on Venus, Venus your beloved sister planet. She is offering to all of you to be the very first place that you go to find your guides.

So we would suggest that all of you who are struggling within the midst of the trials and tribulations of your third-dimensional reality do not seek to move yet up into a higher frequency expression of yourself. For while you are still bound within your physical form, you are stuck within that sequential pattern of first you do a little, then you do a little more, then you do a little more, then you do a little more; and so begin with the violet temple of Venus.

SM: In my visions, I’ve seen what feels like our sun entering into and merging with the Earth, accompanied by immensely powerful kundalini energy. I wonder if that union is a metaphorical version of upcoming events. Would you please offer information on how our perceptions of the relationship that we have with the sun may be changing?

A: Perceptions of the sun have, to third-dimensional consciousness, been of a distant glowing mass of energy that is responsible for holding that force so that the solar system can exist. Within the sun is the core of the entire solar system.

As beings move into their multi-dimensional consciousness they begin with this sequential form as we spoke of. For as along as the primary means of thinking is third-dimensional, all advancement – which is a third-dimensional term – will be sequential. But we remind you all that this is not advancement, this is not a matter at all of earning or trying or learning; this is one hundred percent a process of remembering.

You are not a third-dimensional being. There is a third-dimensional holographic projection that is a component of the third-dimensional holographic projection of third-dimensional Earth. You, whoever each of you that are listening is, is a great multi-dimensional being have logged in to this holographic projection of your individual self.

This is a very difficult video game. Because very quickly after you log into this holographic projection you forget. The beings who do not forget are considered to be psychic or insane. There are more beings incarnating now, logging into the holographic projection, that have been preparing for myriad incarnations to be a “child” within this time of ascension. And they log in remembering. They are considered to be autistic or ADHD or borderline schizophrenic. This is all third-dimensional thinking.

If it is different from what the third-dimension has judged as the norm, then something is wrong. And it is very important to move out of this pattern of third-dimensional thinking that “something is wrong.” Even as your friend has said that horrible things are happening in Turkey, beautiful things are happening in Turkey. Beautiful things have happened in Egypt, beautiful things are happening now in America. Beautiful things are happening even in Israel and the Gaza Strip.

For, people of the entire world are witnessing members of their planet having the courage to stand up and say “I will not live in darkness anymore. You may not treat me this way anymore.” This is a beautiful moment and all of us who are surrounding this holographic projection are applauding your great courage.

SM: So, when the 3D hologram of Earth is no longer available, will things like refineries and arms factories just disappear? Is that the kind of effort that humanity will be undertaking with the help of galactic technology?

A: Galactic technology is there to change it all in a flash. However, the humans are not yet ready. And that is why it is so important that the humans who are ready do not fall into impatience and doubt, for that is a form of fear.

And we appreciate how difficult it is for you brave warriors of the light to hold your mantle of light as the darkness all around you is being revealed. But we must remind you that it is because you, you are holding this light so that this darkness can be revealed.

For, you are the creators of your reality, all of you that logged into this hologram. You fell into the old habit of power-over, instead of power within. And that power within is your own sun, your inner sun. And as you have the vision of merging with your planetary sun, you are having the vision of your personal self merging with your personal sun which has that flashpoint – of the critical mass of humanity able to merge their personal sun with their planetary sun, their sun within.

There will be a merging, there will be a whole solar system; you were seeing the whole solar system ascending. And the whole solar system ascends, the galaxy ascends; there is a flashpoint that goes on and on. And, Gaia who has taken on this deep clarity and this great challenge of separation and limitation, she is a key factor; and, that is why so many beings are here to assist her and to assist the brave ones who have stood in line and written petitions to incarnate during this particular time on the body of Gaia.

SM: That’s very juicy.  Last Friday in meditation I saw my physical body as a portal.  Beyond being a conduit for source energy to come through to Gaia, it felt as though actual beings would somehow be able to come to Earth through me. I can’t say I understand this very well, but it seems true that if we can imagine a thing, it’s as real as anything. Is this something that’s happening with humans, that our bodies are becoming portals, and if so, portals for what?

A: We will ask you to ask your higher self. For you are having very immense visions and you are saying, “help, help I need help.” We are not perceiving that you are having a need for help; we are perceiving that you are waking at a very great rate. So we are asking you, as a model – if you do not mind being a model for those who will listen – will you please turn around inside your mind and ask the source of these visions if these visions are true or not.

SM: Okay. Oh, they are.

A: Absolutely, and who is that person that just answered you?

SM: Um, that’s an interesting thing.  I don’t really do names; it’s just my guidance.

A: Absolutely. It is not important to do names. For some it is important to do names; for those who are writers, for those that are teachers, they do names. Because, people need names. They need to look up into the sky and say, “oh, there’s Arcturus,” even though we aren’t on Arcutus anymore. But, everything is within divine right order. And if you do not do names, then you will not receive a name of your inner guidance. But do you not see how your inner guidance is very active?

SM: Yes, and I do need to work on the confidence aspect of it because I do have these magnificent visions and, I guess it’s the ego-self that puts me into needing validation, confirmation that this is real.

A: This is exactly why we came to Suzille long ago and told her to write a website. She was terrified. We had to nag her for two years before she began the website; and she began the website very psychologically and it took a great deal of time before she could actually get into supra-conscious communications, however. She had to do all that very psychological stuff because she had to heal herself. And the best way to heal yourself is to actively participate on healing others.

And so as you share, as you write down and share your magnificent visions, you are going to scare your ego-self terribly. And then the one who has provided you with these beautiful visions will encompass this terrified child and give this terrified child the comfort that she needs and say to her “beloved frightened child we are so proud that you remained within that life; you could have pulled out, you could have given up, you could have died, you could have left. You could have gone into a reality in which you did not move into this spiritual being that you are. Beloved wounded child, we embrace you with our deepest unconditional love and give you great, great gratitude that you stayed and that you continued. For you are very brave.”

And we want to say that we say this to all of you, not to just this one particular person who is brave enough to be transparent enough to present herself; and what a brave person you are to do that on this station to which many will ascend. And we want you to know what we do for one we do for everyone. We are always doing for everyone. Even if you are not conscious of it.

SM: Humans are creating our evolutionary experience as we go along. So if we collectively made a decision to disempower ~ in the blink of an eye ~ anything that isn’t aligned with love and unity and to accept the consequences of that, would it be so?  And what might those consequences be?

A: You are already living the consequences within your reality. You see them. In the places where these consequences are appearing, where this darkness is being revealed for its final battle before the light, there has been a collective; there has been a collective in India, there has been a collective in Egypt. There has been a collective in Turkey. There has been a collective in Greece. There has been a collective in the United States.

There have been collectives in other countries as well but when you get to the point that the darkness is having its final battle before the light, you know that you have a very large collective. For that darkness can no longer hide like snipers in trees and take out this one person or this small group or that small group. That darkness is one to two percent of your population.

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of people who are dark, but there are well over seven billion people on your planet. And there are thousands that are still in darkness but there are seven billion-plus people that are allowing that darkness to lead them. When you look at it that way, it does present a different picture, does it not?

SM: Yes it does. I have another friend who wrote in at the last minute with a  question, if I may. She said the Arcturians discuss working on our DNA markers and she would like you to please explain these markers and suggestions on how to activate them; for example activating or changing a DNA marker from disease to perfect health, from lack to abundance.

A: People within the third dimension are used to having everything in life be extremely complicated. And the reality is, that it is all very simple. It is all based on unconditional love.

Now, the difficult part of accepting unconditional love into yourself is that there are not many models at all of unconditional love on that physical plane. Therefore, each human must meditate within themselves and meditate and meditate and meditate. Until they can experience that feeling of unconditional love. And once that feeling of unconditional love comes into their conscious third-dimensional awareness, everything in their life begins to change. Because then they know how to unconditionally love every marker within their DNA.

And, they also know that because they are one of the human portals as you have said who have downloaded this unconditional love there is myriad amounts of darkness that will see this portal of love. And will that darkness not want to move onto that portal of love?

And so, that portal of love has put themselves within this obligation of continually maintaining that higher state of consciousness, continually meditating, continually using that higher frequency. It is very vital that as you raise your consciousness, which is happening for all of you because the higher light is coming in, so ready or not your consciousness is rising.

And some of that violence is, as the higher light comes in, it is purging the darkness out of people. And those who can only believe that they are dark are behaving in a very dark fashion. But those who have come to the awareness that they can believe that they are light, they are behaving in a light fashion, however this light fashion is a great inner battle as Suzille will attest.*
Sue: In fact I want to say this right now – this is a part where they want me to say – because I am – people say, “okay so she channels the Arcturians, she has this constant contact to the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, the Sirians….”

This is not part of my 3D life. I still have a 3D life, I still have to pay my bills, I still have to do my work.  But as you raise your consciousness, the universe allows you to find creative ways in which you no longer have to do as much of the physical – having to deal with it – because, once you bring in this higher light, you are dealing with that darkness from all.

And we, all of us lightworkers – we will attest, those of us – we have had some major battles with darkness. And we have had situations where we temporarily lost and very often there was something, a wound to our body or something that happened that was very frightening. Initiations do not finish because we have found our inner guide, because we are channeling through this light. These initiations get bigger, they get more planetary. So we say to all of you, ascension is not for the weak of heart.

SM: Certainly not. If I may speak to that for a moment, the way that I’ve seen it is, when I see myself as all light, all love and serving the Divine Mother, that if any darkness even came into my field it would be transformed.

A: Absolutely. That is the key. It is your self-perception. When you perceive of yourself as a human, then you are a human. When you perceive yourself as a fifth-dimensional being, then you are a fifth-dimensional being. When you perceive yourself as a member of New Earth, then you are a member of New Earth.

Those of you who are, want to and can perceive New Earth and are not actively living on New Earth, it is your choice. You have chosen not to personally ascend to your personal expression of New Earth, because New Earth is a planetary creation and those of you who are lightworkers now, you are here for Gaia.

And so as you move into your higher states of consciousness you no longer see yourself as a person. You see yourself as a collective of humanity, then you see yourself as a national consciousness and that’s why nations are going through their throes of battling their darkness. And as more and more nations battle their darkness, then these national consciousness move into a planetary consciousness and as a planetary consciousness sweeps through Gaia, then we will be able to land.

SM: There is an interesting thing that has come into my awareness recently as to why I feel so spacey and not completely present much of the time. And it’s the idea that there are many kinds of masteries being practiced by my higher aspects at every moment even without my being in meditation and consciously intending it. I’ve made it so. There’s enough “me” energy in the physical to still do what I still need to do. So, I guess . . .

A: First off we would like you to state that as a statement, for it is a statement. And we would like all that are listening to be able to hear that empowered statement you just made. Because you are absolutely completely and totally correct in that statement. Could you please state that again so that everyone can hear.

SM: Okay. What has come into my awareness recently about why I feel so spacey and not completely present much of the time is because there are many kinds of mastery being practiced by my higher aspects in every moment, even without my being in meditation and consciously intending it.

Sue: And I, Sue, say thank you for that statement because you just helped me. Because I have been so spacey. I have been so exhausted. I sleep eight, nine hours, take a nap, go to work, take a nap, go to work, sleep eight hours. So if anybody else out there feels spacey, feels exhausted, feels sick, feels dizzy, can’t eat, well welcome to the group. We are transmuting into light body while we are wearing it. This is no easy task.

SM: This is so great. I so appreciate having you here.

Sue: It’s great fun. I like it. In fact the Arcturians gave me an assignment awhile back to help people ask some questions. And then they would come in and answer. Because when someone asks me a question, there’s a whole ego part that’s out, because I’m responding to somebody else. And so I’m able to go higher, go deeper, let go of me more. But if I initiate it, then my ego-self, I’m unpackaging it. You know what I’m saying?

So they’re teaching me how to get my ego out of it. And boy, I’m glad they’re patient. They’re immensely patient. Because releasing our ego feels like death. We have had many, millions of lifetimes, parallel lifetimes, alternate lifetimes, blah blah blah and I remember, when I came in, I remember so many lifetimes and I remember dying so many times. And ascension feels exactly like death. And at that moment of death, when you say “okay, I’m done, I surrender to death” that’s exactly what ascension is. It feels like death. That’s a little scary, isn’t it.

SM: Well, no, not for me. From a shamanic standpoint it's not scary because shamanic death is death to the old and allowing for the new.

Sue: Well congratulations. And I thought you didn’t have any guide and you needed to find someone to help you.

SM: Oh. Well, you know I’m talking about someone I can like look at in the eyes of and. . .

Sue: I don’t look at the eyes of the Arcturians, they don’t have eyes. I mean every now and again I will imagine it and every now and again they will take on some sort of vague form for me. But they’re training me to detach myself from form. Why are they going to come to me in form when I’m trying to release form?

SM: Okay. So, can I ask a couple of questions about our Earth animals and then we’ll go on to a couple of callers?

A: Oh yes. Earth animals are so wonderful. Earth animals, you are doing fantastic and we are so grateful that you are guiding humans. And humans have always thought of themselves as being superior to you. But in the process of ascension, you have passed them up completely.

SM: Are all of our animals in agreement to help humanity evolve, like is it part of their agreement to also allow themselves to be mistreated in the interest of catalyzing change and waking us up?

A: No. They don’t agree to that. No one agrees to that. Do humans agree to be tortured, to being killed, to being murdered, to being imprisoned? They don’t agree to that. But they are great leaders and they are aware that when you are the first to hold the light the darkness will attack you.

SM: Could you speak to the role of whales here on Earth?

A: Whales are not Earthlings. They are from Sirius B, as are dolphins – and they came to Earth very, very early on because some of the Sirians did some really not too nice things. Sirius A. They had some difficulty. And Sirius B felt very bad about that.

And they came in the form of whales and they came in the form of dolphins to assist. And since the majority of Earth is water, they came in as beings that were of water, and there are many planets on Sirius B that are water planets so it was a perfect match for them.

And in fact, that Star Trek movie where they came back in time to collect their whales? Absolute truth. And at the point of planetary ascension the whales will come to collect their whales. And they will go home and do you think they agreed to be whaled and to be cut up and to be grounded? No. They did not agree to that. Do you think that dolphins agreed to be caught up in tuna nets or that tunas agreed to be harvested in nets? No. There was never any agreement to darkness. But they are great warriors and they know that when you go into battle you will suffer.

SM: It’s so hard to see the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji (Japan).  You know there’s a cove and they drive them into the cove, but they can jump over the nets. And everyone wonders why with the intelligence that they have that they don't just escape. So it’s been supposed that they allow this to catalyze people into change.

A: The thing that people don’t know is that beyond doing the nets, they put a frequency of sound into the water that so disorients the dolphins that they can’t find the net. They can’t jump over the net. They are literally paralyzed. The sound to them is torture. And the US military, the United States military, has done the same. And these sounds are torturous to the great beings of light that travel your waters.

SM: That brings me to the question of activism. Writing petitions, putting things on social media, sending emails; this is all focusing our attention on what we don’t want. So, is it better for us to take note of what happens and send love and light there and let it go? I know that unconditional love must be the answer to this, because sending emails and really focusing on it and weeping and wailing, which would be really easy to do because I love them so see that is just heart-rending.

A: It is absolutely heart-rending. And Suzille feels the same way. She is very attached to the cetaceans and was one on Sirius B. The reality is, in the world of this frequency, of the third-dimensional frequency, there is polarity.

Until the frequency of Gaia expands beyond the third dimension of polarities and separation and fear of love, it will exist. And this, the bravest of all beings, is the being of Gaia, and Gaia is an alive being. She is not a big rock. She is an immense, alive being and you can imagine how she has suffered within these last two thousand years of the Kali Yuga.

You can just think of the United States. When the humans, the third-dimensional humans came, we’re not speaking of the Lemurians and the Native Americans who are Lemurians who came up, who lived in the oneness of the land – and this is a moment where we want to acknowledge the humans who have held the secrets and one of the things that will be happening is that the beings, the Lemurians, are coming to the surface. Many of them have been on the surface: the Laplanders, the Native Americans in North America and Canada, and South America.

And those that have managed to survive in Europe, the Native Americans, the natives that have come up from the land and the great continent of Africa and India; all of these beings, they have been downtrodden through this Kali Yuga. The era of the worst third-dimensional separation of the whole time since Atlantis.

For this, at the fall of Atlantis, the Lemurians and the Atlanteans had a fight; the Lemurians lost. The Atlanteans destroyed them and destroyed themselves in the process. And so this has to come back. This cycle needs to come back and all of the darkness that you see, these are all incarnations of the very same Atlanteans that took down Atlantis and almost took down the entire planet, they’re doing the same thing now.

These are not new beings. And all of them who are here from . . . the Lemurians who are coming up from the Earth, who are loving Earth, this is going to be redone. Only this time, the Atlanteans need to be loved free. They are a component of this planet; they are a darkness that has arisen from this planet. And the beings of light are just as responsible for these dark ones as the dark ones are themselves. For we tell each and every one of you, you have all had incarnations where you were a member of that same darkness that you fear and hate and malign.

So as each of you yields all of the darkness within yourself, there is no magnetic quality to hold darkness to this planet. And it will be released. So you heal the darkness that is happening to the planet by healing the darkness that is within yourself and within all of your incarnations in which you also lived darkness.

SM: So are we ready for some callers?

A: Yes.

SM: I want to remind you callers that I would really like to keep this program to questions of a collective nature. We’re not going personal today. So, I am moving on to area code 250. You’re on the air.

Caller 250: First of all, it’s so encouraging to hear about the light beings expanding on the Earth. Wow. You talked about the importance of belief. And I suppose it’s the same as when we ask to be healed. How can we increase this belief to activate our healing (I have MS) and you mention by helping others. But I feel that I cannot help others too much in my condition. I don’t know if this is of a collective nature.

A: We will address that in a collective nature. MS is one of those long-progressive diseases that many people suffer from. And you, great lightworker that you are, have chosen to take on this challenge of MS in this lifetime. Because as you learn to transmute into lightbody, as you learn to have unconditional love for yourself, and as you heal this disease within yourself, you contribute that to the collective of all who are also suffering that disease. Do you understand what we are saying?

Caller 250: Yes.

A: So sometimes it will look as if beings are just focusing on themselves, but disease is a form of the darkness that has been collected upon this planet, and those of you who volunteered to come in and hold that long-term disease, such as that particular one that you have, you have come in to heal not you, but to heal that disease. Blessings on your process and you may ask us to assist you and please do.

SM: So, I don’t have an area code for you. Are you, caller 2 are you with us?

Caller Two: Yes. You said that you just want collective questions. I just wanted to ask you something to basically see if anyone else has gone through this experience. I wanted to ask, a couple of weeks ago I woke up at about 3:00 in the morning and when I looked out the window I could see a star out there actually vibrating. And I could feel the energy. And I went back to sleep and suddenly I woke up and it was like my stomach was covered in hair and the hair was being gently pulled off and it didn’t hurt or anything. And I was seeing gold circles and triangles that were golden and they were all glowing.

A: We will address this in a collective manner for you are among the many who are having great transmutations to your form during your sleep. And 3:00 in the morning is a very typical time for people to awaken when they re in a process. And it has to do with the trajectory of the sun within that time and this is why so many spiritual beings will awaken between 3 and 4 and have their morning mediations at this special time. So as the sun is rising above their horizon, that inner sun that we spoke of before can rise.

There is a magnetism between each person’s inner sun and the sun of your solar system. So that is why when you’re awakened at that time, that you can prepare to attune your inner sun with the solar sun to raise those frequencies.

So we will ask you to say each symptom, just state that one symptom and we will respond one at a time. There are three. The first one was?

Caller Two: The star up in the sky was vibrating.

A: That is your star. Do you understand what we are saying about that being your star? That is your home world.

Caller Two: Yes. The second was the circle and triangles in vibrating gold.

A: Triangles within a circle is a very important image. And gold is representative of soul. And the plucking of the hair was releasing the animal in which you live so that you can transmute into the light, which you are.

Caller Two: Oh lovely.

A: We again wish all of you who hear this to realize that this is a collective question and a collective answer, for all of you are having these types of experiences.  Thank you for being brave enough to say this on the air so that others may also be brave enough to share. Because when you do not share these experiences you think you’re the only one and then probably you’re crazy, right? You’re schizophrenic, you’re bi-polar. But once you actually speak up and say what’s happening to you, you will be surprised how many people say “oh, me too.” It is vital that you share.

SM: So, area code 203, you are on the air.

Caller 203: Hi. I’m wondering if you expand a bit on the visioning of the violet temple on Venus. And is this a matter of intention and imagination. And I was also wondering, is this related to the violet temple of Saint Germaine.

A: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. You are correct in everything that you said. Would you like to say that slowly so those that are listening can hear?

Caller 203: I was wondering if you could expand on visiting the violet temple on Venus and wondering if this is a matter of intention and imagination….

A: Yes. In other words, your second question answers your first. The way to expand is to meditate on the planet Venus. Venus is the sister planet of Earth and if you meditate on Venus, she will take you home. For those who are attached or attracted to or feel an affinity for any form of planet Venus, when you came in, when you chose to take this third-dimensional body, especially at the fall of Atlantis, and many of you who are incarnate how were the ones at the fall of Atlantis, Gaia set out a call “help, my people are killing me and I need beings of light. There’s too much darkness on my planet and I need light to balance it.”

So many beings of light answered that call, but they went to Venus first because they were sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, twelfth-dimensional beings and they had to download, they had to downgrade themselves to be able to fit into a third-dimensional frequency body. And so many of us go to Venus before we incarnate on Earth because we have to shrink our consciousness down to this little state. And then we have this attachment between Earth and Venus.

We go there when we’re sick, we go there when we need to be healed, we go there to learn. Suzille has always had a great attachment to Venus. And you can read her Visions to Venus book which is free on her site and it will tell you a great deal about the violet temple on Venus and how Venus works with her.

And it is absolutely through your intention and the great power of your imagination. Your imagination is the truth. Your third-dimensional thinking is an illusion. The third dimension is not real. It is not real. It is not real. It is a collective hologram that is getting ready to close and to transmute into a true fifth-dimensional expression.

SM: One more question, and I am coming to area code 970. You’re on the air.

Caller 970: Good morning. Sue, I appreciate you so much. I know what you said about we can do our work anywhere. I know that we can. And that we’re in the area where we are supposed to be. And I am wondering, as we become more aware or heed the call more to move to other areas, it seems as though people are moving around the planet to do that. I’d like to hear your comment on that please.

A: If you have a call, absolutely heed it. Suzille has been given an area.

Sue: This is me. My area is California somewhat up to the coast, but all the land that was Lemuria. And this is Lemuria’s land, but Los Angeles feels exactly like Atlantis felt at the close. I remembered it. I came in remembering it; I had nightmares when I was a child. Los Angeles feels exactly like that.

And I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and my main area is the oceans of the south to the redwoods in the north. That’s my area. And so it doesn’t have to be one particular thing. Sometimes you get an area. So you may find that you need to take a vacation and go from this area to that area, and back. And when you travel, travel in a car, travel on a train, travel on the ground. Stop in between. And feel the land. Look at the land, bless the land, hold the land. That’s your area.

Caller 970: So we can have more than one area?

Sue: Absolutely. We can have more than one area. I think at this time more people are settling in to finding where their primary area is. You know, the show is starting so people are trying to get the best seats. So people are moving around to find their area. But at some point we have to commit. We have to set down our roots and say, “Gaia, I am here at this portal.” Because one thing the Arcturians say is that we are portals. Just as you said, Suzanne. And we plug in, we open up ourselves, and the light comes in through us. 

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