Channelled By Bella Capozzi. On July 18, 2013

968809_10151685765896897_1048195099_n♡ Waves of love are rushing in.  Coursing
over this beloved planet, a storm of love washes over everyone and everything, leaving nary a blade of grass untouched by it’s transfiguring effect.  Waves of love, topped off by dainty whitecaps, constructed not of foam but of brilliant crystalline white Christ Light.  This energy is ever so pure and it is profoundly healing by nature. 

 Oh, how very dearly is our Earth in need of healing!  Our Earth-indeed, as this was not written in error.  For Earth is every bit as much our planet as it is yours.  Not only because, as well you know, we are all created as One.  But because we have been intimately and creatively tied in with the original conception, seeding and eventual progression of the Human Race.  So yes, your destiny is our destiny, and thus we soldier on as one diverse, and yet highly functional family; one team, one Sacred Heart, interlaced

♡ Feel the love being sent to you from On High.  It is the grandest of gifts, not to be overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday Human existence.  Dispense with the trivialities, if only for a little while, and simply allow yourself to revel in this bliss.

395735_10151656526600850_1796488377_nJoy is your natural state, as is abundance, peace and the feeling you have when something you’ve done has affected another in beautiful and positive way.  If only you could hold onto the ecstasy for a minute or two of  your time, it can serve to make a world of difference in the way you feel about and undertake your Earth journey.  

Trust us, please, when we tell you that the kindest thing you can do for yourselves is to release your fears – for however long you are able to sustain such a neutral state – and just be happy!  Uncover the priceless value to be found in the companionship of other like-hearted souls, and also in the smaller and sweeter pleasures of life.

♡ Such energies are on the increase, so expect to feel many more sudden rushes of exultation, and enjoy them.  Whether they last all day or but a scant few seconds, the key is in the recognizing of them and in the conscious understanding of what and how powerful they truly are.  They are tiny bits of heaven, these waves.  They are tangibly recognizable clues that your awareness is expanding and that you are beginning to connect with Spirit at a higher and more refined level.  What about that is not cause for celebration, we ask you? 

And so we conclude this transmission with the simplest of instruction;  you are to let go and allow.  Allow the Universe to meet your needs, be they emotional or physical.  Resist the  temptation to exhaustively manipulate outcomes, as when there is too much resistance it is often a sign that the very thing you are suffering to create may well not be in your highest and best interest.  So release.  Allow.  And most importantly, take time to go within and genuinely listen to what your heart is telling you.  And, of course, be happy!

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