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The Arcturian Group: The Higher Frequency Energies Now Pouring On To Earth

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We are here to give messages of love and light.  All of you reading  these messages are Beings of Light–some more aware of it  than others,  but all trying to understand spiritual  truth while living lives under a veil of forgetfulness that comes with an incarnation on earth.

All is proceeding according to plan so try not to accept appearances that say  nothing is happening.  Any concepts still held as what the change must look like will simply result in doubt and confusion. Some changes will appear as expected, but at others will not. Much is taking place on levels you cannot see with your human eyes especially if you are expecting to  see it through popular media.  Chaos is a sign of great energy release and change.  Allow the process to unfold while staying in the highest light and truth you know and sending Light to the world.

This is all about moving beyond duality and into the realization that all is One and it begins within the heart–unfolding within individuals who have been on a spiritual path for many years as well as within those who have never before given any  thought to  living  differently.

Learn to  see beyond  third dimensional appearances to the spiritual reality existing behind the scene in the realization that good appearances are just as much illusory as bad appearances. Human eyes  see only the mind’s interpretation of a spiritual idea and thusly any mind  filled with concepts of duality (this is good but that is bad), will always manifest  experiences of good and experiences of bad. The work of evolution is to move beyond  beliefs of good and evil and into the realization that there is only One Divine Consciousness and IT contains no opposite.

You are ready to accept that you are creators but  you must decide whether to create from a level of truth  or to continue creating from within the duality and separation of the third dimension.  As you learn to see through material appearances to the reality behind them, life on earth will begin to lose its sting–events and appearances that would have once caused distress are now seen in a new light and with it new understanding–spiritual growth is taking place.

A good example of a universally accepted appearance  is death, which causes so much painful suffering for those left behind. It must be understood that death is an illusion. Every soul chooses to be on earth for  any number of reasons.  Sometimes it is to complete unfinished business with  another.  At other  times it is to experience something the individual knows he must experience before any further progress can be made but no person ever actually dies– he simply goes back home leaving behind the human concept of body.

Life must be forever because it is in and of an Infinite Source and Divine Substance. Evolution is a gradual movement into the consciousness of this truth through experience on earth as well as in other places.  Many are  choosing to leave at this time.  Honor them in the realization  that all have  been given the choice of leaving or staying in this powerful time and some are realizing on a soul level that they cannot  get their evolution to where it needs to be fast enough and so are choosing to leave and then come back into the new energy at a later time.

Once the world is  able to understand that  their loved ones are not dead, but instead have chosen to  go home, they will be able to  celebrate a loved one’s new journey in spite of their seeming loss.  This is an example of seeing through an appearance to the reality.  You may say; “What about murders, and war?”  These experiences are usually karmic and are  part of a soul lesson necessary in order  to shift an individual beyond a particular state of consciousness–often one the person has held for many lifetimes.  There are many still holding  ancient  warrior energy that needs to be re-experienced in order to be released and activated in a higher dimensional sense.

Earth is a difficult place to evolve because  it continues to resonate with an energy of duality and separation which is what you are now changing. You are the brave souls who have chosen to evolve on and assist earth in this powerfully energetic time. Signs of change can be seen in  the changes  so many of you are experiencing in your bodies, your emotions, your work, your relationships, and your belief systems– all signs that the old energy is dissolving and no longer resonates with you.

There are many from other star systems and higher dimensions  observing as you bring in more and more light in spite of  appearances.  You are  examples of living in Light while still in physical bodies and are doing a fine job of it.

The higher frequency energies now pouring on to earth are also being felt by those who have no awareness of what is taking place often resulting a general sense of non-specific fear and confusion within them.  As a result, these unaware ones may act out in ways that may cause difficulties for  family and friends around them.  Offer guidance if  these dear ones are receptive or simply send Light when they are not.   Always know that every soul has a Higher Self and guides and you are under  no obligation to save the world other than through your own journey of enlightenment which in turn will manifest in the outer, lifting  all who are receptive and bringing in more Light.

This is how you save the world.

We are the Arcturian Group

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