Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heavenletter #4627

Other People’s Lessons

God said:
There is one person only that you have to educate, and that is yourself. No one else.

Does that seem contrary to the idea that you are your brother’s keeper?

Look, everyone is responsible for everyone else. Your thoughts are heard around the world. That you are responsible for others does not mean that you take others on as a project. Not at all.

The best thing you can do for others is to take active responsibility for yourself. You do not accommodate yourself to everyone else. You are not a chameleon. You do not take on other’s lessons.

If you take all the responsibility, you are making others irresponsible. Others are responsible for themselves. You are not. If you are always the one conceding responsibility, bending over backwards to another’s will, how are you serving Me or yourself? You can always give away half a sandwich, but not your very self. You are not to depreciate your own value.

Yes, it can truthfully be said that you can change the world. It can truthfully be said that you have a great influence on everyone and everything. It can equally and truthfully be said that you don’t change anyone or anything by setting out to change them. How others think, feel, and act is their responsibility. It is not yours.

Because someone may have poor manners does not mean that you have to make up for their failings. Hands off! Your very caring for others can be your downfall, and it may be the others’ downfall as well. You do not do anyone a favor by trying harder and harder to please. This is indulgence and not service. Where is it said that you are to take over for others? You are not everyone’s mother.

Yes, improving yourself is a way to help effect change in others. That doesn’t mean you are to forget yourself and focus on others. You may cook the food that you serve to others. Still you are to eat as well. It is not wonderful of you to negate yourself.

What did the Great Spiritual Ones focus on? Think a moment before you answer. You may think their first focus was on the care and handling of other people. How did the Great Ones serve others? They served by serving Me.

Let Us say that you are cooking for five people. 

Please, don’t tell Me that you prepare five different meals to please all whom you serve. If someone is not happy with the meal you have prepared, that is their problem, not yours. If someone does not enjoy the meal you prepare, that is their choice, not yours. You have to count yourself important and not only others.

I do not tell you to be a martyr in serving others. I do not ask you to throw yourself in front of a train and thus prove your goodness. You don’t have to prove your goodness. The ones I intend this Heavenletter for definitely have nothing to prove. You exceeded goodness long ago.

 First of all, beloveds, you have nothing to prove. You don’t have to prove yourself to Me. In serving others, are you trying to prove yourself to Me, to others, and to yourself? Don’t do that. Stop now.

Serving others by sacrificing yourself is tantamount to sacrificing Me. You may be putting others before Me, beguiling yourself into believing in the supreme goodness of your own Being.

If you sacrifice yourself, if you become the horse who carries everyone on your back, you are putting other gods before Me. Do not always put others’ needs before your own. That is martyrdom. You are not, definitely not, to give up your own well-being. How does telling yourself that you are responsible for others’ moods or selfishness serve them or Me? It is serving no one. Wake up, beloveds, those of you who may give others the opportunity to deny you, again and again. 

You are free to reap your own joy. It has your name on it, not someone else’s.

If you continually put others’ needs before your own, you are not valuing yourself.

When you do not value yourself, you are also not giving credit to the other person, nor are you valuing Me.

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