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The Significance of the Global Currency Reset

Posted By Steve Beckow On July 29, 2013


Currencies 22The global currency reset looms, as Scott Mowry has so eloquently described.  (1) Its date keeps getting set back and everything about it is kept firmly under wraps so we can only guess at the reasons for the postponement. But it’s coming nonetheless.

The “reval” (revaluation), as it’s called, will create a large number of people becoming “instant millionaires.”  This alone is a declaration that the time of corraling wealth for the one percent is over.

The reval is expected to be followed soon after by at least the prosperity packages, which will further dent the elite’s control of wealth.  The various steps of Pre-NESARA (for lightworkers) and NESARA (for everyone) are said to follow after that, although no one knows the order or the dates.

The global reset has tremendous significance for me, quite apart from making many people much more prosperous and being an injection back into the economy in ever-widening circles.

For me, it represents the first concrete example that the things we’ve been reading about and listening to for so long are actually happening.

How did White Cloud describe it? He was talking about Blossom wanting Disclosure but his words apply to us and the reval.

“When so many of you … are saying please, and when Blossom looks up at the sky, and says please, will you show yourselves, it is not because she does not believe that such a thing can happen. It is not she needs proof. It is for her that when that takes place, in the deepest part of her, she knows then that the Plan is well underway, so to speak, and that is what so many are yearning for.” (2)

When the reval takes place, for me, in the deepest part of myself, I’ll know then that the Plan is well underway. Yes, that does sum it up.

With the reval, we’ll have passed from a period of “nothing is happening” to a period of “yes, something is definitely happening.”  It’s a boundary line, a demarcation point. It’s the end of seeing nothing and the beginning of seeing something.

Of all the events which have not eventuated or were postponed, this one event has happened and it has global ramifications and was globally organized.

It’s the first time since the Harmonic Convergence, I think, that we’ve organized globally for the sake of goodness.

I cannot remember another time when there was such clear evidence of coordinating to accomplish good.  Profit, maybe. Power for sure. But not for the common good.

We don’t know what global forces joined together to produce this event. There were plenty of obstacles but there was also plenty of pushback.  At some point, when people’s lives or the event itself are not at risk, we’ll hear the full story.

The reval introduces a new principle. Every discussion of it that I’ve heard among lightworkers is that a portion of what is earned is designed to be used to better the circumstances of others, whatever that looks like.

It’s not intended as a service-to-self proposition, although it has that component, but it also has a component of service to others, at least for me and I expect for many lightworkers who participated in the reval as well.

I feel totally invigorated by the thought of the reval. Even if it didn’t happen, I’d still feel buoyed up by the thought that we got this far – together.

So I’m completely happy, confident, and satisfied.

But as White Cloud advised, I’m not going to go into joy in expectation of the event. I’m going to go into joy because joy is who I am.


(1) “Scott Mowry: The Rebirth of the Republic and the Rise of the Meek,” July 28, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/07/scott-mowry-the-rebirth-of-the-republic-and-the-rise-of-the-meek/.
(2) White Cloud in An Hour with an Angel, July 29, 2013.

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