Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Heavenletter On Mental Hygiene

I gotta give the Big Abstract a glowing 4-Saucer rating for this epistle (sans apostle.)  DT the ET

Heavenletter #4623 

July 22, 2013
God said:

In one breath I tell you that you know everything. This is true. Deep within you, unseen, perhaps not even hinted at, you know the whole mechanics of creation. There isn’t anything you don’t know. Remembering and comprehending – they are two different stories.

In another breath, I tell you that you don’t need to know everything. You don’t have to know anything. What do you think you have to know in order to create your life and make it lovely? Perhaps you have to know less than you think you do. 

Innocence is good. It keeps you from being clever. In addition to innocence, what do you require to direct the course of your life? Desire and intention. Both are good. Intention is mighty powerful.

Everyone desires good fortune, don’t you think? Yet not everyone intends good fortune.

There are too many who are certain that life chases after them, that difficulties pursue them, and that despair is their lot in life. They almost make sure they don’t have good fortune since they see a different story and seem to pursue it hand over fist.

Sometimes it certainly seems that some people cling to misfortune, expect it, encourage it. They may say that life is unfair, that I, God, am unfair, that I don’t give them a chance when it is they who are unfair to themselves by announcing that they are put upon, that their suffering is greater than any other’s, that they are picked to be picked on, and, yet, beloveds, they pick themselves for trouble.

They could just as well lift their heads and choose good fortune for themselves. Why not? Why wouldn’t they? Did they convince themselves that they are tragedians?

Intention goes beyond wishing upon a star. And, yet, beloveds, there is nothing wrong with wishing upon a star. Stars are great luminaries, and they like to be wished upon. Wouldn’t you like to be wished upon? Wouldn’t you brighten up if you knew that you were wished upon? What a great role that would be! To be chosen as a wish-fulfiller!

Turn on your headlights. You can see further than you are presently seeing. Turn on your lights, and you won’t be confined to shadow, not at all. Your eyes are your future. What your eyes see today, what your thoughts think today predict your future. Your thoughts are your headlights. It is a good idea for you to light your own candle. Light and relight.

Pay attention to what you see and what you say about what you see. You don’t have to voice your every thought. Consider your thoughts like magic wands you wave around. Wave what you want to come true. No longer brandish what you do not want. Light up your wishes. Drop your doom thinking. You don’t have to think that way so stop thinking that way. Stop predicting misfortune. Stop anticipating worse to come. Anticipate what you desire. Intend it.

What I am saying now is something that is good for you to know and good for you to follow. Do you know better advice?

Have you perhaps been advising yourself to grumble? To point out what a victim of life you are? To proclaim that you always get dealt the worst card in the deck?

 Your thoughts have been like powerful magnets. You have been a tumbler of thoughts. You catch your thoughts, and you toss them up again. What you toss, you catch.
Of course, you see yourself as innocent, and there is the strong sense in which you are, or you would think differently. Now, bless yourself and promulgate what you would like. Let yourself out of the captivity of past thoughts right now.

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