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The Grand Sextile of July 29, 2013 - Redux

In all professions where outcomes are critical checklists are commonly used.  Brenda does lightworkers everywhere a great service by creating one for ascension.  Make good use of it!  
 DT the ET

 By Jennifer Hoffman On July 29, 2013

On July 29, 2013 the planets align with a message for humanity, an opportunity for ascension and confirmation of our one-ness, divinity, and connection. This is an opening into higher dimensions, a stargate that forms as a Star of David, which is how our 3D vision allows us to see the merkabah, or light body that is a small part of the larger dodecahadron, or 12  sided polygon, which is a small representation of the larger Flower of Life in higher dimensions. This astral alignment features a total of 10 planets, including both Nodes and Chiron, and is in earth and water signs. We are no longer traveling between worlds, we are traveling between universes.

Grounding and healing are the focus for us now, not to heal the past, but as a way to move forward. I believe our new imperative is to be grounded in our healing, to acknowledge ourselves as healed and whole (we don’t need  permission for that) and to accept our divinity. Our life purpose is to align our humanity with our divinity, to create space for the divine within us to shine brightly, so that we be-come the light that we are. How long have we hidden our  light? When is it time for us to let it shine? Now is a good time to begin.

 We have met the world with open hearts and waited for the world, in the form of our soul groups, partners, family and friends, to acknowledge and celebrate ours. So often, though, our hearts were as broken and in need of healing as theirs were and we never found what we wanted or got what we needed. Our journey to healing has been a long one and with each  new relationship, situation and encounter, we wondered ‘is this where my healing lies, will I get what I want from you?’ 

Each time we connect with a wounded heart we think our job is to heal them, when our real message is to heal ourselves. This healing happens when we declare it done, are you ready to make your healing declaration? The world, evolution and ascension needs the participation of our healed, whole selves as we move from a 3D universe into a multi-dimensional universe that exists in the realm of potential.

 While we talk about the ‘universe’ as being all there is for us, we are a tiny part of a much larger multiverse, that is part of an onmiverse, a large universe that contains all of the universes. Can we imagine such a limitless concept? What exists beyond our universe? In individual terms, what exists beyond the universe we have created for ourselves? What is in the next reality?  Which potentials will we allow to become possible for us? 

In an unlimited universe, where everything exists and everything is possible, only our belief in limitation and lack prevents us from being powerful, unlimited creators moving into and out of these limitless potentials, expanding into the flow of creative energy, which is what we are, where we are from, and where we are going towards and returning to.

Linear time is collapsing and our world is getting smaller because we are more connected than ever before. But our universe is simply taking another turn on its axis, in response to the openings we have created for 3D to expand into higher dimensions. While we don’t feel like we are in control of this process, we truly are. 

Everything we do that is in alignment with our evolution and ascension adds another layer of potential to the expansion of our universe. As we are more willing to release our suffering and pain, to open our inner eyes to a greater potential for our light to shine in the outer world, we step more fully into this portal, allowing it to expand for us, for humanity and for the earth.

When I was driving around the country a few weeks ago, I was thinking about the universe and received an image of a series of multi-dimensional rings, all interlocking and flowing together. Each of these rings was a separate universe. At their points of convergence, they rose up and became a new set of universes. At first I thought they looked like a torus, which looks like a curvy donut, but had to expand it to also include the mobius, a two dimensional plane having only one side. A mobius has no beginning or end, a torus rotates around itself, expanding and contracting within itself. Our universe is just one of many toroidal mobiuses, interconnected, turning, rising and flowing together, upward and inward, in a mass of limitless creation.

This is what our many universes are doing, and as we move through different phases of ascension, we have to contract so we can expand, to reach an end so we can express and expand into a new beginning. This is also a choice point, though, to rise up or to go around the same circle again. We, individually and collectively, are at this point now. Some will ascend into new dimensions; others will decide they want to go around the circle again.

Where do we begin? Wherever we want to, and if that’s too broad or vague, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

1. Whose permission do I think I need to be in joy in my life or to create new potentials for my reality?

2. What do I no longer need to energize in my life because it does not serve my intention for joy?

3. Is there any area that I am not in integrity or aligned with what I want in my life? Hint: if it isn’t happening, you aren’t aligned with it yet.

4. Is what I am asking for truly what I want, is there something I would like to ask for? Do I have the courage to receive it?

5. Where am I suffering, unhappy or feeling unfulfilled? Can I make room for a new experience of my life?

6. What exists beyond my universe, the reality I  know as my life today? What other potentials are possible for my life? What exists beyond my healing? Can I envision myself as healed, whole and complete?

7. If I knew I would be spectacularly successful, with absolutely no chance of failure,  I would  ______________________________.

What did you answer for question 7? That’s your next step. The doors are open, and it’s time to muster the courage to walk through them.

If we view the progression of world events from 1962 (the beginning of the Age of Aquarius) to 1983 to 2003 w can see how the world is indeed a much different place, and we are also very different. Look at how much more we are  connected to each other, how much greater our awareness is of ourselves as soul beings, how much more we know and understand about alignment, energy, light, our life path and purpose and our potential. 

 The world is what it is and if we don’t give it a new path to follow,  it will continue down the path it has always taken. 3D energy is self perpetuating until a new path opens for it. This is an opportunity for each of us, and for all of us, to create that new path for ourselves that moves us from heart to soul, from healer to healed, from many to One, from ‘me’ to ‘us’ and from limitation to limitlessness. The doors open today, all we need is to have the courage to walk through them.

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