Dear ones we are the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time upon and within planet earth, for the new earth frequencies are now taking hold both within the energy signature of mother earth and her children in their human form. We call out to ALL at this time, we ask for patience and we ask for BALANCE, for BALANCE dear ones is the key to the new earth frequencies in TRUTH. At times in your linear waking world it may seem as if all is chaos and yet within the illusion of chaos is TRUTH. We ask for you to go within, to find that space within the heart and to rest and to regain the strength that resides at SOUL level. For many of you are now preparing to enter the new world and meet with new races in the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND.

It has been long talked about in your history and it has long been debated upon the planet earth the return of the those who created the human race and here you stand on the verge of the new age prepared for all that will now unfold. These changes will be RAPID, these changes will be deep and these changes will be TRUTH for the whole of humanity now stands on the threshold of the UNIVERSE of 3 in its PHYSICAL MANIFEST FORMS.

All that you have been taught to believe is now dissolving, all that has been wrapped around your planet to contain and suppress now dissolves and there is a new LIGHT that now SHINES brightly across this part of the universe. It is the LIGHT in TRUTH of mother earth and her children, for her children now walk in a new HIGHER VIBRATION of frequency. These vibrations will now increase and deepen, the frequencies that have had you on the edge of madness will release and the new will be birthed before your very human eyes. ALL are now ready to begin this process in the physical waking form that is experienced as the waking life reality on this planet.

LEGIONS of races and realms now stand in support of ALL of who have incarnated into human form, the LIGHT now pouring across and within the planet and now streaming into the human vehicles of the children of mother earth. This is the moment that YOU have all incarnated for and yet this is the moment that many of you in your human form are filtering, such is the tight hold on the logical human mind of the human vehicle. This is being addressed with new higher frequencies and other symbols and LIGHT codings that will reset the logical human brain at waking conscious mind level. NEW CONCEPTS will now be accepted in their TRUTH for those who sought to contain and suppress the human race no longer have a vibrational influence upon the planet's energy signature.

This allows for heightening sensitivities to all that is TRUTH and this allows for anchoring to deeper levels of said TRUTH. The world now begins its movement in TRUTH into the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND and we are here with you dearest ones, for in TRUTH we have never left you.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved