Monday, July 22, 2013

Lady Nada: You Are The Roses of Love, Spreading Throughout The Garden Of The Universes


Channelled By Fran Zapeda On July 22, 2013

Lady Nada:
Hello my dear ones. Greetings from the Celestial Realm and All-That-Is, available to you right now with just your intention. For it is becoming clear to you that all is merging on a deeper level within you and much is opening for your highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Expansion, dear ones; that is the name of the game: Expansion of your Golden Christed Self, your Ascended Self, your connection with the deeper parts of you, that connection with your Higher Self and higher. You are learning to live and survive and be within a much more enlightened place of indwelling and this is the point of center that you will emerge from and merge with forever more; see if you can push out from that point to infinity, to encompass All-That-Is. Dwell there, dear ones. That is your rightful place.

From there you can explore now much deeper realms of existence. For your Heart will lead the way. It is only within your Heart that you dwell now and it opens the path for you now to dwell in many levels of being – without boundaries, without judgment, without limits. It is freedom.

And for you, dear ones, it is not a new place to be. You are rediscovering it, on so many levels, as you surrender and Be with your Christed Self, your Ascended Self, touching the realms you once thought were separated from you but were always there waiting for you to reconnect with.

And I beseech you, dear ones, to light the way for yourselves by experiencing your Golden Light, your LoveLight within you as your natural way of being. Part ways with that linear focus. Feel the distance now when the old world beckons you; it is fading away into oblivion. It is dissolving back to Source to be recycled into a higher way of being. You are helping that by your staying within the higher dimensional experience that beckons you all the more now.

Now is your chance in the coming days to get reacquainted with your Christed Self, with your Ascended Self, and to explore it and merge your lower selves happily into the lighter loving energies of your Divine Essence.

For all intents and purposes, you have been visiting this often. It may sometimes feel strange. Start anew to see it as normal. Stay within it longer. Be your Divine, Christed Self now, dear ones. Play within it. Allow yourselves to rise within it.

We welcome you, dear ones. We applaud you, and we congratulate you. For you are arriving, you are becoming, and you are returning to your natural way of Being – out of the muck and dross of the old third dimensional experiences you once designed for your growth. Allow them to completely shed from you as dead petals fall from a beautiful rose to reveal the center, the core, the potential for more growth of an even more perfect rose of full bloom and glory.

You are the Roses of Love, dear ones, spreading throughout the Garden of the Universes, in all shades of pink and magenta, illuminating and grounding Love into the Universes with so much potential to continually bloom with deeper and greater Love as you rise higher in your frequencies and dimensions.

I hold you to my Heart and I greet you from my Heart and I meld with your Love to increase it as you meld and share your Love with others, increasing it in yourselves and others all the while.

I AM Lady Nada and I bow to your Divinity.

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