Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Arcturians: Be Prepared For The Full Galactic Monty...

Channelled By Ute Posegga-Rudel



The veil is daily becoming thinner, as the dark elements that have dominated your planet are loosing their power.  
Fountains of light are now entering your atmosphere with a new power that has not previously been able to penetrate your realm.

Most of you who are awake and conscious of the Ascension Process will feel this very tangibly in your lives, not only in your body-mind.

As the body changes, challenged by higher and higher frequencies,  your feelings and intuitions adapt as does your mind and the things in your world.

Many of you are now able to look directly into higher dimensional realms and feel the vibrations and consciousness of a Divine World. The Divine World has always been there, only you have not been noticing It. You have been blinded and your awareness was restricted to a very small part of Creation.

That small part has been considered for thousands of years by your scientists to be all that is existing and possible. Not to mention your religions which tied you intentionally to limitation and false self-identity.

Now, all of this more or less suddenly disappears, and you are being connected to your own Truth, which you now are better able to remember.

It is this remembrance that brings you Home; this remembrance that heals all the wounds that you accumulated in many lifetimes on this Light -deprived planet.

What else would heal you than the knowing of your own True Self, that is now revealing Itself to you.

It is time to Be Who You Are and to let go of all false ideas of self and self-limitations. Let go of mind-constructs with which you were misguided in defining yourself. Listen to your  deepest emotion within. It is the trace that guides you to the tiny spot in your heart, which, when you pass through it, is a portal to your eternal and vast Being of Divine Self.
Please oblige yourself from now on, with all of your heart, to wake up to Your True Self. We bless you for  this! Now is the time for this great adventure of True Self-Discovery! Do not delay anymore! Do not distract yourself with lesser goals! What you need in this world will always be there for you, when you find Your-Self.

This is the time to fulfill the purpose you came here for, and you are being given the splendid opportunity for the glorious Revelation That Is You, One with All-That-Is.

There are many diversions trying to occupy your mind. You must choose wisely, only making use of those means that assist you in your Self-Revelation.

This is quite necessary as, very soon, a time will come where you will need to stand in your Own Very Truth, to receive fully the Blessings of the Magnificent Divine Gift that will be Given to all. Know that you can only receive it fully when you are prepared! Have you not passionately longed for this?

Simultaneously, the Discovery and Realization of your own Self will be a Blessing for others as you help them, in this most important transformational event, to experience what would otherwise have been obscured by their fear and confusion.

It is of greatest importance now to set your priorities, unceasingly and with faith, joy and love. All of you are One Humanity, your own opening to the Infinite Divine triggers the opening of the hearts of the unconscious ones who dream still the illusion of the old world.

The Hundredth Monkey
Help everyone to wake up by your entering the Realm of Divine Eternity, Light and Love NOW.

The Celestial Event that will soon Enlighten the Universe is the visible sign and proof of what the great majority of humanity have considered merely a fantasy.

This Event will open their eyes and your Divine Awareness and Knowing of Truth which has already manifested in your own Heart and Consciousness, will see Its Own Reflection in what the Creator Forces are Revealing to your whole world and the local Universes.

Know that what lies ahead of you is Greater than you can imagine or think of. It will turn your world  around, and forever bring it into a New Divine and Glorious  Direction, leaving behind all darkness and the illusory reality that this darkness spawned.

The Radiance of your New Divine World will outshine everything from your past and everyone will emerge, purified from old remembrances, in Great Joy.

This is truly the long prophesied Day of Resurrection.  It is the Grand Marriage of all the Heavens and Earth.

This is not and never has been merely fantasy or science fiction, but Wisdom pointing to the Truth of Divine Reality ( which many of you have doubted, thinking it was merely wishful imagination.) They did not know that it was about the Real, hidden for millennia. Now, the coin flips and what has been perceived as reality, is  revealed to have been deception.

When this deception is understood, the coin can be dropped altogether, as what is now Arising is the Divine Truth prior to and beyond duality. It is Pure Being of Happiness, One, Undivided and Eternal. This is the Revelation of your True Being-ness, your  True Self.

And this Is The One to Which your Whole World is Awakening!

With many Blessings, Love and Excitement!
We Are the Arcturians!
Message conveyed by Ute

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